Thursday, March 17, 2016

Fact: Trump's Doing Away With Campaign Advisors

Last year, 15 people in the GOP said God told them to run for president, but the one dude who didn't is about to win the nomination. Which means, either, God enjoys humiliating his followers (not a stretch, since he doesn't mind killing them, and/or having them sexually abused) or they're actually hearing someone else's voice in their heads. 

My money's on the latter,...

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

TMR, Mitt & The Republican Party: It's Gonna Be YUGE!

Me, every time Donald Trump's on television.

This is sweet! As I’ve been getting my shit together, politics has been steadily discombobulating, and (to be perfectly honest with you) I couldn’t be happier about it: The Left has no idea what they’re looking at, and the Right, at least and at last, is getting the comeuppance they’ve so justly deserved. 

It's about time.

I see absolutely nothing wrong with any of it. 

Well, there IS something wrong when a quack-lover gets away with calling your guy a con man.

For those of you coming in late to our story, this blog is called The Macho Response, and I am The Crack Emcee, a former "liberal bomb-thrower" who became an anti-cultist and joined the Republican Party, only to leave it in disgust over (amongst other things) it’s lack of sensitivity to it’s own racism (or racism in general) and how the party cowered behind the nomination of that phony, fraud, and con man, Mitt Romney, in 2012. 


He’s doing really well now, politically, ain’t he?