Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Empty Suit Vs. The Crazy Man (Not So Fast)

We wish hitting you with this was our idea, though it wasn't, but it's so insightfully good we can't pass it up:

Over at the Althouse, Ann (above*) was trying to decipher what Obama was saying last night in Tucson, and not finding much substance.

Which prompted a commenter, named Jenner, to ask the question that supposedly made Jared Loughner start hating on Gabrielle Giffords:
"What is government if words have no meaning?"
Considering nothing the president says ever has much meaning, we don't know the answer to that one, but it sure seems to us (after Jenner's comment) that the NewAge shooter - repeatedly described as "crazy" and incomprehensible - is certainly becoming more and more politically understandable by the day.

*The new photo of Ann Althouse is courtesy of her pain-in-the-ass "husband", Meade.