Saturday, February 5, 2011

INSTAPORNDIT II: Global Warming = The View?

We're finding it remarkable how people will keep referring to a person - or society - being in thrall to a religion, or a cult, but never discussing what that actually means for how decisions are made, resources are spent, or the consequences we face from this type type of thinking.

Here's Charles Krauthammer on PBS's "Inside Washington":
Look, if Godzilla appeared on the Mall this afternoon, Al Gore would say it’s global warming…


…because the spores in the South Atlantic Ocean, you know, were. Look, everything is, it’s a religion. In a religion, everything is explicable. In science, you can actually deny or falsify a proposition with evidence. You find me a single piece of evidence that Al Gore would ever admit would contradict global warming and I’ll be surprised.
Laughter? Is that as deep as the thinking out there gets? Al Gore believes in the religion of Global Warming. Titter, titter. Nothing about how much we've spent on this nonsense. Nothing about the effects of the hysteria on the public. Just,...nothing.

We think it's a crime how smart these people think they are, and sell themselves as, and, yet, how truly dumb they actually turned out to be.

Speaking of cults, there's now a guy claiming he was tricked into sleeping with a cult leader's wife. So, like, can we agree cult leaders are weird yet?

Whoopi Goldberg says she was a high-functioning drug addict. We guess that explains why she's always been another low-functioning comedian. And here's a question:

How many lame brains is Barbara Walters going to put on The View before she realizes she's hurting the image of women and not helping?

Now this little lady? If you ask us, she's doing everybody a whole world of good,...


  1. I have graded your women as follows:










    Now that we're through with that, were you saying something about cults or global warming or something along those lines?

    I forget.

  2. The last one's a dude.