Sunday, January 31, 2021

Male Or Female: If You Ever Met Someone Claiming To Be God (You Met Him)

The first NewAge Nazi.

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Don't Be Fooled (You're Competing With A Bunch Of Narcissists Who Lie A Lot)

And - if you don't have a mom and dad - you can probably forget it: these assholes will, one day, be pushing you around,...or trying.

Gwyneth Paltrow's Biggest Fan

- Oreanna Myers AKA @glowing_goddess520

It's Happening Here

"The Democratic Party, which now controls the House, the Senate and the White House genuinely believes they have a monopoly on objective truth. They believe they're the party of science and rationality, and that the only way to disagree with them is if you're either a deranged conspiracy theorist or a seditionist, somebody who is engaged in criminal conduct or terrorism. 

 And therefore, they genuinely believe, it's not a show. It's not a pretext. They all have convinced one another through this echo chamber that they've created, essentially, the entire media except this network, which is why they want to shut it down, that if you disagree with their orthodoxies and their consensus, you are a threat and a danger. 

 And it's so ironic they spent four years claiming they are fighting fascism and authoritarianism, and what are they trying to do now? They're trying to harness corporate and monopoly power to silence everyone who disagrees with them, the very hallmark, the epitome of the fascism they claim to be fighting, but which in reality they embody." 

 But it's not a cult. It's just "the party of science and rationality" - featuring OPRAH, MARIANNE WILLIAMSON, DR. OZ, DR. PHIL, GWYNETH PALTROW, ETC.

Q = Questions (Unanswered)

Don't look at me that way - I know that look too well: I was married to a goofy NewAger for 20 years.
Those people can't do anything right.
Nick Cohen (of The Guardian, UK) says Anti-vaxxers posing as victims have a history, but his list - of who the Anti-vaxxers are - is a short one: 

"The anti-vaxx movement punches down and punches hard. Its leaders tend to be men and women from wealthy backgrounds. Andrew Wakefield, the son of a neurologist and former fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists. Robert Kennedy Jr, son of the better man, Bobby Kennedy. Or they have religious power, most prominently Louis Farrakhan from the Nation of Islam."
Andrew Wakefield, Robert Kennedy Jr, and Louis Farrakhan - fine - but no Oprah Winfrey or Jenny McCarthy?
No Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey?
No Jim Carrey with Robert de Niro - and Robert Kennedy Jr?
No mention that Jim Carrey and Robert de Niro spent the entire Trump Administration viciously attacking the President at every opportunity - even both going on Saturday Night Live - as they were spreading misinformation the President was only being accused of.
No mention Andrew Wakefield now goes with Supermodel, Elle MacPherson, and what's up with that?
Hell, if the media don't care about the implications of Kamala Harris screwing Montel Williams, then they don't care about anything.
But, especially, not explaining this story.

Georgia Was Trying To Be Clever (It's The Very Definition Of The Stupid South)


Even with every early warning, they somehow learned too late.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Sky-High Denial

Bad With Dates


In order to get some real normalcy, Tucker Carlson said he and the folks at Fox News want to go back to 2005. But 2005's a bad call.
See, if you know what's going on, then you know 2005 is exactly when the Age of Unreason began. We've just been marinating in it - completely unnoticed - for the last 15 years.
It was just the year before, 2004, that these fine folks (above) saw to it that Mumbo-Jumbo had conquered the world. So, as you can also see - in only one year -it's rise was actually pretty quick. That's because it's been unimpeded.
And, it was unimpeded because, in 2001New Age was just establishing itself as the ideology of global capitalism. They needed to give the movement time to mature.
It had been way back in 1978 that the Democrats were first revealed to have stolen an election using a NewAge cult three years prior.
1978 was also when they let almost 1,000 people die with the People's Temple, and started exploiting it, with lies about Harvey Milk's lying ass, ever since.

From The Lowest Unemployment Blacks Had Ever Seen Right Back To "Normal"


Quasimoto And The Crack Emcee (Are A More Natural Fit Than Public Enemy)

 - Madlib, who doesn't get out enough

America - And The World's - NewAge Nazi Reality Check (In Black And White)

Politics lives downstream from culture.

Yes, Andrew, but grasping reality is hard for most right now - I talk to people. Because of my adventures with a NewAge Nazi wife, it's just not that hard for me. Don't worry: I'll get it all down for prosperity.

How multiple wars, and "The X-Files", wound-up post-9/11 America, leading to the left's "Truther" movement (which started the whole "er"-thing). That was before Donald Trump's "Birther" claim about President Barack Obama proved - not something, equally as insane, like Donald Trump is a racist - but (danger upon danger) the whole nation had gotten sprung on conspiracy theories.
Especially Ta-Nehisi Coates.
The left engages in 'projection': They accuse you of doing what they're guilty of.
Yes, Andrew, all this, I, too, discovered just by talking to people: 

“This is their best chance to put a stake through Trump’s political future,” she said. “If they don’t take it, Trump is going to control this party for 10 years.” 

Under Trump’s influence, the GOP will become the party of the QAnon conspiracy theory-supporting Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) and Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.).  It’s “not just dangerous for the Republican Party,” she cautioned, but “an existential threat to the country to have one of the two major political parties controlled by people who are spreading conspiracy theories.” 

“And I’m not talking about Marjorie Taylor Greene,” Longwell clarified. “I’m talking about (House GOP Minority Leader) Kevin McCarthy and (Florida GOP Rep.) Matt Gaetz and so many others in Congress who voted to object to a free and fair election, who told voters that it was stolen from them, who followed Donald Trump and it led to a violent attack on the Capitol.”
Everyone is (obviously) compartmentalizing a lot these days, to forget "The Big Creep" was the American leader who unleashed the conspiracy-laden world of "Alternative Facts" on America, when he opened the "Office of Alternative Medicine" for the left's freaks (Like Sen. Tom Harkin) who didn't trust Science. When President Bill Clinton made no demand for facts or evidence - but only the promotion of all things NewAge and crazy - the world was, literally, off to the races. And, it's been off it's rocker, ever since.

That's how Steve Jobs lost his life: slow suicide. No one could talk him out of it. Bill Clinton certainly never tried.

It had all gotten so insane, no one - around the world - even registered it as madness, that Barack Obama campaigned for the Presidency of the United States with the queen of con artists, conspiracy theorists, quacks, and criminals, Oprah Winfrey. They seemed proud of it.

THAT was when life and politics had become a (dangerous) cartoon, and - here was the danger, already, right from the start - few Americans had even registered what kind of "change" they were actually voting for.

And, there's been no one around, with the balls to warn them.