Monday, November 25, 2019

When "Irony" Means You're Dead

The inventor of the Nerf football was a kicker for the Vikings who became a chiropractor.

He was being treated for a sore leg - which is precisely what NERF footballs were invented to prevent.

No Reasoning: Crack Is Back

You read it. She said it. Give credit. Let's go:

Facebook canceled me - temporarily, I think - but I'm making it permanent. The whole idea of an unseen cult member, thinking I'm beyond the pale, is enough for me to say that's *maybe* not the best platform. YMMV.

I mostly used Facebook to comment on current events, and I can do that here, so who needs it? All I have to wonder, now, is if anybody else, beyond friends, can handle me - and in long form?

Like, I said "cult member" (in this case) because "Facebook" seems to be home to virtue-signaling wannabe fascists (both behind the scenes and a lot of the users). Sorry, but there it is, in my own words. Is that too much? For Facebook, definitely. But not for The Macho Response. That's plain English.

Started back around 2005 (not 2007 as the archives indicate) this blog has covered a lot of topics that have found resonance in the era we're living through now, cultism being the most obvious. There's even a tag for it. So I say cultists. There's no reasoning with cultists, as evidenced by how Facebook cancels users - without explanation.

As I said, I've been hip to their game, for a long time. I've actually been intimate with every major progressive cult idea long before they became part of the larger culture - #MeToo's cries of "Believe Me!" or the Democrat Party's love for bogus "spiritual" mediums like Marianne Williamson - so my fun, today, is mostly in getting to watch the rest of you endure it, in my experience's wake.

Needless today, "STOP" is still not in the left's vocabulary, as it is the right's (It was William F. Buckley, Jr. who famously said a conservative stands athwart history yelling 'stop') so they will continue on - fired up and ready to go! - towards the political cliff that's inevitably waiting for them, blinded by their own narcissism.

It's fitting, and less regretable by the day, as everything - today - seems to be. And that's all I'm going to say about that.