Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ever Feel Like You're Wasting Your Life? (Watch This)

Actually, that's not exactly a fair comparison: 

 These guys are brainwashed,...

A Mother & Father God's Outer Space Satanic Splendor

Even though I'm read (and ignored) by some pretty big bloggers - some of the biggest - their disdain for me (because I nail them for things like quackery) means, long after I'd first mentioned it, Slate beats everyone else to the punch:

Oh, I don't know (and for the record, the "Blogfather," Glenn Reynolds, is definitely not troubled by it) though it's probably because Romney's wife, Ann Romney, is also a fan of, amongst other nonsense, The One Quackery To Rule Them All.

I mean, once you've gone that far "out there," anything is possible. Compared to homeopathy, Romney's love for the pseudoscience of "cold fusion" even seems tame - until you add all of his other screwy "beliefs" together with it - and then you're stuck with the portrait of a serious whackjob.

But, as Ann Romney is so fond of saying, we are so LUCKY to have weirdos like them running to lead our country.

Yes, electing another - and even bigger - NewAge head case to the highest office in the land seemed to be the Right's plan all along, much to my dismay:

And Glenn Reynolds - The Right's Great Informer - has still said nothing. 

 "God bless 'em," as the saying goes,...

I Can Be So On-Point Sometimes I Think I'm Amazing

Wow - it's all a jumble over at the Althouse blog this morning, because she wrongly blew the "raaacist" dog whistle on Rush Limbaugh yesterday. Ann seems troubled by it:

I wonder if she'll admit "inaccuracies and distortions" aren't so "beautiful and wonderful" after all?

And - since I'm black (heh) - I also wonder if she'll ever decide to do something about them,...

"What Is Beautiful And Wonderful About Human Life Is Full Of Inaccuracies And Distortions" - Ann Althouse

It's all very simple now, as it always is in times of war:

There are those who care and those who don't; those who grasp the big picture, and those who fight to save only themselves.

Can anyone save the GOP? After Mitt, Republicans will need a sane leader to drag them back to reality. Problem is, they don't do sane

When I see a story like, "Husband 'shot his neighbour because he believed he'd telepathically raped his wife," I don't think only of the individual horror, but of a society that hardly labored to disabuse anyone of insanity, so such a crime rarely happens. In this way, as far as I'm concerned, while everyone else merely points and laughs after the fact - they, too, have played a role in the mayhem.

Unless caught in the act, it can take people years - decades - to come to terms with their own stupidity. And, even then, they may never apologize or try to make amends. They just leave the broken bits in their wake, and the worst part is, everyone else lets them get away with it.

Everything's Scary Now

Friday, September 28, 2012

99 Problems (The Explicit Political Obama Remix)

This Is How This "Serious" Political Season Looks To Me

This is a political campaign that won't listen. These are political parties so drunk with power they don't think they have to listen. They know better. Decency is for suckers. They don't care how they look. They don't care who sees them. They'll do what they want. And this is what they want. They don't have to make sense. Look away if you don't like it. Other people are watching. That's all that matters. You're trapped. You're told you must vote for this. I refuse. And, for that, I'm the crazy one.

The World Is A Ghetto (And You're An Absent Landlord)

Awww, how tragic - that guy Katy Perry used to be with who just killed a lady?

One day on from the devastating news that Katy Perry's ex boyfriend Johnny Lewis is considered the only suspect in the gruesome murder of his landlady, an American website has discovered that the OC actor may have been heavily involved in Scientology - especially in its drug programme "Narconon". 
The actor even gave a speech at a Narconon event about substance abuse prevention in 2004 - just two years before he got together with Katy. At the time, Johnny was starring in a new show called Quintuplets, and the Church of Scientology appeared to use his prominence in the public eye as a means of encouraging others to participate in their drug rehabilitation scheme - not only posting his picture all over their website, but claiming that Johnny's mother used the Narconon principles to keep her son away from drugs. 
And it wasn't just his mother who was an active participant in the church - according to TMZ, his father, Michael Lewis, has not only reached one of the highest levels within Scientology, but he even wrote a film with the religion's founder L. Ron Hubbard in the early 80s. 
Unfortunately, the principles of Narconon don't appear to have worked - despite checking into rehab earlier in the year, law enforcement officials in Los Angeles have reported that they're "confident" Johnny was under the influence of drugs at the time of 81-year-old Catherine Davis' murder.
Awww, again - the principles didn't work? But how can that be? (They also haven't been working in some Oklahoma deaths, not that anyone cares,...) Isn't Scientology based on principles as solid as Mormonism's? You know:

Some guy shows up, claiming to be the shit, and then he lays down the law - which consists of taking everybody's money - and then the rest of the rubes say, "Boy, he sure does have a lot of money!" and let whatever happens happen?

No, that can't be true, because these educated Americans are SO ON TOP OF THIS CULT SHIT. It's not like they're just going to focus on a fucking song about this guy and be all flip and shallow about his death, when they've got me around warning them to go deeper all the time, right? Riiiight. They're sensitive human beings:

Two people are dead and there's just nothing that could've been done about it,...

The 1% Meets The 99% (And Learn They Can't Do Math)

When the world's richest society is willingly taking a nose dive - based on nothing more than hippies being happily stupid - can there be a more appropriately ironic song than "Singing In The Rain"?

Romney's Multi-Million Dollar Two-Headed Black Baby

Wow - and this comment appears on the same day Politico runs a piece saying, "In the end, it's Mitt Romney" - and you know what? It is.

It can't be Mormonism because none of these lying fuckers will talk about that. 

But it's not just Mitt Romney. Look, I'm going to do all you losers a favor, and treat you better than you treat me. You know, being fair and all the rest of that shit Glenn Reynolds and Ann Althouse - like Mitt Romney - don't understand instinctively. They (and their regular parade of ass-kissers) want to push this bullshit meme - that the mean ol' mainstream media just won't play fair with their guy - when the truth is their guy sucks as much as they do, and for many of the same reasons, starting with being delusional:

I'd think, with how "beautiful and wonderful" Ann finds "inaccuracies and distortions," she'd be positively swooning to this supposed-betrayal by the MSM, wouldn't you?

And you know what? As I read that claim again - that "inaccuracies and distortions" are "beautiful and wonderful" - it pisses me off so bad, all over again, that I'm NOT going to be fair.

I was going to state what's going wrong with Romney's campaign - and how to fix it - but fuck that. Because that would be the (horrendously ugly) truth. No:

The Romney Campaign and will either live or die based on "inaccuracies and distortions" (perceived or imagined) and, while either outcome will be proof of what ethical lifelessness these chumpies hold at their core, my payoff will come if they lose and I can witness how "beautiful and wonderful" Ann thinks it is - while living with Meade - who I KNOW wants Romney to win.

I'm popping up the popcorn now.

One of these days this corrosive clique of lousy law professors are going to learn that what they say matters - if not to them, then to us out here in the cheap seats - so they better get their heads straight:

 If you bitches don't give a damn, nobody else has to either,...

Baby Boomer's Girls: You've Come A Long Way, Baby,...

I wish they'd had aliases, like "Yoko Ono" and "Courtney Love" - that would've been *sweeeeet*...

Here's My Personal Protest: Picture Her With Your Cock In Her Hand, And She's Awaiting Further Instructions,...

According to Pussy Riot's Nadya Tolokonnikova, the God-awful feminist punk band member spends her time in Putin's Russian pokey - for protesting in a cathedral - by reading the Bible. Huh?

That's one way to make your visit seem longer, I guess. (Do you think it's an accident that prison authorities let them even have those things? You're being punished. They're also in hotel rooms, Doofus. "Enjoy your stay,…") If good ol' Nadya REALLY wants to stretch the experience out forever, though, I highly suggest she try getting her hands on a copy of The Book Of Mormon:

Time will, literally, stand still - AND she'll be guaranteed to get more sleep than she ever thought possible.

 Hey, it worked for me,...

The Dead Zone (A Land Without Replacement Refs,...)

"Every time I see the man or hear him speak, it makes me sick to my stomach."

That's one William L. Gensert, talking about Obama, but - as far as I'm concerned - he could be discussing either candidate and the statement would stick. I simply don't like them, what they represent, or the possibility of spending the future in the presence of either. If they both dropped dead, right now, I would consider it the best of all possible worlds - since the rest of you are too fucking pussy than to act as actual "We The People" citizens and get rid of the losers. Actually, let me rephrase that:

If they dropped dead, AND took all the yoga people with them, it would be the best of all worlds.

Welcome to My Happy Place.

So I've heard the chirping around this study that says men live longer if you cut their dicks off, or whatever, and all it does is act as a HUGE reminder of why I have no ambition to live very long. You see, by tearing apart men's quality of life - and always harping on how to increase it's quantity - longevity itself has finally been turned into one of the ugliest possibilities a man can face (I don't want to listen to this shit.) And especially if that life's to be shared with one these NewAge balls of neurotic Nazi wretchedness that passes for a woman these days. As James Taranto wrote recently on a related topic he found in The Atlantic:
Suppose you're the purportedly perfect man--a guy who has the qualities of Messers. X, Y, Z and Q all rolled into one. Why would you want to spend 90 minutes, much less a lifetime, with someone who'd rather scream at you than change a light bulb herself? 
Perhaps these Atlantic pieces are assigned and written with only women in mind, and this columnist is the only heterosexual man who finds them interesting enough to read all the way through. Another possibility is that the magazine's actual editorial mission is to disabuse bachelors of any notion that it might be nice to be married.
Folks, I was married - 20 years - and if you ever read that I'm considering the possibility again, the only appropriate wedding gift will be a handgun with a box of bullets. Whether you address the package to my potential spouse or I won't matter:

 You'll be doing me a favor either way,....

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I Need Help - I'm Getting Help - This Is My Kind Of Help

Figuring It Out: Everybody's Getting A Clue But U.S.,...

Free Association

 Not according to professor Ann Althouse. To her, "inaccuracies and distortions" are "what is beautiful and wonderful about human life," so, clearly, she would be more enamored with celebrating lunatics inside of an insane asylum than straightening them out in her day job governing a classroom.

I can't help but wonder how deliberate students ever get a good grade from such an instructor, seeing how accuracy would always be deemed ugly and depressing? Naturally, submitting wrong answers has something to do with it, and I wouldn't be surprised to discover that lowering your hand when questions are raised would help things immensely, but then what? Not reading the assigned texts?

This IS how America exists now - as a nation of idiots, waiting to bring the whole thing down with them. It's inevitable. When even college professors are too bigheaded and arrogant to admit they're wrong, there's no hope - because there's no example for anyone else to follow.

The only thing that can make any of them stop is total failure.

Could Scientology's most famous ambassador be parting ways with the church? 
A shocking report in the new issue of Star magazine, which hits newsstands Friday, details recent twists in Tom Cruise's life that's spurred speculation the Days of Thunder star might be inching away from the controversial institution he's become synonymous with. 
“Tom hasn’t admitted that he’s definitely leaving Scientology for good,” an insider says of the new developments. “But he’s distanced himself from those in the church and has been hanging out with good friends who aren’t part of the religion. 
Sources say an introspective Tom, 50, is weighing the damage his affiliation with the controversial church has done in his relationships with ex-wives Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman, as well as ex-girlfriend Penélope Cruz. 
“Tom’s been leaning on friends who have different perspectives, getting advice on moving on from Katie as well as on everything he’s been going through with Scientology,” the insider said. “He’s finally seeing that being such an advocate for Scientology hasn’t served him as well as he’d hoped -- he’s gone through three divorces, and his public perception has sunk to an all-time low.”

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm definitely battening down the hatches, because there's really nothing left to do - with a choice between Obama and Romney, and a populace too dumb to say "no," they're locked into this now. They've already dumped over the gas can; from this point on they're just fumbling with the matches.

I’ve been obsessed with cults ever since I fled to my car during a three-day Landmark Forum course and had twelve messages from them waiting on my answering machine by the time I got home. I read everything I could about cults and found that the weekend course I had just attended was started by a man who used to study under L. Ron Hubbard. Then I started reading everything I could about Scientology, years before it was in vogue to do so.

Wait - studying cultism is now "in vogue"? I've been doing it for years and nobody told me. Whatever.

My biggest mistake wasn't in trying to understand what was driving this behavior, but in attempting to get others to see what they're doing. "Following" is what they've always wanted to do - what they've been trained for since birth. Why would I ever think I could talk them out of it? Because I'm "smart"? Well, whoop-de-fucking-do, a lot of weight that's going to carry with any Clique de la Fools, able to be talked both into and out of things, as long as you appeal to their loins and not their brains.
A departing BBC chief has criticised the culture of its London-based staff claiming senior executives 'marry each other and have affairs with each other'. Caroline Thomson, who leaves her position as chief operating officer today after 37 years, also warned the BBC could too easily become 'arrogant', 'above itself' and 'forget about everyone else.'
Join the club, if you haven't already,...

It's Still True: They DO Have Ways Of Making Me Talk,...

The Atlantic Monthly's Conor Friedersdorf recently said, "the civil war the right needs is one waged against the hucksters, whether they're in the marketplace of ideas or the marketplace itself." I guess - considering TMR's mandate is to fight hucksterism - that means I have to fire the first shot.

Here goes nothing

It has long been said that life was "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short." Congratulations - through the wonders of modern technology - they've made it longer. From Glenn Reynolds' Instapundit:
MICKEY KAUS: Will MSM Guilt Start Working for Mitt? “‘Like Ali, Obama Floats Like a Butterfly’–that’s the headline Real Clear Politics gave Howard Fineman’s latest post. But even though Fineman is Editorial Director for leftish Huffington Post (and appears regularly on MSNBC) his piece isn’t what you’d expect. It’s basically a plea to the MSM to start covering Obama they way they’d cover a normal candidate. . . . An MSM veteran, Fineman, in essence, is agreeing with conservative critics of his profession: they’ve been cutting the President way too much slack, failing to take him to task in areas (the Woodward portrayal, Libya, the jobs numbers ) where they would have hammered another candidate.”

Notice there's no concern from these champions of justice that the MSM - or the conservative blogosphere - have been cutting Romney "way too much slack, failing to take him to task in areas where they would have hammered another candidate"? That it's all a one-way street with these guys who've positioned themselves as the trustworthy alternative to the biased media? Mitt Romney spouts complete nonsense? His cult punishes those who reveal their "secrets" or is practicing voter fraud? That they're behaving like delusional Pat Robertson supporters in order to win? You'll never hear it from Glenn Reynolds, Mickey Kaus, Michelle Malkin, Robert Stacey McCain, Ann Althouse, the folks at Hot Air, Ace of Spades, - or even the reporters for The Washington Examiner - but can expect to, probably, be punished by a collective cry of "bigotry" (from them and the Romney campaign) for saying so instead.

I hold to a pretty hard ethical line (which I've defined as "not goody-goody, but just good") and it gets me in a world of trouble, online, that - if I didn't know I now live in a NewAge-obsessed-and-influenced society - I wouldn't understand at all.

But I do understand the times I live in, so (despite my occasional shock at the behavior of those under NewAge's spell) the cowardly treatment I get for, both, wanting to be correct in my assessments - while also wanting to be moral - have, unfortunately, become known to me as par for the course:

I can be right, and few will champion it. 

I can be slandered, and few will come to my defense. 

 I can be ridiculously outnumbered, and I will be forced to fight alone.

In this NewAge society, these virtues - including the willingness to fight on despite overwhelming obstacles - are not appreciated. Instead, to NewAgers, they are signs of madness.

Isn't this how it was in the NewAge's Third Reich?

Don't I understand that being right doesn't matter? The law professor, NewAger - and my friend - Ann Althouse, once said that my desire to be seen as correct "all the time" was ugly - and, to prove it, she continues to promote the idea that "inaccuracies and distortions" are "what is beautiful and wonderful about human life." Really?

She and her blog partner, Glenn Reynolds, have long engaged in the practice of "punishing with traffic starvation" those they deem unworthy, while appearing to encourage the free flow of ideas and letting water find it's own level. Why? Because power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, nothing more. Their sycophants (and that's what they are) will say nothing, which - just as we saw with Adolf Hitler - allows Althouse and Reynolds not to dare reflect on their behavior. Who cares if they're distorting the flow of information? After all, "inaccuracies and distortions" are "what is beautiful and wonderful about human life," right?

Joeseph Goebbels would be proud.

Isn't it bizarre that The Wall Street Journal's blogger, James Taranto - who was once a seemingly-fair and intelligent man - will now criticize Madonna and Obama but it's left to the supposedly biased FOX News to say "Mitt Romney's Gaffes Are Needlessly Weakening Him"?

Has even an editor for The Wall Street Journal forgotten what being an American stands for?

Like Conor Friedersdorf, I Refuse to Vote for Barack Obama. But I also refuse to stand with those who lie, distort, and mistreat anyone who demands there's a role for truth - not just in our politics but in our lives. For the last four years, we - those of us who make up the right side of the blogosphere - are supposed to have been the citizens of these United States, taking back our nation, by re-affirming the values that made this country great. Well I, for one, see no evidence of that having happened. Instead (since the death of Andrew Breitbart, really) there has been an ugly switch from understanding and utilizing the Left's tactics to - and, the Mormon cult follower, Mitt Romney's nomination can be no better example of this - becoming what they've always hated.

The Stupid Party. The Hypocrite Party. The Magic Party. The Secret's Party. 

I know something about these things.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is TMR, and I am The Crack Emcee.

And I want it to be known, here and now:

This is what I've hated. I've hated it all along. I'll always hate it. And I hate it now more than ever.

All of it.

No matter who's promoting it. 

Mormons Engaged In Voter Fraud For Mitt Romney

They are so attractive, so clean-cut - and so "nice" - but, still, up to no good. Sigh. When will people learn?

Adults, especially, should know appearances aren't everything - didn't we (or some of us at least) just learn that, in the last go 'round, with Obama? And yet - and yet - the Republicans have deemed it necessary to do the exact same things, that rightly pissed them off, in order to win.

Now they, too, are going to manipulate us into raising their cult to power - but they'll just look better doing it? Great. The desire for deception - a Mormon mainstay - is their cowardice manifested. Talk about thinking the voters are stupid.

 Yeah, hide your face, Honey.