Sunday, January 16, 2011

This Is A Daily Operation (Like The Daily Show)

So, after Jared Lee Loughner, do you want more on crazy NewAge murderers? Well, we've got more crazy NewAge murderers right here:
A French couple being evicted from a Sutherland farm allegedly shot dead a policeman, wounded another, then chased a third policeman and the farmer’s sons in a bakkie through the bush for four kilometres.

The couple, heavily armed, slender, and believed to be wearing khaki or camouflage, have fled on foot into the hills.

Two helicopters, police trackers and a large police ground crew are searching for them.

Philippe and Agnis Neniere are believed to be survival experts. They are said to belong to the Ramtha School of Enlightenment, a cult started in 1988 in rural Yelm, Washington State in the US.

The couple – he in his 60s and she in her 50s – had lived on the farm Hardie about 35km from Sutherland for 12 years but were being evicted by owner Gerhardus du Plessis because of their bizarre behaviour.
"Their bizarre behaviour." See? No schizophrenia, no weird political views, no nothin'. Just a culture of narcissism, coupled with a hefty dose of mind-bending nonsense, and - viola! - we got some more dead folks!

Except, this time, the dead and wounded are just a cop and some ordinary people (not a judge and a 9-year old girl, with a congresswoman shot in head) so y'all can go back to ignoring NewAge like always, thinking it's "harmless" and applauding Oprah for promoting it - now over an entire network!

Yes indeedie, this is just the way life's supposed to be with NewAge/Nazi beliefs,...Hammer Time!

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