Friday, January 7, 2011

Admit It: This Is Why You Hate Men And Fathers

All over America there have been men trying to keep some sense of order but, since the 60s, they have been set upon by women and teens and the goofy laws enacted to protect them from the only person who loves them enough to beat that ass when they fuck up - The Man Of The House. We should say The Man Of The Big House because it's the very act seen here that can have the police at a guy's door, bogusly declaring either child abuse or domestic violence, when he's doing the only thing that can stop someone with no sense from acting like it. This is all they respect. And the fact society has made a way for wives and children to destroy and punish the one person trying to save his family from the degradation entering from outside his home is a travesty that's clearly had a detrimental effect on society, men, and those loved ones he was trying to protect and warn. TMR doesn't buy into that "save me from the people trying to save me from myself" bullshit when it's obvious many of you are too stupid to know right from wrong - that's exactly what you need a man for:

And we'd say (even though this is his nephew and not his son) this guy fits the bill perfectly.


  1. A woman asked me if I had been whooped as a kid answer "continously", but the alternative would have been far worse.

  2. Also since the 60's: notice how men are usually buffoons in TV shows? There are few that show men positively. The last one I recall was "Terriers", too bad its gone. Also notable: Russell Crowe seems to make only manly movies.