Monday, January 24, 2011

Why Marriage Is Her Big Day (And Never Yours)

It's so silly, the way people think - and think of us - when all we do is tell it like it is, and hope our readers understand the sincerity we deliver the news with. People say "don't shoot the messenger", but, it seems - at every opportunity - that's all people online want to do. We roll with it, because that's all that can be done, but it's pretty demoralizing to discover none-the-less.

So what are we going on about now? We're talking about a post we did, called "Our Race To The Bottom: It's All In Black & White (Now Offer To Take Your Girl To Italy)", that was mostly about women and gold digging. In response to that post, one of our anonymous commentors wrote this:
You should respect everybody.

It's easy.

Give it a try sometime.

You might even like it.
We didn't reply because, as any regular reader of this blog knows, we tried the instant-respect thing and it doesn't work - being "non-judgmental" is bullshit - so there was obviously nothing for us to say the commentor would understand. They just want to assume we're creeps and/or assholes and that's the end of it.

Hey, it fits the narrative.

Until today, that is. Because today we have a column by Lawrence Solomon in Canada's National Post called "China's Coming Fall". In it, he gives us the lyrics to a popular song in China that spells out the aspirations of the female population pretty darn clear:
This ethos of corruption is captured in a popular song in China, I want to marry a government official, whose lyrics explain why an official makes for a good matrimonial catch: “He has power, a car and house; He only needs to drink tea and read the newspaper during work; He never spends his own money on cigarettes and alcohol; He can get free food every day; He can get promoted by only kissing his boss’s ass.”
Face it, guys:

Generally speaking, you aren't a person to women or society - you're a meal ticket - and all that feminist bullshit about wanting equality was just that:


What women want today, for lack of a better term, is your soul. Which - under today's "no-fault" divorce rules - they also want the right to discard at a whim, otherwise known as whenever they're "dissatisfied". And the courts support them in that, 100%.

"Respect everybody". No thanks. We respect those who earn our respect. And you earn it, first and foremost, by respecting yourself.

But (once again) generally speaking, women today refuse to even consider doing that. They might not even know how any longer.

Now, please excuse us while we return to watching the latest episode of "The Bachelor", where some poor sap is looking for love amongst a nest of vipers hoping for a lump sum of cash, and a TV career, at the expense of his emotions.

It's closer to real life than much of anything we can find, anywhere, online.

Well, except for Sarah Palin, of course. She's just swell.