Saturday, July 31, 2021

Say "Goodbye" To Alternative Medicines (Naturopaths, Chiropractors And Lies)

Home Of The Brave (And A Strong Gag Reflex)

NewAge Nazis (Two Words)

2008: Jim Carrey, Jenny McCarthy, and Oprah Winfrey, uncritically - and without considering consequences - introduce middle America to the NewAge's anti-vaccine tropes. 

Not Really (Just The Opposite)

Think Smaller (Much, Much Smaller)

This Big Think video by Tali Sharot says Facts Don't Win Fights, but TMR would say Facts Don't Win Fights when presented by women, more concerned about the crowd size at Donald Trump's Inauguration (and using NewAge phrasing like "your truth") than being free - or even trying to appear free - of any number of these markers for leftwing bias. No true Independent (AKA no "normal") is going to find Tali Sharot convincing, or trust her as a custodian for the presentation of Science. She, NewAge - and Big Think - are a problem.

Because, they all know, no one saying THAT gets to make a video.

Most People Can't Identify A Cult To Save Their Lives (Even When It's On TV)

Friday, July 30, 2021

Having Never Had Racist White People Masturbate In Front Of Me, For No Good God Damned Reason, I Don't Know If This Is True (Or If I'm "Homophobic" Yet)

Missed, Misleading, And Misled (And Certainly Due For A Radical Make-Over)

4 Times Oprah Made The World Worse With Junk Science and paid no price - for harming "the world".
Deepak Chopra lambasts skeptics on Smart Talk Tonight long after it's been scientifically proven his incoherent ramblings make his listeners stupid. There's no mystery why Oprah - repeatedly - takes him on tour.  
Joe Rogan Says Gay and Transgender People are ‘Most Vicious’ Champions of Cancel Culture Because ‘They’ve Been Bullied’ and Want Revenge, though - if you think about it - the Police have many, in their ranks, for the same reason, so there might be some "common ground" there.

Consider The Source (And You'll Never Trust Anyone's Editorial Ever Again)

No, Karen, We're Not Masking Again, says Glenn Reynolds, who once wanted to run black people down with his car.
Public Health Mandates Aren't Political, says Donna Brazile, who once lost her job because she cares about political integrity so much, she stole Presidential debate questions for Hillary Clinton.
Trumpian Politics Return to Amercia, says Robert Reich, who hasn't noticed Trump has only left the White House - while Bill Clinton is still a rapist.

Here's The Two Best Atheistic Films (With The Two Best Atheistic Endings)



 "Did you think your song and dance, and your superstition, would help you, Eli?"


"You are real, right?"

RIP To Robert Moses: Black America's Ultimate "Math Guy"

Remembering the most important civil rights hero most Americans have never heard of - because that's how this country does us - while bogusly insisting to have provided a good, and comprehensive, American education.

How The NewAge Nazis Are Destroying Democracy (To Get Donald Trump)

"These tech giants are more powerful than government officials.... take Donald Trump versus Mark Zuckerberg. Trump could be dis-elected, he could be sued, he can be impeached. And none of the above is true for Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, etc, no free speech rights against them, no due process rights against them."

TMR Buys Books From People Who Read Enough Science To Know The Sun Is Going To Die (And We Can't Be On Earth Selling Books Whenever That Happens)

It's not enough to read books: you have to know which books to read - and the smart ones do NOT endorse this position.

No One Would Have To Announce This (If You Hadn't Been Lied To Already)

Olympic Athletes Insist Cupping Works (So Use Them On The NewAge Mind, Too)

Make this guy your kid's next role model - instead of Micheal Phelps.

Society Promotes Everything Negative About The NewAge Experience (So These Intelligent Guys Are Only Seen Long After Your Life Has Already Been Destroyed)

I couldn't find this guy, anywhere, for the entire 20 years I was married to a NewAge loon. He was never on Oprah, or PBS, or any of the so-called "news" programs. Nobody reads him, worships him, or has ever mentioned his name. None of my friends know of him (as they know all the con artists). And he only shows up decades after I'm divorced - and, so, is of no help to me what-so-ever.

Just like everyone else.

The LDS: An Untrustworthy Religious Group (Running A State In America)

 Nobody knows for sure: they're religious.

FACT: If Trump Is NOT The Problem (Attacking Him Is Making Things Worse)

This would mean the left is lying, about TWO things, now.

Always With The "We" (When They Mean "I")

Thursday, July 29, 2021

NewAge Democrats Have Created One Sick Culture (And Even They Know It)

Three Reporters, But One's Got A TV Show (Guess Which One's Freaking Out?)


Hint: one of them calls himself "reliable".


Anthony Bourdain: Wrong On His Mom And Trump's Win (And Trump Supporters)

There's reason to think he killed himself upon discovering he's been so misleading.

"What Would You Do?" Makes America Great Again (And It's Kinda Shocking)

TV's Judge Greg Mathis Ain't Buying The Bill Cosby Conviction (Either)


Voters Blame Donald Trump (For What The NewAge History Channel Has Done)

"Platforming conspiracy theories to increase ratings"

Hotel California (You Can Check Out Anytime You Like But You Can Never Leave)

Prince Hairy

This subset of a Man, who started his career in the States by being a full-blown hypocrite - and then profiting from it - wants to know, 'Why is everyone so miserable and angry?'

To Say America's Not A Racist Country Is Hilarious (Living With It Is Not)