Sunday, January 2, 2011

In This Time Of "Hope And Change", There's So Little For Us To Hope We'll Ever Change In Time

Singers aren’t supposed to have dairy before a show, but we all know I’m a rule breaker.
--Justin Bieber - convincing himself he's on the cutting edge because he eats pizza - in Spiked Magazine.

Victor Davis Hanson has a nice screed, about all of those who "rage against reality", while those of us who were raging for a reality-based outlook have been called "crazy".

It is a insane fact, of these insane times, that anyone who points out insanity will be labeled insane themselves.

Matt Drudge links to a "Top Psychic" (what are the qualifications for that designation?) making us wonder - in the year 2011 - what the difference is between those who believe in such NewAge mystical powers and the Haitians killing one another because they're convinced sorcerers are spreading cholera?

Does Matt Drudge also "rage against reality"?

We pointed you to Oleg Atbashian's "What to Ask Progressives" already. But did we mention that's only it's subtitle? It's real title is "Question Insanity".

If you hold such views, could you be said to "rage against reality"?

And how are you different from those Americans The Wall Street Journal covered who rely on "Hoodoo"?

Can't it be said they, too, "rage against reality"?

Spiked Magazine calls this "Our Brave New World of Malthusian Madmen" but no one enamored with Malthusian ideas will willingly call themselves "mad", just as we can't get Tom Cruise or John Travolta to admit they're in "a dangerous cult".

And, even worse, in all these cases there is hardly anyone willing to talk sense into any else's head - to make them "not crazy".

It's not even considered a goal.

Because, if you try to do that, you, too, will be labeled "crazy".

Sheesh. And we wonder how the Nazis ever got around to killing the Jews,...

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