Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Hit Me Where The Wind Blows: Platforming Is Everything (But Significant Art)


 Unlike a lot of people, today, I've never judged work on the size of the artist's audience. Taylor Swift may be huge, but I've never been able to recognize her songs, after all the years she's been in the public eye. And that's after making an effort to actually listen to her. I still can't do it. That's how good she is: She's so good that - even after making an effort to get to know her work - I still couldn't identify one of her songs, now, to save my life. Just as she doesn't know mine. The difference being that I don't do marketing, so mine aren't likely to ever be on constant rotation anywhere. 

 And now we have Ben Shapiro's "Facts"


 The size of Shapiro's audience, and the concerted effort they'll make to insure his song's success, should push it skyward, whether it's deserving or not (I couldn't finish his verse, much less the song, so can't say it has much merit, except according to the shallow parameters of today's New Age culture). What they can't do is make it important enough to be part of what's known as "The Canon," and - as long as that's the case - then, as Freddie Mercury once sang, it doesn't really matter. Not to me anyway. "Facts" prompted at least one person to call me, just to say they liked my old Trump songs better, so that's my commentary on it. And that's enough:

Nobody calls me anymore.

Monday, January 29, 2024

Zionism Is Just Another Wacky Belief System


 Bijou Phillips parties in LA after quitting Scientology - as rapist ex-husband Danny Masterson's request for bail is DENIED 'because he has no wife to go home to


 Causes and consequences of quack medicine: a review of global experience 


 Super Bowl logo conspiracy theory officially debunked by Ravens’ loss 


Friday, January 26, 2024

White Supremacist Colonialists Have Atheists Refereeing Religious Fanaticism

FACT: If someone's willing to commit genocide, but you're not, then you lose. 


FACT: Zionists insist Palestinians are worthless, so can live in any country. They also insist, just as fervently, that Zionists are so great, they can only live in Palestine.

Theodore Herzl Ain't The Only Jew I Never Heard Of

"Zionism has always seemed to me to be a mischievous political creed, seems to be inconceivable,...that Mr. Balfour should be authorized to say [what] Palestine was to be reconstituted as,...that Mahommedans and Christians are to make way for the Jews and that the Jews should be put in all positions of preference and should be peculiarly associated with Palestine in the same way that England is with the English or France with the French, that Turks and other Mahommedans in Palestine will be regarded as foreigners,...Perhaps also citizenship must be granted only as a result of a religious test,...there is not a Jewish nation,...there are three times as many Jews in the world as could possible get into Palestine if you drove out all the population that remains there now. So that only one-third will get back at the most, and what will happen to the remainder?" 

That Black Mark (Next To Your Name)

Claudine Gay gave the right answer the wrong way, while Canada's spokesperson gave the wrong answer the wrong way, but only Gay's out of a job. 


So, we've got protestors outside the White House, staffers quitting in droves, no hostages released, and the trial at the ICJ was blocked, both in the US, here, and in the UK, lest anyone get the idea there might be a genocide occurring. Oh, and today, there was another terrorist attack in Israel, and the war is spreading. A Recap of Goals, after 100 days: 

1. No hostages are released. 2. Hamas is not only not defeated, but even more supported than ever. 3. The Palestinians aren't going anywhere. 

And, if in two weeks the International Court of Justice rules as most expect it will - even with the US in control of it - America, too, will be labeled as a terrorist state, alongside the Nazi-like Zionists in the west's aircraft of white supremacy. 

 I'll be sure to stop by and gloat when that happens, like I was Kat Williams and this was Club Shay Shay. 

 Look forward to it. 

  - The Crack Emcee, January 15, 2024, on the Althouse blog, where they're so politically astute, they can't even spot a genocide as it's happening.

Lost: Surviving The NewAge

"I'm sure, in time, history will reward [George W. Bush]...Hell, I'm as sure of that as I am my own friggin' name.

Look at the date: 2008 was 8 years before the Washington Post saw the photo, above, and thought "it may come as a surprise to many" that a Democrat would be caught dead hugging George W. Bush. And why wouldn't they write that, when - even as I'm blogging in 2024 - the vast majority of their readers, if not the country and the world, are still angry at W., because the media do such a good job of convincing Americans to "believe" in narratives - like there were no WMD found in Iraq:
“I love it when I hear, ‘Oh there weren’t any chemical weapons in Iraq,’ ” [Jarrod L. Taylor, a former Army sergeant] said. “There were plenty.”


Of course there were: we sold them to Saddam (DUH). I know what I know: Narratives are the crimes of our times. Starting with the "spiritual" machinations of an uber-rapey, Epstein Island-dwelling Bill Clinton, we've not only been living in an age punctuated by Hillary Clinton's lies and conspiracy theories (presumably for the rest of our lives) while surrounded by the pushing and buying of worthless homeopathic medicines, "pointless" CBD crap, useless cold medicines, outlandish breathwork seminars (also popularized by Hillary Clinton), corporate Wellness programs, criminal psychics, delusional reiki healers, and Aaron Rodgers, but it's a time that no longer actively illuminates reality

We haven't been made wary of being lied to, political parties, spiritual movements, or being swept away by media, as we we were warned to do in the '70s, after Harvey Milk stole his election with the help of Jim Jones and his People's Temple cult. We're now a society serving those purposes, and made ripe for deception, by our own deceptions. By always moving so fast, the world is now convinced the truth, too, is a moving target. 

But how is anyone supposed to live in a pile of shit, once they can can see it's shit, as a world filled with multitudes of, almost unidentifiable, NewAge cultists - who are incapable of learning from mistakes - and almost always retaliate against exposure? (Watch any Netflix doc on cults and tell me I'm wrong.) It's damn near impossible.


TMR extols Atheism. Not pretending to see what's not there, but seeing what is, and betting you can't then forget it, or look away. For instance, instead of King Charles being in the hospital for his prostate treatment - after he's been such a big fan of homeopathy all these years, promoting it to his subjects and the world for decades - shouldn't he be compelled to rely on it now? Shouldn't it be expected? As an example to us all, of the King as a man of integrity? He has a Royal Homeopath

Come on. The monarchy is as dead as he'd be. And no one will force him to change his tune. But, you can bet, somebody already wants to kill me. And THAT'S the point: Bill Ackman is not alone


Words are violence. Everything happens for a reason. Karma. These are reasons we can lose employment today. There's simply no way to live, unless you're rich enough to be ignored or endure it. Not when nonsense has erected such a formidable, world-wide support system, that people groan when they hear the truth. Friendships are destroyed. Immoral persecutions. People have died.


 Free Palestine.

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Last Of A Kind


 Israel's case at the ICJ: An armed conflict where only one side is allowed to fight 


 ‘That’s not Jesus’: LDS artists team up to challenge the image of a white Christ 


 Melanie, Singer Who Made "Brand New Key”, Dies at 76

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

People Really Know How To Hurt You


 Audio recording reveals senior Republican figure tried to bribe Kari Lake not to run for Senate 


 Kenyan cult leader charged after hundreds of corpses found in forest 


 Why do Americans have a cultish devotion to cults?

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Answering The Big Questions

If you don't know,... 


 ... now you know.

An Inability To Spot A Palestinian Genocide (Is But The Latest Example)


 That "Workplace Wellness Programs Have Little Benefit" is so screamingly obvious that this blog has stopped trying to make the point. Or any point, really. 


Some have noticed commentary has become rare around here, but it's rare because talk's become almost pointless once the NewAge settled in. No good can come from it. And one way that manifests itself, clearly, is in how little makes sense. As Katt Williams famously said (in his Christian vernacular) "Satan can't create anything, and that includes good for his people." Any least, not if they confused all-the-time.

And these fools be confuuuused...

Thursday, January 11, 2024

The Laugh Ain't Laughing The Math Ain't Mathing


 Israel faces genocide charges at World Court; Gazans return to wasteland 


 Welcome to Harvard, where you can spend $317,800 to learn about 'queering the world,' threesome dating apps 


 Extremist Jewish teens secretly ‘hired migrants’ to dig covert Brooklyn synagogue tunnel ‘Shawshank’-style 




 Online cult recruitment the new normal

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Reparations For Sex Offenders In Gaza


 Another study confirms acupuncture to be a theatrical placebo 


 Ex-psychic warns Fox News pushing 'demonic agenda' by airing divination during primetime 


 3 Red Flags “Don’t Worry Darling” Exposes About Narcissistic Cults In Love, Family, And Work

From The River To The Sea Vs. A Land Without A People For A People Without A Land - Is The Propaganda Of The Palestinians Worse Than That Of The Zionists?


 Not that I looked at it before, but I can now see the Zionist's erasure of the Palestinian people, embedded in the lying slogan, "A Land Without A People For A People Without A Land." Piling on the Palestinians for saying "From The River To The Sea" - after that unprovoked insult - is yet another insult they seem expected to bear, when Zionist history, properly examined, insults reason. 


 Prior to October 7, like most people raised on Holocaust movies, I didn't give a lot of thought to the morality of Israel's creation. I was told it was right, and assumed that, what I'd been told, was correct. The idea Palestinians had been ruthlessly taken advantage of, right from the start, never occurred to me. Neither did the Zionist's twisted Founder's just-as-twisted scheme, to remake that land into the "aircraft carrier" for white supremacist colonial powers, that it's become. Today, I see it all, but my thoughts center on my being so stupid - and so ruthlessly and regularly deceived


Here's a "fun fact," that I definitely would not have seen coming, prior to the eye-opening of Oct 7th: South Africa's case before the International Court of Justice will probably not be decided on the merits, but on politics. Why? There's too many judges, fearful they're from countries committing genocide, to vote against it. How wonderful is that? They create this sinister, cynical reality, and then they wonder why American kids march on campus and/or grow suicidal, like it's a mystery. 


Those kids are learning what it really means to be an American, when almost everything Americans are told, not just about Israel and Zionism, but about literally everything, is a lie - and a bloody, gory despicable lie, to serve empires - just it was for the ancestors.