Friday, January 21, 2011

It's Officially Science Now: We're Doomed!

Finally - an explanation for why this blog attracts so many nutjobs:
Maybe some day you won't friend someone on Facebook without first checking for genetic compatibility. A paper published in PNAS finds that dopamine receptor gene DRD2 seems to cause people to befriend those who also have the same genetic variant whereas with another gene called CYP2A6 the opposite seems to be the case.

With one gene, called DRD2, which has been associated with alcoholism, they found clusters of friends with the very same marker.

Another gene called CYP2A6, which has a suspected role in the metabolism of foreign bodies including nicotine, appeared more divisive. People with this gene seemed to steer clear of those who also carry the gene.

DRD2's previous known association with alcoholism might give a clue to this result. Maybe social drinkers are more likely to form friendships with other social drinkers.

Why would people with open personalities avoid those who also have open personalities?

People who had a genetic variant of a gene associated with an open personality, CYAP26, tended to have friends who did not share this genetic variant.
Great. No wonder so many loopy ladies look at us like a class project. Let's be clear, "Starchild":

No, we don't want to be your boyfriend!

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