Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fuck The New Civility & The Horse It Rode In On

Some people sure do need a lot of words to say "NewAge is bullshit":
Contemporary Western culture’s refusal to judge goes hand-in-hand with its celebration of the therapeutic value of affirmation and boosting self-esteem. This sensibility inexorably leads to the affirmation of individual and group identities, an act which has become something of a sacred duty in recent years. It is this gesture of granting respect-on-demand which constitutes the real insult these days, since it does not actually take people seriously. It is about making people feel good about themselves rather than seriously engaging with them – and that is the real form that patronising ‘intellectual charity’ takes today.
Long story short - this is why the "nice" people ain't so nice, and the so-called assholes are winning the day.

We're keeping it about as real as "real" can get.

If you talk nonsense, we're going to call it "nonsense" and that's the end of it.

You're getting nowhere with us.