Thursday, January 27, 2011

England, You're Getting Pretty Dotty In Old Age

Well, at least we know how many of the cluelessly gullible types are out there:
More  than half of Britons believe in life after death and two in five believe in angels.

Some 53 per cent believe in psychic powers and the possibility of life after death, a survey reveals. One in five say they have seen a ghost or felt the presence of a spirit while two in five believe in ‘guardian angels’.

Many people believe they have seen the ghost or felt the spirit of a close friend or relative who has passed away.

Two in five say they want to speak to dead relatives and one in five has visited a medium or psychic to help them do so – spending an average of £31 per visit.

Almost two in five adults believe someone in their family is gifted with psychic ability.

A third of the nation describe themselves as ‘spiritual’ but only a quarter claim to be ‘religious’, according to the study carried out for the Clint Eastwood film Hereafter.

However, a third of the nation still believes in heaven and a fifth believes they will be reincarnated when they pass away.

One in five British adults would also love to have a conversation with the former Princess of Wales. Albert Einstein came second in the online poll of 3,000 adults, followed by Marilyn Monroe and Freddie Mercury. Seven per cent of us want to chat to Adolf Hitler.

Penny Sartori, an expert on near-death experiences and author of the study, said people are now less worried about being ridiculed for believing in spirits.

But one in five of us would still be too embarrassed to admit we had seen or felt the presence of a ghost.
Now why would anyone be embarrassed about something they believed was true? We'll tell you:

Because even the hopelessly self-deluded are aware there's a huuuge difference between believing things and knowing them.

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