Monday, July 30, 2012

"Walking On Water Wasn't Built In A Day" - Kerouac

So it turns out the very person now trying to sell us on the NewAge idea that "everything is connected" is the same person who tried to sell us on the idea this reality isn't real. Except there's one little problem:

What's actually connecting this hooey is the person doing the selling isn't real him/herself.

Folks, a confused person can only lead you to being confused.

Reality is fine - and we're not all connected.

Just as The Beat Movement was founded by a bunch of macho men who lost their way, leading to our current spiral into oblivion, today's ideological stretching exercises are being led by equally disoriented fools, determined to convince us their issues are ours - by any means necessary.

"Keeping it real" means you follow neither,...

"Are They Allowed To Lie? Here's A Tip: YEEEEES!!!!"

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Symbolism (Today Is Not Our Moment Of Glory)

I wish this wasn't a fitting representation of where we are right now as a nation, but - folks - something's wrong! And everyone's looking around, even glancing at each other, but nobody's stopping the destruction occurring right before their eyes. Not even for the girl's sake.

This is partially why nothing works anymore. Kids who think they can do anything - and the adults who let them. Afraid to establish standards or boundaries. Afraid to be the adults.

 You simply can't win this way,...

There's So Much Disgust (You Can Call Us The Bile Jar)

Why I Don't Drink (Dan Aykroyd's Crystal Head Vodka)

I've posted this before (see the tag) but having run across it again - and hearing Aykroyd spouting his "spiritual" nonsense in the lead-in - I had to do it again.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Clusterfuck: The Inside Story Of The 1972 Olympics

Kevin Macdonald's Academy Award-winning "One Day In September" should be all that's needed to answer the question, "Why won't this year's Olympics be commemorating this tragedy?"

I've Seen What The World Looks Like If Women Ran It

NEWSFLASH: The word "bitch" would NOT be eliminated,...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Crack People/Black People/Wack People (An Overview)

WARNING to new TMR readers: 

This BLOG might cause mental problems. 
Do not be alarmed - they'll end when the world does.

Dramatic moment [the ship I served on] is sunk by torpedo from Australian submarine

And so it begins: One in ten employers already saying they’ll drop health coverage 

CBO to employers: Obamacare has $4B more in taxes than expected 

 Mike Bloomberg’s Suicide Cult

Hollande to French Business: The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves 

Students run rampage in homeopathy college 

 Supreme Court stays order on electro homeopathy

‘Deinstitutionalization’: Mass Murder and Untreated Madness 

 Women Lazier Than Men, Global Survey Finds 

Crafty Ex-Wife Puts Home On Market,
Broadcasts Husband’s Affair To Entire Neighborhood
“'Tatay' is just being affectionate to the female cult members."

After denying Scientology diet product link, Kirstie Alley gets hit with lawsuit 

The Master Screenplay: Scientology History from Several Different Eras Skillfully Woven Together

Scientology: Don’t Let Tom Cruise and John Travolta’s Membership Fool You 

'I saw file on Van and Beatle George'

They wanted me to tell them lurid details of my sex life -- then they told me to talk to an ashtray

Germany Treats Scientology as a Threat to Democracy. The U.S. Should Too.

AS GOOD AS THE REAL THING: Random Deepak Chopra Quote Generator 

Messiah personalities behind deviant groups 

Lunch with a Sociopath 

Confessions of an Ex-Mormon 

Mom With Alleged Cult Ties Starves 8-Year-Old Daughter To Death?

'Charlotte the Harlot' lured two men home on promise of sex to murder husband for £1 million

Kristen Stewart issues grovelling apology to Robert Pattinson over affair with married director 

Bountiful remains a festering problem 

How one million of us have a secret credit card to hide lavish purchases from our other half

'The Big Con': If You Can't Avoid It, Avenge It 

From the French Revolution to Occupy Wall Street: 'Dark Knight Rises' tackles collapse of civilization  

Notorious Pervert Suspected In Walmart Toe Suck 

Divorce lawyer took 150 explicit photos of his wife performing sex acts and in bondage gear
(and she now faces losing her job as a judge

Sweet 16 foam party descends into drug and alcohol fuelled orgy

Ice-T Defends Gun Rights: "The Last Form Of Defense Against Tyranny"
(TMR readers have been taken down Rap music's Second Amendment Road, before,...who says this blog doesn't provide a service?) 

Aurora victim’s brother to MSNBC host: Why, no, I don’t want to talk about gun control 

The Chickens and the Bulls: The rise and incredible fall of a vicious extortion ring that preyed on prominent gay men in the 1960s 

“99 Problems” and the Fourth Amendment: What the Jay-Z Song can teach us about the Constitution.

Ms Melodie Dead: Rapper Of Boogie Down Productions Dies

 "Well I tell them there's no problems/only solutions" 
Creative "solutions," innovative "solutions," intelligent "solutions,…" 
Aren't you guys catching on by now? 
George W. Bush gets Hollywood love 
Native Americans arrived to find natives already there,…
City hopes cameras will deter gang activity in South L.A. park 
City of Compton may declare bankruptcy by September: officials 
Twitter-happy ticket-holder kicked out of concert for nasty comment about nerd core rapper 
Noriichi - Jazzdrive#17: Re-think Radio
Dial 1-800-MY-GURU

“Consider . . . the famous carbon footprint that we all leave behind us. What is it, after all, if not the gaseous equivalent of original sin, of the stain that we inflict on our Mother Gaia by the simple fact of being present and breathing?”
A chiropractor strikes back at the Institute for Science in Medicine…again 
Consulting Dr. Google is rarely a good idea. Here's why 
'The Obama Effect' Trailer: Hopeless Messiah Worship
 US cancer victim uses obituary to confess sins 

 Rielle Hunter's book tour about affair with John Edwards comes to an end after just 6,000 copies are sold 

Polygamy's Patriarchy-Poisoned Bloodline: The Genetic Catastrophe That Has Sprung from Joseph Smith's "Divine" Breeding Program. of Mormon Mutation . . . 

Romney's mystery bundlers hiding in plain sight 

WHY IS WHOOPING COUGH raging in Utah? 

 The Real Class Warfare is Baby Boomers Vs. Younger Americans
Rob Schneider on California Bill AB 2109: The latest celebrity antivaccinationist to make a fool of himself
 Gwyneth Paltrow's New $425 GOOP Cleanse 'A Waste Of Time And Money,' Say Doctors 

Kirsty Cox and Anna Jones: Lesbian mothers fall out with sperm donor father
NewAge cults - different names, same beliefs 
Almost all NewAge cults push yoga 
Almost all NewAge cults, including Mormonism, push "alternative" medicine 
Almost all NewAge cults mix and match beliefs, for instance Mormonism is a miss-mash of the major religions with some Joseph Smith inspired hooey thrown in ("reform" Egyptian) while Scientology claims you can be of a major religion while still being a Scientologist, and other NewAge cults grab from all the majors plus Eastern religions. 
NewAger Rielle Hunter and John Edwards - “till death do us part and probably beyond,” 
Mitt and Ann Romney - "spiritually" married even after death 
Scientology - L. Ron Hubbard, liar and fraud, infiltrated the I.R.S. and died running from the law 
Mormonism - Joseph Smith, liar and fraud, tried to take over the government and died in custody 
Scientology - lied to get tax exempt status 
Mormonism - lied to get tax exempt status and Utah declared a state
Alice Van Ness, Yoga Teacher, Fired From Job At Facebook Over Smartphone Ban 
The 4 Weirdest Lessons '80s Movies Really Wanted to Teach Us: 
#3. Self-Esteem Comes from Magical Powers

Crowbar-wielding 'Jesus' threatens 'Antichrist' neighbor in Florida
Catholic nun 'sent envelopes containing white powder' to parliamentary figures 
Da Vinci reincarnated? 'I agree, it sounds absurd'

For the First Time, Canadians Now Richer Than Americans

Veterans administration is hopelessly broken 

Caught up in the cult of cults 

Cargo Cults Have Been Eating People 

Oprah Winfrey draws fire in India over remark about whether people 'still eat with their hands' 

Americans' Concerns About Obesity Soar, Surpass Smoking 

Prick the Bubbles, Pass the Mantle: Hitchens as Orwell’s Successor 

Justin Trottier, dedicated atheist, explains why blind faith can also be crippling 

Congregation Remembers Pastor Who Collapsed, Died After Sermon 

Random Thoughts - Thomas Sowell

Another "World According To Glenn Reynolds" Update:

Democrats registering the dead in Virginia? 


 Mormons baptizing the dead in Utah? 


Repeat After Me: Bad Rave Music = Bad Idea

George Jefferson Shows How Science Beats Religion

I saw this on Ann Althouse's blog, where she was announcing Sherman Hemsley's death, but immediately got fascinated by the Devil's NewAge lingo ("I think we're really connecting here in a positive way. And I'd like to cut through all of that victim/demon negative imaging, you know what I mean?") which is exactly how The Dark Lord would talk if he existed - using vaguely open-ended, thought-stopping language designed to put the "open-minded" at ease while he screws them. That's how NewAgers operate anyway:

Telling us to think only positive thoughts - not the consequences of dealing with evil. 

 Needless to say, I'm having this same conversation daily,...

I'm Keeping Score (In The "Spirituality" Olympics,...)

So let's see: 

I warned you Rebecca Brooks and her sleazy husband are NewAgers, and now they're charged in England's phone hacking scandal.

I also predicted bad things once Newsweek was sold to yoga master (and former California politician) Jane Harmon - and now it's going digital only in what Drudge is calling "the death of print."

But I'm wrong about Romney and the Mormons? We'll see. I keep telling you cultism's a great clue to everything - because it touches everything - and, alas, it ultimately destroys everything it touches.

BTW - for the billionth time - we wouldn't have to witness the death of print (or journalism) if the editorial boards would simply report on NewAge accurately. There's a great story here - how the West has been fooled into killing itself - that could easily fuel sales into the next century. But it will never happen, because it requires those same editorial boards to out themselves as complicit in the deception, and they'll never do that.

So it may be the death of print after all,...

I'm So Phat (And The Evidence Against Me Is So Thin,...)

Ha! Ann Althouse has discovered the NewAger's "lowly disgust for citizens with obesity and an irrational fear that the overweight are intruding on the rest of us and draining us of our wealth" - a subject I've covered for years.

Ann HATES when I point out my "firsts" - and, more importantly, the fact she didn't climb onboard when I said them merely because (shockingly) they made good sense.

I always wonder why she doesn't see these things when I say them - it's ALWAYS got to be her or some "authority." (Do I challenge her on the constitution?) I mean, as long as I've hung out on her blog, I've told her she's trapped in a NewAge Nazi cult, so why is she surprised, now, that believers would find "the Auschwitz look" appealing? (There was lots of Nazi/prisoner sex going on in those camps,...)

Today, if you look like you have even a smidgen of "meat on your bones" you're labeled obese by the cultists. I've also pointed out on Ann's blog how NewAgers love to blame the victim  - but people go for it, forming lovable mobs of "nice" torturers chanting the silly Hitler Youth slogan "Mind/Body/Spirit" at whoever doesn't go along.

Penn & Teller even got in on the act,...for a while:

Oh yeah - about that "irrational fear" Ann wrote about? I wonder if Meade will ever reverse his opinion on who's suffering from it, now that his lady's noticed it ain't the likes of me?

Destroying Happiness (Over A Stupid Idea Of Love,...)

I like how this article makes clear that things can be destroyed for wrong reasons - and the good guys made to be the enemy - all because cultists are "stuck on stupid" and can get lots of public back-up for their stubbornness:
The differences between any area of conventional and alternative medicine are diverse and profound.

Take neurology, for instance: here we have an organ-system, anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, aetiology and nosology all related more or less specifically to this field and that are all based on sound knowledge and rigorous science, as well as substantial evidence. None of this knowledge, science and evidence is static, but each has evolved and can be predicted to do so in future. What we knew about any neurological phenomenon 50 years ago, for example, was dramatically different from what we know today. All of this scientific discovery links up with the knowledge gathered in other areas of medicine to generate a more or less complete bigger picture.

In alternative medicine or any single branch thereof, we have no specific organ-system, anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, aetiology or nosology that is based on scientific discovery.

We also have few notions that are transferable from one branch of alternative medicine to another – on the contrary, the notions of homeopathy, for example, are in overt contradiction to those of acupuncture which, in turn, are out of sync with those of reflexology, aromatherapy and Reiki.

Instead, each branch of alternative medicine has its own axioms that are largely detached from reality or, indeed, from the axioms of other branches of alternative medicine.

In acupuncture, for instance, we have concepts such as yin and yang, life energies, meridians and acupuncture points, all of which fly in the face of science. Moreover, there is hardly any development these of concepts, which renders them akin to dogmas, and there is little evidence that the combination of all the branches of alternative medicine would add up to provide a sensible ‘bigger picture’.

If a scientist were to instill scientific, critical, progressive thought in a field like neurology, they would be greeted with open arms among many like-minded researchers who all pursue the aim of advancing their field and contributing to the knowledge base by overturning wrong assumptions and discovering new truths.
On the other hand, if researchers were to spend their time trying to back up dodgy concepts or bogus treatments, they would most likely not be appreciated by the majority of the experts working in this field.

By contrast, if someone wanted to evaluate homeopathy, acupuncture or other alternative therapies in a rigorous and critical fashion, they would inevitably discover that many of the concepts are highly questionable, based on wishful thinking or beliefs that are so strongly held that doubting them is tantamount to a sacrilege.
If this scientist nonetheless exposed these deficits to the world or conducted research that predictably fails to confirm what wishful thinkers had assumed, they would not make many friends among the proponents of alternative medicine.

If this scientist dedicated decades of hard work to these tasks, that person would become a thorn in the flesh of believers. Instead of welcoming the scientist with open arms, some disappointed enthusiasts of alternative treatments might even pay for defaming them.

On the other hand, if researchers merely tried to confirm the implausible assumptions of alternative medicine, they might well become the celebrated ‘heroes’ of this field.
Yep, so I'm regularly framed to be the bad guy - because I'm not willing to give-in to nonsense and, since I usually stand alone, I'm angry about it being pushed on us - while those indulging in quackery have all the friends in the world because they're always so "nice" about spreading misinformation in a culture/atmosphere that's (somehow) friendly to insane claims.

Divorce is inevitable,...

Monday, July 23, 2012

Am I Going Out On A Limb Here? (I Don't THINK So,...)

Example One:
[Lawyer] Joseph Cordell, the co-founder of Cordell & Cordell, said women may also resort to a tactic few men employ: accusations of domestic violence. “It could be as little as a shove or a raised voice,” said Mr. Cordell.

Example Two:
One Universal Medicine student, Tamara, objected to the claim that it was a cult, saying she had reclaimed her life from an abusive relationship rather than losing herself to a cult.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Slow Learners (Slow Cooked To Perfection,...)

Can anybody give me a good reason how this headline can exist - 21 people treated for burns after firewalk at Tony Robbins appearance - while this award-winning television program is on the air?

Or, asked another way, how have so many people not gotten the memo on Tony Robbins and firewalking yet? Then again, I guess we ARE talking about NewAgers:

Twenty of them couldn't even immediately figure out fire-is-hot, after the first rube got burned.

Poor babies.
"It's mercy, compassion, and forgiveness I lack - not rationality."
- Black Mamba, Kill Bill, Vol. 1