Sunday, January 16, 2011

This Is How TMR Has Pursued NewAge Killings,..

...minus the fancy suit and proper diction, that is. But always with a "friend" who doesn't know what to do about what they see as our excesses.

Having started this blog to chase this subject - in the face of opposition from friend and foe alike - has been a breathtaking thing to behold. To see so many seemingly intelligent people - doctors, lawyers, journalists, police - all outsmarted by one of the dumbest belief systems on the planet (which makes it perfect for unraveling by us) is, both, extremely (EXTREMELY) frustrating and over-the-top hilarious. (Mostly the former, but we do have our fun,...) And we will not be stopped.

NewAge will be exposed. And only when it's entire "spiritual" edifice comes down, in the real world, will we stop battering those who stand in our way, with their claims we must be crazy because we don't know our place. We have no place - and no one to say we do. TMR is the home of free men and women. We know our parameters.

Which is something else you can add to the list of things NewAgers, and those under it's influence, have never understood from Day One.

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