Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It Looks Like A Theme's Developing: Another Homeless Talent More Deserving Than Most

First there was Brad Prowley, and now there's Ted Williams - both more deserving than the cooler-than-thou spoiled brats we call today's "celebrities", with their cult beliefs, "green" pronouncements, and anti-American views. Fuck 'em all.

Come on, America, put the real talents to work (including this one) and let's not only change the culture of this nation but get this show on the road!

UPDATE: It looks like things are looking up for ol' Ted.

1 comment:

  1. Crack-

    This is an amazing story.

    I was blown away by the initial video of the guy on the road, with his sign. When he spoke, it was like, holy shit, this doesn't make sense.

    I think its because everyone has been conditioned to believe the homeless are beyond help or ability.

    Clearly this guy has a talent and lost his way. I am so happy for him. Hope he keeps it on the straight and narrow.