Tuesday, January 18, 2011

England's Kooky Wannabe King Of The Cranks

Perfect. Just fucking wonderful. The Prince Of Wails is still up to his old tricks:
Here’s a thing. Typhoid, polio and yellow fever are really quite dangerous diseases. Typhoid, for instance, is a bacterial infection of the intestinal wall, which can lead to perforation of the small intestine, and often death. Polio, you’ll recall, is a virus which can cause severe and permanent disability; it may have been what left FD Roosevelt largely wheelchair-bound (although it may also have been Guillaume-Barre disease), and has crippled millions of children around the world for life. And yellow fever is another virus which, if it reaches a “toxic phase”, can cause liver failure, jaundice and death. They’re serious.

You might think, therefore, that if you were going to a country where these diseases were widespread, it would be a good idea to take some sort of precautions. Vaccinations, say. Not, for instance, intercessory prayer, or voodoo magic, or homeopathy.

However, at least one vendor of homeopathic goods – Ainsworths, of New Cavendish Street, London – disagrees. The firm – endorsed by the Prince of Wales – has been offering “alternative” travel vaccines for all three of the above diseases via a leaflet, as exposed on BBC’s Newsnight.
When is someone - anyone - going to finally set this goofy "monarch of mystic mayhem" straight and tell him to stop introducing others to people and things that can get them killed?

He can't keep trying to keep the visuals together when the reality is so horrible no one can bear to look. Eventually, everyone's going to find out anyway, and then he's really going to be in it:

Because the visuals, alone, are already ugly enough as it is.

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