Saturday, December 21, 2019

The Ol' In/Out Never Goes Out Of Style

Since I’m on punishment at Facebook (again - Thanks, Dad) I’m putting some links, here, so readers can still “get the picture” without the artist being around.

The New Republic’s got an article called “A Decade Of Liberal Delusion And Failure” that doesn’t try to wrestle with that headline, as it limits itself to the left’s political maneuverings, and not the crazy people behind them. The prison sentence, just handed down to Brazils “John of God” for multiple rapes, after he was “once promoted by Oprah, and carried out treatments on Bill Clinton” is a fine year-ending example of how we discover “the gang’s all here!” - exactly where they shouldn’t be - and also shows how difficult it is to take, and escape their influence. I mean, this is a story about Brazil, for goodness’ sake.

It doesn't matter. Just as we’ve seen, and heard, around a Harvey Weinstein, or a Jeffery Epstein, an Anthony Weiner, or Ed Buck, The Democrat Party is made up of some dark characters doing very dark things - indefensible things - while posing as trying to help. It makes me wonder what their supporters even think they’re fighting for, when the reality’s right there, for anyone to see:

They're a sex cult.