Sunday, November 30, 2014

Why's The British Press Saying Bill Cosby's Talking?

The Brits say there's a bidding war going on for an interview with Bill Cosby, who presumably wants to clear his name.

True - or some not-so-friendly overseas prodding?

Conservatives Love The Black-On-Black Talking Point Of Comparing Police's Conduct To That Of Gangsters

They seem to think the black-on-black crime meme is pretty effective.

Until it's mentioned police are held to a higher standard than criminals. 

Which was a point - despite Giuliani and other Rightist's ignorance - that's been made, over and over again, since a long time ago:

And, it's only because TV allows idiots to be treated as credible, that we're finding it so "exhausting" to keep doing so,....

Ta-Nehisi Coates Finds Ignorance On Face The Nation

"What did you mean by that?"

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Push Palatable Paradoxes Producing Prejudice People

Scott Walker Has An Answer (For Wisconsin's Racism)

Gee, Crack, Get Out Here With Everybody Else, Huh?

An economy consumed with how to land a sucker punch

I hear John Lennon singing Dear Prudence, as William S. Burroughs repeats the phrase, "a nation of snitches":

Go for it, folks: you're really knocking life out of the park,...

American Experience: Reconstruction: A 2nd Civil War

"Six [negro] men with their children walked off, using the most abusive language,..."

Police Stop A Black Guy - For His Hands In His Pockets

It was "suspicious" - being winter and all - so they got a call,...

White Mom With No Science Background Goes To The Museum: "Does No 1 Really Want 2 Know The Truth?"

"I don't want to hear your stupid theories about how these creatures came from one cell when you can't prove it to me. No one can prove it."

White people. They're so sure they know shit. They're absolutely convinced of their own brilliance, at every turn, and have been for centuries. No one can tell them anything. Instead, they make videos of themselves, telling us how much smarter they are than everybody else. I love their videos. LOVE THEM:

They are the only things that truly make life worth living,...

Joni Mitchell Is Suddenly Found To Have A Dark Side

Joni Mitchell, with my Step-Father, Charles Mingus

Fiercely independent women are few and far between these days. But, when they're heard from at all, they can still depress and confuse these walking smiley faces as readily as any man:

Indicate laughter, here, however you see fit,...

Friday, November 28, 2014

TMR: Still So Ahead Of The Curve Whites Can't See It

That whites think they're the experts on black lives - when most have few black friends - is all I need to dislike them

Scott Walker's Wisconsin (Is A Bad Place To Be Black)

As long as he smiles, everybody's "happy," or so the white folks say

A racist Governor - and his support from an arrogantly oblivious blogging law professor - was enough of a tip-off for me:


"We rate Todd’s statement True."
- PolitiFact

Of course it is, since - as we all know - nobody would lie about these things but blacks,...

Post-Ferguson Funnies: White Girl's Buyer's Remorse

This was just what blacks needed to brighten our day a little,...

A Black Man Calls Out Cosby (On Behalf Of Black Men)

The man said he wanted to talk, specifically to black men, so - let's talk 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Ta-Nehisi Coates And TMR Are Now On The Same Page

A Fair Process? Wilson Washed Blood From His Hands

One black kid down, one to go - no witnesses - no sweat

 - Ann Althouse, joining "close friends of Darren Wilson" in trying to pin a little "colorblind" justice on Michael Brown's friend, Dorian Johnson (above) right after she did a post belittling, both, Ta-Nehisi Coates and President Barack Obama

She only responds to flattery - and Jim is full of it 

 It's not a new thing, Jane asking Jim Crow to dance for white's amusement, though - white's feminism or not - they're still doing that same quick (but graceless) cross-toe step, they insist it'll take decades of black performing "geniuses" to undo:

Later, this became a white guy with his ballcap backwards, wearing oversized shorts and saying "Wassaaaap?" 

 Whites laugh and celebrate the aesthetic injustice, clapping their broken beat that confuses black performers, while perfectly matching the grotesque and cynical movements they prefer onstage:

Jim says TMR's a "hate" site for not standing with those who like this kind of "humor" 

 Somebody says "justice" and the mob roars it's approval, assured by American "law professors" and grand juries alike there's no such thing, and so none need worry: they can party all night - as loudly as they want - under white supremacy, there's nothing to stop them:

Who's watching The Watch Men?

 They'll sway to give thanks for black's lives of misfortune - whether they've "missed fortune" or "miss fortune" brings guffaws - the point being there's nothing funny at all:

Some people simply "don't care" about the company they keep 

Nothing funny about white folks dancing, without any sense of rhythm, to jealously mock blacks for having it - along with a street-level real-world understanding of whites and what makes them tick:

"I don't think like this - I just vote with the guy!"

Sure you're right - him and a whole lot of other people - like crazy white ladies looking for a cheap thrill:

 Rest assured: TMR doesn't assume anything of the kind:

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ta-Nehisi Coates Takes Out Jonathan Chait & Althouse

First came Rudy Giuliani, and now other whites, insisting a racist place taught them morality

- Jonathan Chait, pushing an ahistorical line, November 25, 2014 

The goal of most white writers, when it comes to race, is apparent

- Ann Althouse, who won't open a book, November 26th, 2014

Whites, getting their two cents in: still more important than being informed

- Ta-Nehisi Coates, killing the two dodo birds with one stone, November 26th, 2014

Ann Althouse: Race-Baiting For Her Racist Readership (As Easily As Don Lemon Is Making CNN's Lemonade)

She redefines "smug" AND America's history of racial justice

Getting race wrong (has she ever gotten it right?) is, now, such a daily operation for Ann Althouse, I can fully see what worth the University of Madison finds in her (employing a law professor who can't grasp what few options blacks have is "win-win") when - decades after MLK - we still live in a nation with unjust laws:

He redefines "smug" AND America's history of racial justice, too

But then, it's her example that also makes it possible for me to see what worth CNN finds in employing Donald Dilworth Lemon (a reporter who also can't grasp what few options blacks have) when - decades after MLK - we still live in a nation with unjust laws:

To accuse Jackson of continuing MLK's "race hustle" - without mentioning whites illegally jailed and harassed MLK - works just as Ann's ignorant posts do

Whites said blacks should emulate "America's Dad" - blacks smelt a rat and said "no"

You see - considering America IS a racist place with unjust laws - the worth of these two's "respectable" racial cluelessness is obvious:

"Waiting for whites to grow up" is a better name for this place than the United States

They (and Cosby) can buy time for whites - to "make progress" - which means, of course, black lives can further rot,...until whites learn to process more complex ideas about blacks than currently possible.

Whites will keep saying their racism ended, whenever they say it did, in the meantime

Oh well:

At least we blacks can be "happy" because - between these two multi-racial mental giants - we're now part of our nation's racist's education.

Moral - and otherwise,...

It Helps Whites They Don't Recognize Their Racial Bias

- Slate, November, 14th, 2014

- Darren Wilson's grand jury testimony, November, 26th, 2014

September, 25th, 2014

Black Football Players Mock The White League's Rules

South Central, Los Angeles' Richard Sherman once again shows what a Stanford education reveals:

The world of hypocrisy whites have erected,...

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What I Think (Now That Meade Has TMR A "Hate Site")

TMR obviously needs a better class of white friends - like Stephen Colbert

I swear, call out whites for their racism - even friends - and they'll say just about anything. 

All of America's racism is coming from space apparently

Check out Meade from Althouse:

Oblivious white people - angry to be made aware of themselves - are the worst

Now mind you: that's the only positive mention of Althouse, and integrity, you'll ever see in the history of Ann or her blog. 

To whites, this was always a photo of "lazy" folks who "didn't want to work" - truth!

And Meade knows that, so he's just decided to compound her racism with a little protective layer of his own, since the Althouse blog has an all-white audience over there, that will suck it all up like blood. 

Blacks sense racism like gays use "gaydar"

How do I know? 

Racism manifests itself, for whites, as "normalcy"

Meade's words are out of J. Edgar Hoover's playbook:

Funny: Jon Stewart doesn't regularly say stupid and/or offensively racist shit

It works (on whites) like a charm. But whites always have to watch out, when attacking blacks for telling the truth, because the truth's a really weird needle to thread:

Dissing blacks, in front of an all-white audience, isn't risking much - right now

Only when whites realize they're the problem - and their lies are only one part of it - will we eventually get somewhere, BUT,....

Later, though, the whole thing will be exposed for what it really is

...Making blacks wait, for whites to wise up,...well, since they're actually (and actively) toying with black's lives:

That's a racist act in itself,...