Monday, July 26, 2021

Piers Morgan Won't Be Made Into NewAge Roadkill (His Friends Are Smart)


"You're not allowed to have strong opinions on things. You're not allowed to disbelieve a liar like Meghan Markle. I'm sorry to call her that, but she tells lies. And we've demonstrated that, and proven that. Why can't you disbelieve someone like that? If you started telling me a bunch of whoppers right now, am I supposed to believe you? Do I have to believe you? It's crazy." 

"You're not allowed to have strong opinions on things". That's why you write a blog called The Macho Response. This speech states the entire basis for my divorce - from my wife and society: she said things that were untrue (starting with she could walk through walls in '95 to homeopathy is real in 2005) and demanded I agree - or else. Our friends - and society - backed her in those demands. And then THAT became the beginning of every ugly thing that's happened since. 

I was just never a big enough "celebrity" - like Piers Morgan -  to matter.

Con-Artist Anna Sorokin (Another Unlikable Woman - With A Fan Club)


"I can do whatever I want."

John Oliver Finally Did It

When Will "Soulmate" And "Love Of My Life" Get A Make-Over?

Now, cultists are saying to Stop calling people ‘toxic’ - after they, themselves, were the ones who started calling people toxic. And I love how they follow orders - do this, don't do that - obedient little cult fuckers they are. Getting their social behavior cues, online, from cultists working as "news" writers? 

Oh, what a wonderful world.

The Only Answer To NewAge (Men Being Men Again)

A World Too Dumb For Words (And It Has Been For Decades)

Joe Mercola is a physician whose nearly quarter-century of promoting quackery and antivaccine misinformation has garnered him a net worth north of $100 million, but almost all of you - and the NYT - had hardly ever heard of him before this weekend. Unless you were being suckered.

 That's an amazing level of American ignorance to TMR.

The Reason Democrats Don't Want Us To Remember (Past Trump's Presidency)

Based on everything I have seen in the last year" is no way to evaluate politics. You have to do RESEARCH: Bill Clinton's rape charges, alone, are 30 years old. If you only judge the Democrats on "the last year", he's a great guy. 

 But - if you know his party - he's a rapist, walking freely, and leading a group who should be under our jails.

Obama Firmly Entrenched The U.S. in Global Perpetual War With Ourselves (Ha!)

No, The 2011 White House Correspondents' Dinner is when the most powerful man in the world lowered himself to publicly ridiculing a private American citizen - something that had never been done - because it's WRONG.

If you mean the office of President of the United States was lowered to the level of stand-up comedian - to the glee of idiots - then, yes, Obama did that.

Because President Obama was feeling full of himself (what else is new? And wasn't the press openly blowing Obama by then?) Donald Trump WAS there, and the D.C. press corps are the equivalent to a bunch of lame idiot high schoolers.

 Only if, you're so far to the left that, the "narrative" that's followed not only warms your ignorant heart, but also makes some kind of sense in the real world - outside of comedy - which it never has, and never will. 

Sisters Have Been Doing It (To Themselves)

 They say - 16 years after TMR's marriage crumbled under the weight - and we first said it. 

 THAT'S how useful today's media is to us.

"Worse Than Watergate" (Oprah's Influence Was Modern Journalism's Demise)

“The lowest form of popular culture – lack of information, misinformation, disinformation, and a contempt for the truth or the reality of most people’s lives – has overrun real journalism. Today, ordinary Americans are being stuffed with garbage.” 

 — Carl Bernstein (1992)

Sunday, July 25, 2021

"The Coddling Of The American Mind" Began Before 2015 (And Jonathan Haidt)

With alternative therapists, when you point out a problem with the evidence, people don't engage with you about it, or read and reference your work. They get into a huff. They refuse to answer calls or email queries. They wave their hands and mutter sciencey words such as "quantum" and "nano". They accuse you of being a paid plant from some big pharma conspiracy. They threaten to sue you. They shout, "What about thalidomide, science boy?", they cry, they call you names, they hold lectures at their trade fairs about how you are a dangerous doctor, they contact and harass your employer, they try to dig up dirt from your personal life, or they actually threaten you with violence (this has all happened to me, and I'm compiling a great collection of stories for a nice documentary, so do keep it coming).
That was written 13 years ago, in the post-Clinton era - after Bill and Hill unleashed fake "medicines" (and their charlatan practitioners) on the world and NewAgers got to work - already exhibiting behavior Clinton supporters now blame on the Trump era: violent, an anti-science agenda, whataboutism, conspiracy-minded, attacking scientists, threatening, pseudoscientific, etc.
America should've recognized how far it's gone down the rabbit hole, when Obama ran with Oprah - a woman who worships at the feet of Shirley MacLaine - and no one screamed "Fraud!"

So Embarrassing (For You)

The Most Influential Spreader of Coronavirus Misinformation Online Is Joe Mercola - a name you'd only be familiar with if you're a skeptic. Amongst us, he's a well-known, long-time crank, who should've been shut down over a decade ago.

 Joe has only attained his current status - top dog of the bullshit pile - because no one listens to skeptics, instead.

So blame yourselves: we tried to tell you.

New Page, Same Book (No One Left To Lie To)

Who Gets To Decide the Truth? is a dumb question: truth isn't "decided" but determined.
TMR didn't DECIDE Bill Clinton is a rapist - the evidence determined that as a fact a long time ago.
Just as it's been determined the Democrat Party ain't shit - for ignoring his crimes, and/or covering them up - after all these years.


 "I wonder from which organization the Society of Homeopaths might now obtain an accreditation. Is there an ‘Unprofessional Standards Authority’?" 

There certainly seems to be,...

Reality Check: TMR Picks It Up For T.C. (This Time)

 This is NOT true: Ethically, Oprah Winfrey (who's misled women and even gotten them raped and killed) Bill Clinton (multiple rapes) and many others - who Democrats admire - are far worse than Tucker Carlson. As a matter of fact, it's not even close. Standing with lowlifes - to attack Tucker Carlson - is a scam.

Please make a note of it.

Good Grades, Served In The Military, Married, Found A Career (Then: Cultism)

France Was Behind Us (Until The U.S. Started Wanting To Become Like Them)

Biden warns about conspiracies flourishing in the US: 'The rest of the world's wondering about us' - which is an ass-backwards reading of events - because I knew NOTHING about the NewAge before marrying a French woman (who was secretly obsessed with the bullshit) in 1985. And I spent all my intervening years, while in France, literally CELEBRATING that we were NOTHING like them, and happy to get away from their medieval lunacy - until it spread here through Oprah Winfrey - and there's been no escape. 

Why can't the media EVER get this story correct?

My Wife Left Me For A Homeopath - And Everyone We Knew Accepted It As Right And Normal And Still Lives With It (Nothing Tops That For A Life's Dumb Outcome)

Starting Two World Wars Has Really Set-Up Rude And Nasty Folks (Very Nicely)

Rape IS Still A Crime (Isn't It?)

Democrats condemn Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ but keep telling ones even worse ones themselves - which TMR has always said - so, the only "news" is how and why Americans are so impotent, at exposing the truth, and stopping them?

Supertramp's Self-Pitying Soundtrack Is Still Relevant (In A World Of '70s Cultism)


"I guess I'll always have to be/living in a fantasy/it's you for you and me for me/from now on" or How Science Lost the Public’s Trust: From climate to Covid, politics and hubris have disconnected scientific institutions from the philosophy and method that ought to guide them, rendering life a joke, for anyone respecting education and logic.


Damn the NewAge, and all who've advanced it.

Gentle art Is Bringing "Internet Funny" To Politics (And Democrats Get It Good)

Saturday, July 24, 2021

I Was The First Man Canceled (From This NewAge Of Death And Make-Believe)

It was 1995. My wife returned from a Silicon Valley event saying she can walk through walls. I said she could not. To this day, I still haven't found anyone to openly back me up on this. Instead, she and our friends all said I was "limiting her abilities" (She later said I - a black man - made her feel "oppressed").
Then, in 2005, and with everyone's approval, she left me for a french homeopath, they all called a "Doctor". He and homeopathy were later found to be frauds. No one cared.
Just like in 2018, when Seth McFarland also called out Oprah Winfrey for being a longtime fraud. No one still cares about that, either.
There is simply no penalty attached to being a fraud anymore.
So - since 1995 - nothing about my life, or this life, has worked or made sense - from America to France.
Everyone wants to believe in make-belive.
I oppress everyone, in this, and I may not survive it much longer.
Being unable to communicate with anyone is poison - and I'm dying from it.
If you want to help, pass this around, and send money by Venmo to: (@Louis-Dixon-2)