Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Don't Know What This Means

Girls Just Wanna Act Dumb (Really, Some Do)

Madonna's weird Kabbalah demands broke up her marriage to Guy Ritchie, and now it looks like they're breaking up whatever she's got going on with Jesus Luz. When will she learn?

Don't no man want no crazy Kabbalah bitch.

Novelist Anne Rice is leaving Christianity. As far as I know, didn't one Christian on the planet know she shared their faith, so they also don't care if she leaves. When will she learn?

Don't no Christian want no crazy vampire bitch.

Shirley Sherrod now says she's going to sue Andrew Breitbart because, let's face it, she's pissed about whatever happened to her that nobody can really explain. When will she learn?

Don't no court want to hear from no crazy unrepentant racist bitch.

And Cyndi Lauper is still suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome, anti-Christian bias, and who knows what else she got from Rosie O'Donnell. When will she learn?

Don't nobody want to hear from no crazy bitches, period.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Chuckles The Clown Admits He's In On The Joke

England's NewAge goof, Prince Charles, has now confessed he (arrogantly) thinks he's supposed to "save the world".

Isn't it apparent to everyone, by now, that this mantra (along with other familiar lines like someone being "the love of my life" or "on the path") is shared with every cult on the planet?
"Far, far down the High Street, long past where Oxford’s golden spires give way to neon strip malls, you come to a dense residential zone of tidy town houses, row upon row. In one of these, in a small room, a woman sits immobile in a chair.

She has been held prisoner in this room for days. Eight? Ten? Hard to keep track, when they won’t let you sleep. In shifts, day and night, her captors take turns berating her:

We know you know the number.

You have to tell us.

Why won’t you tell us?

The woman is 58 years old. Not long ago she was the mistress of a château near Bordeaux—elegant, soignée, an aristocrat.

Now she is fed a single meal each day. She is not allowed to bathe or use the bathroom. She is drugged, and sometimes she is beaten.

The captors include members of her own family. They say she knows the number because she is The One—the possessor of knowledge that will free her and the rest of them to fulfill their destiny. They want the number of a bank account in Brussels that will lead them to a secret that will save the world."
Sure. "The One". (I've heard that before somewhere,...) It's all just an astounding display of (and the picture, above, is perfect for showing it) stupidity and arrogance.

Along with all the other supposed enlightened "chosen ones". You know them by thier language. It's the language of "spiritual" people, and celebrities, like Sheryl Crow, and Sting, and Oprah, and every other NewAge fan of homeopathy/environmentalism/psychics/yoga - and who knows what else - once they get too full of themselves.

Don't you guys understand that when someone's indoctrinated into a cult they adopt language to indicate who's in and who's out?

Yoga people don't do stretches - they do "asanas", right?

If you don't like Scientology, you're an "SP" (suppressive person), correct?
These people don't just "talk", they repeat the lines they've been fed because they are devoid of their own minds, literally, of imagination itself.

That's why they need gurus, "life coaches", and/or someone else to follow.

Listen to their language. [click image to enlarge.]

Then you'll know who's actually screwing things up for the planet.

And for everyone else.

Thanks, Journalists (For What We Don't Know)

Have you ever noticed how many articles you can read that will never say the word "cult" but will say all this:
"Kim Il-sung, whose uncle was a Christian minister in pre-communist days, banned Bibles, closed churches and turned himself into a divinity. Government newspapers described miracles. A turbulent sea suddenly grew calm when sailors sang hymns to him. When he attended a meeting in the demilitarized zone, a mysterious fog descended, saving him from potential assassination by South Korean snipers. At the birth of his son, Kim Jong-il, a radiant star illuminated the sky.

Efficient, relentless brainwashing worked."
It's like they want you to think "cult", but don't want to say it themselves. Why the reluctance? Because, after 40+ years of operation in America, the cults (like Scientology and The Landmark Forum) have got everyone so cowed that, if you even say the word "cult", it's just assumed you're crazy.

There are no cults, you see, just a bunch of really secretive groups that are compelled - compelled, damn you! - to "save the planet". Or help you to "reach your full potential" (whatever that's supposed to mean) for a price.

Anything but leaving the rest of us alone.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Links For Chinks (So They Thinks That I'm Cool)

I know, I know - that title is so wrong - but I got this *sweet* picture of the baby, and not much else, so sue me.

O.K., the stereo's going tonight - bump that shit while you reads - even if you ain't Chinese:

Yoga people - this is how you really stretch - without all the funny words, spiritual bullshit, and cultism.

American women - this is how French women stay so fit - and here you were thinking it was some special diet.

U.F.O. nuts - that face on Mars? - didn't you forget we're already on Mars?

Hey, California - you're fucking nutty - and gullible as all-get-out.

Hell, yea - I'm a conservative - now make a donation so I know if you like the crazy music/crazy link format better:
Ain't only libs that get down!

You Stand Watch: I'm Taking Care Of The Rest

Hey - I'm here today (I'm out of work, where else would I be?) but my music software got corrupted overnight, somehow, so I've got to spend a bit of time backing up my stuff before I can do much else. Sorry - can't be helped.

I've put some of the more neglected tags at the bottom of this post so, if you want, you can amuse yourselves with some of the less-seen items/topics until I get started again - and just keep clicking from there. I won't be too long:

I'll be putting something new up between each stage of the operation.

Have fun!



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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some Men Are As Fake As A Woman In Make-Up

This is definitely one of those speak-for-yourself situations:
"Lying for sex. It happens all the time.

Yet a married Palestinian man has been ordered jailed for 18 months for having sex with an Israeli woman after giving her the impression he too was Jewish, as well as single and interested in a relationship.

His conviction of 'rape by deception' has drawn charges of racism and questions about whether courts should be delving into this fraught topic.

Saber Qashor, a 30-year-old father of two, says he was approached by the woman in September 2008 on a downtown Jerusalem street where he had parked his motorcycle, and introduced himself as 'Dudu,' a common Israeli Jewish nickname.

Within half an hour they were having sex in a Jerusalem office building stairwell.

After nearly two months, he was arrested and told the woman had accused him of forcible rape. Last week, he was sentenced to prison and fined 10,000 shekels ($2,500) for 'rape by deception,' an offense that may be unique to the Israeli legal code.

Rape by deception was written into the law to protect women from sexual predators, but some argue that Qashor's act doesn't count — that he was simply doing what so many men and women do for sex."
If you've got to lie for sex, you ain't shit. Either get some game, or get the fuck out of the way and let an adult handle shit, loser.

I swear, some people don't know how to do anything right,...

Gaze Upon That Which You Will Never See Again (After The Coming Election On November 12th)

I almost forgot to tell you:

The Hill has our capital's 50 Most Beautiful People up today. Along with the crazy "raw foodist, bikram yogi" nut Republican, see if you can stand to be in the presence of such outstanding examples of humanity without giving up your lunch. Here's a sample of what you'll find:

"9. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.: Still beautiful

Age: 45

Hometown: Chicago

Political party: Democratic

Relationship status: Married

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. recently read Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now. The lessons he took from it?

'The past is gone … live in the moment,' Jackson says.

Jackson’s now: He is the co-chairman of the House Members’ Wellness Center and has ushered in sweeping changes. Jackson, a fitness nut, converted one of the gym’s racquetball courts into a space dedicated to martial arts, yoga, Pilates and the P90X exercise program popular with several lawmakers. (Changes were funded by members’ dues, not by taxpayers’, he’s careful to point out.) He donated a blender and juicer so members can whip up protein shakes and other post-workout meals. And he wanders through the members-only space in the mornings to make sure his fellow lawmakers are happy and taking care of their health."
Got that? Jesse Jackson's kid (who looks like a burn victim to me) is another Oprah Winfrey-inspired cultish government "fitness nut" who does yoga while he brainlessly "wanders through the members-only space" spouting NewAge nonsense about "living in the moment". (Which of course means his zombie ass will screw you over, without a care, because that was in "the past",...) Just what we need to get Washington's house in order:

Someone with their priorities straight - who clearly understands why they're there.

Good Lord, these cultists are a disappointment. Now, please, excuse me while I go barf,...

One More Time (For Old Times Sake)

Ahh yes, former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean, proven (once again) he's a jackass and a liar - the very qualities that made him a *perfect* leader of the Left during the Bush years - willing to spread any falsehood that leaps into that totally delusional ever-burning yee-haw brain of his, and all because his super-gullible pea-brained "progressive" supporters will believe anything he says - anything! - as long as it starts with the words FOX News.

Tell me, people: how would the Bush years have gone if the "progressives" had known (or cared) about the truth? Would we have heard, repeatedly, that it was Dick Cheney and/or Scooter Libby (either one would do for this particular lie) that leaked Valerie Plames' name to the press - when it was really a Democrat?

Oh, never mind. They're too stupid to care. Integrity means nothing to them. And I've been down this road too many times before.

They've got their black version of Bozo in office, and we're all suffering now, and really - really - isn't that all that matters?

Hat Tip: NewsBusters

Our Right-Wing Scalliwag Is The "Most Honest"

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This One's A Great Start (Now Let's Get It Going)

14 Weeks from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.

First Homeopathy, Now This: The U.K.'s Fucked

You can read this bullshit for yourself, but I'd like to say, when your countrymen can't tell if you're being patriotic or not, you're doing it wrong:
'I'm not talking Britain down', Cameron insists, after claiming we should show India humility.
Yea, sure, you fucking puss - you've obviously learned nothing, because we've seen this all before:

Hey, England:

Welcome to your next generation of the new Barmy Army,...

I'm Just Askin' (Is It That Hard To Understand?)

The Rev. Ted Haggard - who told the world he was "a deceiver and a liar" - has gone back to preaching about God.

Doesn't anyone understand he's, not only delusional but, "a deceiver and a liar"?

Some faith-healing parents, whose daughter was taken into protective custody after they let a huge growth over the baby's left eye go unattended, are fighting to get their daughter back. This is the second marriage for the father, whose first wife died of cancer, after she and her husband refused medical treatment.

Doesn't anyone understand this man is, not only delusional but, "a deceiver and a liar"?

A woman was trying to promote vegetarianism, by wearing a gown made of lettuce leaves, but, instead, got herself arrested.

Doesn't anyone understand she's, not only delusional but, "a deceiver and a liar"?


If you ask me - and nobody did - the time is right to bring back The Funny Farm.

What do you think?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Turn The Crank (That's Making A Big Donation)

I'm a crank. I've been told that, and I'm treated that way, both online and off. For instance, I've seen so many parallels between our politics and Homeopathy, and for so long, there's no way anyone can take me seriously, right?

It's just a crazy idea.

And then there's my refusal to worship women - only a macho freak would hold such a position with all these vastly superior goddesses walking the Earth.

Sorry, but this one's so good I've got to ruin my own joke:
"According to new research unveiled this month, women were far more involved in the atrocities committed during the Holocaust than previously thought. Wendy Lower, an American historian living in Munich, uncovered that thousands of German women ('a conservative estimate') willingly went out to the Nazi-occupied eastern territories to take part in the 'war effort,' otherwise known as genocide.

This news is disturbing, to be sure, but it's also not surprising. Anyone who reacts with shock to the reality that women have the capacity to be immoral, malicious, and violent -- just like the guys -- hasn't paid enough attention in history class, much less to the nightly news.

...Women the world over, especially self-proclaimed feminists, must own the truth about our gender's capacity for violence if we are ever going to be effective in combating it. With our recent past of cowboy presidents and reckless money men, it's tempting to sit smugly in our stitch 'n bitch circles and surmise that if we were in charge, we would never do what they have done.

Bitch Magazine co-founder Lisa Jervis wrote of this tendency in her powerfully original 2005 piece, 'If Women Ruled the World, Nothing Would be Different.' She describe a disturbing rise in 'femmenism,' in which all women, just by virtue of being female, are to be elevated and glorified. Instead of focusing on gender, as radical feminists should, she argues, feminists have become obsessed with women. This, she writes, 'causes sloppy thinking, intellectual dishonesty, and massive strategic errors.'"
Come now. "Sloppy thinking, intellectual dishonesty, and massive strategic errors"? You mean the kind that could turn a man off so much he'll never again worship another woman?

Gee, I never would've guessed.

It must be my fault.

Only a crank would do something like that.

And, then, there's the discussion on race so many want, so desperately, to have. I've been against it for so long I must be insane. Only a crazy man would be against focusing on race, now, right? It's so important compared to everything else on our plates.

Yea, I guess, I can see why it's a good thing no one listens to a macho blog run by an acknowledged crank:

All the smart folks have got us covered, but good.