Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Some Things Just Can't Be Helped (Like Slavery)

And now a play, from the past to today:

KKK Leader: "...And by the power of Jesus Christ, we will strike the black race DOWN and drive every stinking last one of them from the land!"

Slave: "Um, excuse me, Suh,..."

KKK Leader: "What chu want, nigger?"

Slave: "Yes, Suh, but Jeebus is goin' out of business!

KKK Leader: "Shut up, Boy!"

(We are sincerely sorry for this but - hey - we had the picture. Now, without further ado, we will return you to our regularly scheduled nonsense. NewAge - awaaaaay!)


  1. Pastor hasn’t talked about Obama much lately, at least not favorably. This isn’t the best of time for Pastor and his ilk. Despite what Obama says, Pastor knows in his heart of hearts that the recession is not over. Giving has fallen because of poor money management amongst his congregates. Corporate donors are so afraid of what Obama might do to their taxes that they have stopped giving. Pastor says if more money isn’t raised then, the church won’t make it’s mortgage payment. Ms. King knows what the Pastor is going through. She’s praying for him. Ms. King’s grandson couldn’t get one of those shovel ready jobs. Listening to her daughter, she now believes that they did not even exist. Her daughter is beginning to get her information from Fox Cable News instead of watching her local news station. Mother King has asked everyone to pray for her daughter and grandson. They are facing foreclosure on their home. They couldn’t get any help from the Home Affordable Program. Their only option may be sharing Mother King’s apartment...

  2. Nathan Bedford Forrest was a democrat.

  3. He was also a slave catcher and one of the greatest generals this country ever produced.

    People aren't all one thing.

    But he was a pretty bad guy when all is said and done.

  4. This post makes no sense.