Sunday, January 2, 2011

Great: This Man "Intuitively" Did This To Himself!

Oh, yea - someone's noticed the "current intellectual prejudices and old-fashioned appeals to revelation and dogma" that hound the rest of us through NewAge! How nice. The best question we have now is, why doesn't anyone else immediately notice this, and identify it for what it is, until it's analyzed by someone outside of the influence of NewAge thinking? Or put another way, are NewAgers just stupid?:
Tariq Ramadan’s The Quest for Meaning is very much a ‘spirit of the age’ book. One of the most influential intellectual trends today is to seek refuge in nature, to search for meaning not in the human-made world but in the natural or biological world. This can be seen in the current fashion for evolutionary psychology, neuroscience, behavioural economics and environmentalism. Another powerful intellectual trend is what we might call a twenty-first-century version of perspectivism, which one-sidedly emphasises the intuitive and contingent aspects of human experience. And The Quest for Meaning tightly embraces both of these fashionable approaches to the world.

Although Ramadan’s book is presented as a spiritual meditation on the problems of existence, it is actually an eclectic mixture of current intellectual prejudices and old-fashioned appeals to revelation and dogma.
All for people too dumb to identify them for what they are - say it with us:

NewAge prejudices and dogma.

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