Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Message To The Right (About Being Wronged)

I wish y'all would stop it with the "batshit crazy" stuff - anyone who reads my blog sees the outlines of [Jared Lee Loughner's] motivations clearly. I'm not saying he's not insane, but to deny we can't understand his mindset is nonsense - I've been outlining it, and saying something awful was going to come of it, from Day One. I'm sorry, but it's personally insulting to read it from people I commiserate with daily.

It may seem like I tie everything to NewAge, but, as I've written on my blog, that's only because you ignore all the things/people I don't claim to be part of it, or influenced by it. Now, as I watch Glenn Reynolds and Co. go after the media - which is acting exactly as I said the Left did when Karine Anne Brunck and "Dr." Robert Wohlfahrt killed three people (full of irrational explanations that targeted my conservative ass) - with phrases like We fight the Left on this and we fight it hard, I hope a sense of what I've felt, and been doing, for 5 long years finally makes me, somehow, seem more comprehensible to you.

Or let me just flip it around on you, now that the Left has gone into full-smear mode, and ask how it feels to be told to "calm down"?

Originally posted on the Althouse.

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