Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Right's Delusion They Aren't The Bad Guys Is Over

Most Republican candidates started off saying the flag, and what it represents, was O.K.

The racist apologists on the Right kept their lie going for as long as they could - it's always been the Democrats - while denying what anyone with eyes could see, and (racistly) telling every black person it was we who were crazy, because (*ahem*) Republicans are our real friends:

Don't worry, Folks, I'm still pulling for you all - to get your sanity back one day,...

Conservative Whites Want To Kill ISIS - Want To Go To War Over It - But Want Blacks To "Love" Racist Killers

Just don't ever get mad - or paid - for living with terrorists

It's the hypocrisy Republicans call "healing,..."

Monday, June 22, 2015

The Scientologist And The Mormon Make This So Cool

Because we all know how racially advanced Scientology and Mormonism have been,...

America's Repentance - Explained In Religious Terms

Conservatives, There Is No Wiggle Room For Your Lies

Flying high

The Right insists they aren't the racists - as I've said they are - but three major conservative candidates have been receiving donations from racists, which they're now desperately trying to return:

Just as my conservative "friends" have been trying to ignore why a black guy - who was once willing to really-hear what conservatives had to say - would choose to tell them to kiss his ass,...

A Better Idea, White People: Admit You're Guilty As Sin

Culture is a mothafucka

Ann Althouse and Peggy Noonan think they're being compassionate and/or enlightened by promoting this position:

Forgetting your "place" in racist America has always run two ways

No - fuck that. This is the *perfect time* to talk about this shit - when everybody's feeling what blacks feel - except for the part about whites being crazy homicidal maniacs that blacks have had to live with for hundreds of years. THAT, they're not talking about, at all. And these bitches don't want it to start. Not now, not ever.

We know who you are

Because they can stay ruthlessly insane as long as that's the case,....


Women are just as bad as the men - especially the NewAgers - and, maybe, even worse

I think I've finally found the white guy to be "grateful" for

With a few exceptions, the Right are a pack of liars - claiming it's the Democrats - covering for their racist conservative ideology:

Try harder? Ha! YOU try harder

There's no reason to debate reality further, since they'll only lie more, simply as a knee-jerk reaction,...

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Liberals? Dylann Roof’s Segregation Inspiration Was The Council Of "Conservative" Citizens, So, Hey, BOO!

Congratulations, conservatives - you fooled somebody

It's funny how conservatives scream the racists are Democrats, but the Democrat's racist "White Citizen's Council" has mysteriously morphed into Dylann Roof's buddies: The very-Republican "Council Of Conservative Citizens," so shut-up,...

Rock Lobster: Down, Down, Down,...

How Conservatives Try Dodging The Ideology's Racism

To know, know, know them, is to hate, hate, hate them - and I do

They hide behind political partisanship, as though we don't know it was conservatives all along:

Of course this loser hangs on Althouse (going by the handle "Real American") and so, like many over there, is a fine example of someone trying to sound honest and sane, who can only be revealed to be anything but. Check out Bill Whittle trying the same gambit - which once worked on me:

 I will never forgive him - or the rest of the Right - for the deception,...

There's Nothing Right About The Right (But Righting It)

Out of sight, out of his fucking mind

"I think for most people who are concerned about [pregnancy by rape], it’s in the initial months where they’re most concerned about it.”

- Wisconsin Governor, and potential presidential candidate, Scott Walker

"You Can Believe What You Want To Believe" Is DONE

"If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything" - Malcolm X

I've said this so often - especially on Althouse, where his racism is revered as "art" - I'm surprised I missed this mention:

White America's dam of deception is breaking,...

White Supremacy's Now Over (Thanks To The Internet)

Not "Thanks to Obama," but the internet,...

It's Normal

Come on - whites have done waaay better than nine before

TMR is not dismayed by the horror of life under white supremacy. Not now. Can't be, since it's been made abundantly clear (in a multitude of ways) it's the nation's default. Enforced with vigor. It's the "American Dream" of intransience, and all-out resistance, to reconsidering this as anything to be grateful for:

This white Western world is a land of liars, and we blacks are contoured by their collective betrayal,...

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Black Lives Matter - But Not As Much As White People's

In Other Words: You're All Fucking Nutty As A Snickers

Oh, it does, buddy, it does,....

If We Can't End It, Pay Reparations And We'll Spend It

Since whites are so smart they can't figure out blacks are human beings, it's perfectly normal in 2015 (for whites) to still be arguing over us - while killing us, and exploiting us, and teasing us, and,...  

Right on top of blogging about Utah's insanity, another slave state steps up to racial history's plate:

Can't we just burn this horrible, horrible nightmare of a place to the ground and start over?

BWAAAA-HAHAHA!!!: It Matters Only When He Says It

Ignore Utah's racial history of hatred - and even it's current events - and just pretend he and Mormon country are the good guys. I swear:

Whites spend so much time trying to distract, you almost can't keep up with all the bullshit,...

If Only White's Minds Were As Open As Their Mouths

Because Sarah knows, better than blacks, what dead Civil Rights leaders would think

I see this every time I even glance at the comments on Althouse:

It's just white folks reinforcing each other's history-free racism,...

Friday, June 19, 2015

Bill Maher: "Isn’t Denying Racism a Form of Racism?"

Let Conservatives Talk And The Crazy Shines Through (The Same Crazy They Punish Blacks For Pointing Out)

Try a new Jim Crow scheme - just don't be honest with yourself about being racist and hurting (or making further problems for) blacks 

The Right's "colorblind" bullshit can't withstand reality - or anyone listening to it:

Pack it up, boys and girls, the jig is finally up,...

Please Keep Telling Me Whites Didn't Make Blacks Poor

And terrorised. Whites didn't terrorise us. They never have and they never will. They also never face truth,...

Everyone's Truly On To The Right's Racial Games Now

MLK - right before those claiming to love him, today, shot him in the face

You've got to feel for the Right, because - even by invoking King - they've totally screwed themselves more:

And the worst part: The poor delusional fools are the last to know,...

Jon Stewart's Waiting For Black Reparations (Like I Am)