Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hahnemann's Got A New Name: Nostradumbass

Whenever people discuss homeopathy, they always point out how little of (or none of) a substance is in it. What they hardly ever discuss is the part that drives people insane:
Magic? Yes. Homoeopathy is based –in part– on the idea of the Vital Force, a my(s)thical force that is supposed to be in all of us. According to Samuel Hahnemann, the man who created homoeopathy, his highly diluted products serve to coax the Vital Force (which is thought to be powerful but not very intelligent) into attacking the disease.

Part of homoeopathy is also the concept of miasms, a type of fundamental cause of disease, of which the psora (itch) is the most important one. This magical thinking is also why some people call homoeopathy a religion or a cult. As a result, reading what homoeopaths are being "taught" is not unlike returning to the Dark Ages.
Or do you think believers are going batshit crazy, demanding watered-down water, because they think that water - alone - is what "works"?


Long story-short:

Homeopathy is a psychological problem - a cult obsession - not one of medicine or science.

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