Monday, January 17, 2011

Doing A Study Of How Much Study Needs Study

Ed Driscoll has a great round-up of the "Left Wing Creationism" that passes for science these days:
A study debunking vaccines by a scientist in the pay of trial lawyers was found to be “an elaborate fraud.” Meanwhile, the “Great Garbage Patch” turned out to be a sea myth. Science has some explaining to do.

Scientific inquiry, once perceived a noble redoubt of objective truth-seeking and enlightenment, is doing a bang-up job of dragging itself down to P.T. Barnum-style snake oil-elixir hype, given the amount of fraud being exposed almost daily.

Of course, mistakes happen in any field of inquiry, but these are politically motivated ruses intended to advance an agenda.
Of course, we've covered all these topics already (we'll put the tags on this post for the various subjects covered) but we should caution that all this flim-flam hasn't made us anti-science - merely embarrassed for scientists. (The guys at denialism blog must surely feel like the fools they are these days.)

We pointed out a long time ago that scientists were, generally, former NewAgers who remained Leftists, so none of this flapdoodle they've tried to railroad us with should come as a shock to anyone. It certainly doesn't to us, though we're glad the public eventually saw through it - you had us wondering!

Anyway, what we'd still like to know is this:

What, other than the narcissism of the NewAge, made a bunch of pocket-protecter nerds think we'd stand by for it?

Those guys ain't that smart!

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