Friday, January 21, 2011

If Hippies Can Be Killers, NewAgers Can Be, Too

Another of Charlie Manson's murderers, up for parole, goes down:

Patricia Krenwinkel, who joined Charles Manson's clan in a string of grisly killings more than 40 years ago, was denied parole Thursday.

Krenwinkel, 63, was convicted on seven counts of first-degree murder for her role in the Tate-LaBianca murders that terrorized Los Angeles in 1969. 

Among the victims was actress Sharon Tate, who was married to director Roman Polanski. Tate was stabbed 16 times and hanged. She was seven months pregnant.
The parole hearing was held at the women's state prison in Corona, where Krenwinkel is serving a life sentence. It was Krenwinkel's 13th appearance before the Board of Parole Hearings.

She will be up for her next parole review in seven years, according to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

We don't know why they would even consider such a thing.

Love the Future Feminists of America haircuts, though,...quite fitting.

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  1. Don't be too hard on her.

    Who knows?

    Maybe back in the day she could give a decent hum job.