Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You Have To Look On The Bright Side: If You Decide To Kill Them All You Won't Feel Bad

Now this is a great message we're trying to get into the heads of you fools - though you still lie and insist it's not true - you're a bunch of shits:
A depressed charity worker killed herself as Facebook users mocked a suicide note she left on the social networking website.

So-called Facebook ‘friends’ of Simone Back responded with cruel messages after she posted a message that read: ‘Took all my pills be dead soon so bye bye every one.’

One user replied calling her a liar who ‘overdoses all the time’ while another said it was ‘her choice’. Miss Back, 42, is thought to have been dying of an overdose as the messages were posted on Christmas Day.

Yesterday Miss Back’s mother demanded to know why none of her daughter’s 1,082 Facebook friends tried to save her.
Save your breath, Mom:

These loonies today are worthless and they think it's cool to be so. Before our wife, Karine Anne Brunck, killed people with 'Dr." Robert Wohlfahrt, we sought help from everyone we knew (and many we didn't) and all we got was attacked (and we still are to this day) for our efforts - because we were "a man" her freedom was more important to them. Yea, ultimately that was the freedom to kill three people.

Now those two killers are still out there and the "compassionate" types are still screaming their bullshit feminist anthem. Whatever. We get it. If they won't save Tom Cruise from "the world's most dangerous cult" then they ain't doing shit for anyone else. They even deny there are cults. Or, if there are, they too are free to do whatever they want. Oprah's made cults O.K.. These people today want entertainment, and destruction has always amused the evil. Responsibility to one another matters none. That's their NewAge community.

Expect nothing more.


  1. I know. I should stay away from your blog of toxic bile but, seriously, what was the political persuasion of these Facebook "friends"? Religious conviction? Cultural background?

    That's right. You have absolutely no fucking idea so your comments are beyond worthless. Maybe they were conservatives who only like taxpayer money spent on their own kind. Or tea party liars who oppose any positive or worthwhile legislation put before them because it comes 'from the other side'

    I wouldn't be surprised but I'm not as moronic to state categorically that there is a link between any of these creeps and cretins, and an anonymous group of people encouraging suicide.

    I guess if you have a blog like this you have to be totally shameless.

  2. I guess if you have a blog like this you have to be totally shameless.

    Yea, it helps. Totally.