Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We Studied The Art Of Living (Like A Pig In Shit)

O.K., Tiger, follow along as the veil is slowly lowered, and the truth few seemingly want you to see can be observed for what it is:
I’m being sued by a religious cult.

I’m being sued by a religious cult that I used to be a member of, because they want to stop me and other ex-members from revealing their dirty secrets on this blog.

I, together with a handful of other ex-members, have been blogging about our experiences with being in and leaving The Art of Living, a spiritual organization founded in the 1980s by the Indian guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

On paper, The Art of Living offers courses in yoga, meditation and breathing techniques and performs humanitarian work in the third world. In reality, we believe they are more like a religious cult.
That "on paper" is priceless. They're clearly saying there's a public perception, and then, there's the real deal.

The real deal is referred to as "dirty".

So let's break this one quote down. For starters, "The Art of Living" sounds a lot like Oprah's "How To Live Your Best Life Ever!" bullshit, doesn't it? (Put them together and you've got The Art Of Noise, but we digress,...) That's because none of these NewAge fools has an original idea in their heads, just as the minds they capture are unoriginal - or do you think someone who looks to a TV personality (or a "guru") for help with "living" has all their pistons firing right? Face it:

They're suckers, responding to the same mundane stimuli, with today's cult leaders repeating what other cult leaders throughout history have always done.

No one questions why they would want to control another's life, or why a follower would ever let their life be controlled. They "just do it."

They're fools. The whole lot of 'em, one and all.

Now, of course, we've got a whole file on that faker, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. All we'll point out now is he's an(other) "Indian guru", and India seems to be a factory for abusing people, seeing how the conditions there are so poor few are truly educated enough to think for, or even feed, themselves. Westerners, like Jane Fonda, who got caught up in this charade - and even attempt to lead the parade - have no excuse for themselves and should be regarded as the fools and/or traitors they truly are.

Now let's get to the juicy part:
On paper, The Art of Living offers courses in yoga, meditation and breathing techniques and performs humanitarian work in the third world. In reality, we believe they are more like a religious cult.
Come on, you know you've heard it a thousand times:

"My yoga class isn't a cult, they teach exercise!"

Yea, right. Fool, yoga ain't exercise. They may be able to deceive you, but these cultists don't fool us for a second.

Listen, you have to buy into certain ideas to even pursue yoga, so don't give us that "I do it for my balance" bullshit. You can't find anything - anything - without a "spiritual but not religious" attachment to it, in order to merely balance yourself? Sure. (Funny but, even before we got into the study of NewAge, we've always been able to master that.)

Just admit, if only to yourself - you've been a sucker for exotica, leftists politics, or whatever you want to call it - now get the hell out!

We always crack up at the "breathing techniques" trope. Breathing is a natural function - it doesn't require training in the least - and the idea anyone would fall for there being "techniques" (multiple) is hilarious. But this is another example of how easily charlatans can get the gullible to part with their money.

"Breathing techniques". It's hard to imagine anyone can be so stupid as to fall for that one, but there it is, right before our eyes.

We sincerely hope The Art Of Living cult is brought down - and soon. We hope their lawsuit against those who are speaking out is the very catalyst that wrecks their entire world. And we hope their former members are finally free, and mentally healthy, and able to return to productive lives free of manipulation, deception, and fear.

Unfortunately, for us, we can't:

Wallowing in this crap is our job - and we're loving it waaay too much.


  1. Yu guys are ridiculous, come on make some real research and you will see that AOL is nothing like a cult, it might have some fanatics followers but most of the people are absolutly free.

  2. u guys r hv lots of time. hope u get moksha so that asses like u never come back to this planet again. god bless u.

  3. Haha. Like you're take on this.
    Don't think this will change aol fanatics minds, but it makes for a good laught..


  4. He is guilty of violent, poor treatment of his participants and volunteers- you also as a human being cannot threaten someone to NOT tell the truth after they have been horribly treated- esp if its physical or in an abusive manner- bc they sell a mind "treatment"...anyways they are guilty of bodily injury and harm as well as possibly making up their own negative advertisement- and not treating ppl well. Thier teachers are low characters and he has done things akin to violence, mental abusive, sexual harassment, service unrendered, false advertising, treating people- putting them in fear, black magic, just bad treatment and hospitality of guests- he doesn't live up to his own rules. He REALLY DOESNT CARE ABOUT PEOPLE... this is one thing I've noticed- and he has false rules, lacks basic boundaries -good ethics and is just poor in the sense of how to help people. He isn't working from the highest good of ppl- he is just trying to make money 100 percent of the time for nothing...I also don't think its for a good cause like I used to. That being said- I have first experience of negative treatment- it started while volunteering and after leaving... he did ruin a good portion of my life. I ABSOLUTELY DONT BELIEVE HE IS LEGALLY SOUND OR IN THE RIGHT- HIS LAWYERS MAY BE THE BIGGEST LIARS IN THIS UNIVERSE IN ORDER TO GET HIM OFF THE HOOK FOR ANYTHING. LIARS.. you don't get it- spiritual advancement and humanitarian efforts start with each individual. ONE PERSON WRONGED FOR WHATEVER REASON MEANS YOU ARENT ENLIGHTENED... that would be Ravi shankar- he isn't enlightened.. he is an angry man with a lot of accolades for learning tricks from others. And no forgiveness is not a fortay of his....he can't even do what basic ppl do. Treat ppl kindly, not intrude on their personal boundaries, NOT CREATE DISEASE AND STRESS, NOT MISUSE POWER... all these things- he needs to be humbled. As he says what goes up must destroy it self- I'm looking forward to Art of Living really being closed down one day and the foundation just telling on itself- I think he's going to bury his sister in shame- and her kids too. Remember - they can all have sex, yet they can claim celibacy. They can all sexual abuse ppl- yet they can continue to sexual abuse ppl. They can claim peace and earn money- yet... they are violent and making money of it- he's lame. Your blog needs be less poetic and more facts. WRITE THE TRUTH- don't be afraid. I was sexually abused by SSRS- and violently physically abused- as well as a mentally harassed. He did it more so after I left though- I wouldn't put up with. HES ALSO STUCK ENERGY...he has the worst product and services- I think anyone can beat him. I just hope he fesses up, apologizes for all HIS sins, pays all the people he ripped off, and just shuts down his foundation- its robbed ppl more of whats good in this world and in truth than it truly has given to others...and that I can see clearly.

    1. Im sorry for the typos. I just wanted to say HE is guilty of abuse, harassment, violence- horrible things. I agree with you... he needs to apologize and truthfully make up for his misdeeds...its a shame- and his teachers are all egotistical without a reason to be. Just bc you survived art of living doesn't mean you're worth my time or the opposite is happening- Anyone apart of art of living is a sin- they are bad luck, bad everything... I also hope they have a very PUBLIC break down, demoralization and humiliation- he is evil...