Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why're Charlie Manson's Girls In Prison Again?

Above is the face of a killer - a NewAge killer - and another of the least likely suspects in mass murder anyone would suspect, but there you go:
About Dr. Wendy Pollock

Dr Pollock is traveling to Tanzania during January, February, and early March, 2011 to volunteer with Homeopaths Without Borders to treat AIDS clients. Dr Pollock views this as a wider mission to serve the underserved,...
Great. And of course, like all the members of this "loving community", the good "doctor" - a chiropractor - is also a "yoga practitioner".

Funny - how yoga's always in the mix somewhere - isn't it?

We think the whole set-up's just fucking hilarious.

Water Has A Memory (But We Understand Fraud)

As usual, homeopaths are lying their asses off, but - on the positive side - at least, with Israel on board, another country is on record as being aware of what they're up to:
The Health Ministry’s pharmaceutical division will prevent further TV advertising of an unregistered homeopathic preparation, called Traumeel, that makes illegal therapeutic claims.

According to the law, only registered drugs can claim to provide medical benefits.

Division head Batya Haran thanked The Jerusalem Post this week for informing her that Channel 2 has been running ads for months on behalf of Traumeel, which claims to successfully treat back pain.

“We will investigate and deal with it,” said Haran, who added that she would inform the networks that they may not allow advertising of alternative medications that claim to treat serious medical conditions.

After the ministry initially failed to take action against that preparation, a different one, RD 49, was advertised on TV and claimed to treat nasal congestion.

They were apparently the first ads for homeopathic preparations to appear on Israeli television.

Packages of homoeopathic preparations sold in pharmacies must by law carry a printed disclaimer stating “This is a homeopathic preparation without an approved medical indication; This product is approved by the Health Ministry only from the safety aspect.”

The disclaimer is required, Haran said, “because homeopathy’s medical efficacy has not been proven scientifically as are registered medications.”

The TV ads did not bear any disclaimers, yet the product’s presenters claimed they treated medical conditions effectively.
Of course they did. Considering the supposed healing power of their magic water, it kind of makes you wonder why we have hospitals at all, doesn't it?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

We're Blaming Everything (But What's To Blame)

It doesn't seem to matter what kind of article we're reading about things going wrong, or being unfair, eventually the name of some NewAge icon or idea will pop up as the culprit, yet it's still a chore to get anyone to recognize it's the adoption of NewAge cult thinking, itself, that's screwing us. A case in point is Dominic Raab's article on feminism where he says this:
You can’t have it both ways. Either you believe in equality or you don’t. If you buy into the whole Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus theory of gender difference – with all its pseudo science - you can’t then complain about inequalities of outcome that flow both ways from those essentially sexist distinctions.
Very true, though we'd take issue with the mere claim of "pseudo science" and lay the blame where it should be - "spirituality" - specifically, NewAge.

Of course, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus was written by "Dr." John Gray. What most don't know is "Dr." John Gray was the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's personal secretary for the Transcendental Meditation cult. (Not only that, but his Ph.D was from a California university that was shut down, and his undergraduate degrees - in the made-up "Science of Creative Intelligence" field - were from the Maharishi European Research University in Switzerland. In other words, totally bogus.) Considering Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus was a major best-seller, how many have absorbed Gray's (and the Maharishi's) cultish, "sexist" thinking - "with all its pseudo science" - as their own?

And why has TIME Magazine featured the thoughts of Deepak Chopra? He's a Maharishi alum, too. Also - considering the Maharishi was a fraud - what has elevated Chopra to the role of an American spokesman, worthy of speaking on American television about topics as diverse as politics? Who, exactly, is he speaking for? What good has Chopra accomplished? Other than duping millions, what has he actually ever done? Does anyone care? Or, in the age of Bernie Madoff, is deceiving people considered an accomplishment in and of itself?

No one looking seriously at the subject can miss how the NewAge scam works:

The Huffington Post posts a column by Deepak Chopra, defending Oprah Winfrey's promotion of quackery, using celebrities Jenny McCarthy (above) and Suzanne Somers.

Or, put more accurately, a John-Rogers cult member (seen above) ran a bald-faced lie by a Maharishi cult member, defending a NewAge accolade's "crazy talk", using a (now debunked) anti-vaccinationist and natural cancer cure fraud.

Catching on yet?

As Dominic Raab pointed out with his "Dr." John Gray example, we now have the entirety of Western culture (and business) willingly, and wrong-headedly, following these scam artists and "mystical" frauds, destroying the fabric of our society - without ever questioning when these crooks (as TIME Magazine says) "jump to easy conclusions and,...spackle over problematic gaps and inconsistencies in the ideas". Why not? When was it a part of the American character to allow charlatans, and outright cultists, to operate amongst us unmolested - giving them power, and making them fortunes, beyond their wildest dreams to boot?

Oh yea, since we entered the NewAge.

You Are No Longer In Good Hands, Star Child

Guess which insurance company will never get our business?:
Illinois-based Allstate Insurance said its analysis of car accidents related to astrology found Virgos were the most likely to crash vehicles.

The company said its comparison of 2010 claims data against the revised astrological calendar found Virgos were involved in 211,650 collisions last year, 700 percent more than the 26,833 crashes involving Scorpios, the safest drivers on the zodiac calendar.

Allstate said Ophiuchus, the "new" sign added in the revised calendar, was the second-safest sign for motorists, followed by Cancer, Aquarius, Libra, Aries, Capricorn, Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Taurus and Leo.

The insurance company said signs associated with "compassion," "graciousness" and "resourcefulness" were found to be the least likely to be involved in accidents while those described as "uncompromising," "arrogant" and "impatient" were more likely to crash their cars.
It's funny, but they never consider what reading nonsense like this does to driving habits. For instance, we're now upset that any insurance company could be this stupid, and feel that, if we pass an Allstate office, we might have to restrain ourselves from driving our car into their front window. But what if - because of our sign - we can't restrain ourselves? What then?

We're going to blame Allstate - and the fact we're a not-so-safe Pisces - 100%.

Because it's so friggin' obvious they control everything.

Hell, once we've got all that "uncompromising," "arrogant" and "impatient" stuff out of our systems, they might even lower our rates!

Fact: If You Don't Go To Church You Miss A Lot

Friday, January 28, 2011

Give Me A Few Days Of Rioting - On The Rocks!

Hi, Lloyd. A little slow tonight, isn't it?

Yes, it is, Mr. Torrance. What'll it be?

The Golden State: Not Just A Day At The Beach

The insanity of our home state is getting to be too much:
U.S. border guards got a surprise when they searched a Mexican BMW and found a hardline Muslim cleric - banned from France and Canada - curled up in the boot.

Said Jaziri, who called for the death of a Danish cartoonist that drew pictures of the prophet Mohammed, was being smuggled into California when he was arrested, along with his driver Kenneth Robert Lawler.

The 43-year-old was deported from Canada to his homeland Tunisia in 2007 after it emerged he had lied on his refugee application about having served jail time in France.

His fire and brimstone sermons and rabble-rousing antics catapulted him into the public eye during his short tenure as imam at a Montreal mosque.

He branded homosexuality a disease and led protests over cartoonist Kurt Westergaard's illustrations poked fun at Islam and were published in a Danish newspaper in 2006.

He also caused anger when he campaigned for a bigger mosque to accommodate Montreal's burgeoning Muslim population.

But after his deportation he complained that he had been physically and mentally tortured during the 13-hour flight repatriating him to Tunisia, a claim Canadian authorities deny.

He was being held as a material witness in the criminal case against Mr Lawler, who has been charged with immigrant smuggling.

Jaziri had allegedly paid a Tijuana-based smuggling cartel $5,000 to take him across the border near Tecate, saying he wanted to be taken to a 'safe place anywhere in the U.S.'
And, of course, that meant California - where "you can believe what you want to believe". Jesus. Even terrorism?

Those on the "Left Coast" aren't going to be happy until they bring this country to it's knees. On the other hand, those in "flyover country" are well aware of this, and are ready and willing to cut them loose at the first hint of trouble - because Californians are bringing it on themselves by setting out the "welcome" mat for anyone but patriots, spending too much, and (through political correctness) making it impossible to earn a living.

We never thought we'd say this, having grown up in Los Angeles, but "California Dreaming" is sincerely becoming a nightmare.

It's The Times: Americans Will Swallow Anything

We don't know what it is about contemporary Americans, but there's something about waiting for a disaster to strike that seems to be the only way to bring a message home:
More than a dozen college football players are hospitalized—all suffering from muscle damage. One of those players is from Baltimore, and his father—a local football coach—wants to know what happened.

An investigation is underway to determine what made the players sick. Yet the manner and number that became ill is raising concerns about supplements.

A scare for players on the University of Iowa football team and their families. Thirteen athletes went to the hospital after what’s being described as an intense workout.

Now doctors believe the players came down with a condition known as rhabdomyolsis. 
“Rhabdomyolsis happens when you have a breakdown of the muscle tissue,” said Dr. James Williams, St. Joseph Medical Center.

Williams says rhabdomyolisis combined with dehydration and the possibility of supplements is dangerous.

“You have muscle breakdown from intense workouts. You have dehydration and then supplements which are nephrotoxic are damaging to the kidneys directly. That’s a perfect storm for kidney failure,” Williams said.
Supplements? You mean those pills everyone takes, unnecessarily, that are made by criminals? Naw, they can't mean those - those are sold in Health Food stores, and Whole Foods, and have the backing of Tom Harkin and Orrin Hatch - what could be wrong with supplements? Click here to find out - but be warned:

It ain't pretty.

But then, stupidity never is.

Sing Song, Ching Chong, Ding Dong - Damn! II

This dummy doesn't understand the difference between "the pursuit of happiness" and trying to hand it out - or, apparently, anything else:
It may sound like a bird-brained idea, but the mayor of Lancaster wants to brighten up the Mojave Desert city by broadcasting recorded bird songs.

R. Rex Parris proposed the idea during his State of the City talk on Monday.

The Antelope Valley Press says Parris wants to play the bird chatter from loudspeakers on Lancaster Boulevard. The mayor says there’s science to show that listening to birdsong makes people happier.

On other topics, the mayor says Lancaster must continue its drive to become a research capital for solar and alternative energy.

Parris is known for his flamboyant ideas. He got a law passed giving the city the right to castrate pit bulls, ordered city officials to learn Mandarin in a bid to woo Chinese business, and riled some people by saying he was growing Lancaster into a Christian community.
This guy is really for the birds! Get him outta here! What is wrong with California, people?

Oh yea - the California people.

Sing Song, Ching Chong, Ding Dong - Damn!

A San Franciscan - known to proudly stand up for worthless, "second class" Chinese medicine - is now standing up to a first class American - known for proudly standing up for his country - in defense of China's leader:
Rush Limbaugh's imitation of the Chinese language during a recent speech made by Chinese President Hu Jintao has stirred a backlash among Asian-American lawmakers in California and nationally.

California state Sen. Leland Yee, a Democrat from San Francisco, is leading a fight in demanding an apology from the radio talk show host for what he and others view as racist and derogatory remarks against the Chinese people.

In recent days, the state lawmaker has rallied civil rights groups in a boycott of companies like Pro Flowers, Sleep Train and Domino's Pizza that advertise on Limbaugh's national talk radio show.

"The comments that he made - the mimicking of the Chinese language - harkens back to when I was a little boy growing up in San Francisco and those were hard days, rather insensitive days," Yee said in an interview Thursday. "You think you've arrived and all of a sudden get shot back to the reality that you're a second-class citizen."
"You think you've arrived"? How many years - years - has this idiot been a Senator now? We guess it wouldn't do any good for Limbaugh to ask Lang Lang to set Yee straight, would it? Naw, probably not.

Man, it's fucking embarrassing how stupid some Americans - Chinese or otherwise - can be. Hey, Leland, if you want politically correct comedy you can go back to China and work in the rice fields - nobody's laughing there.

At least they wouldn't be - until they heard of a Chinese guy named "Leland".

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fat Ain't Sexy? You Ain't Watchin' Christie Porn!

Come On: Is It Too Late For An Oscar Do-Over?

To say NewAge Hollywood now suffers from a lack of imagination is an understatement. They gave us fucking "Avatar" and thought they'd done something?

Don't make us laugh.

You've Come A Long Way, Baby (Or Was It Me?)

See, Ladies, you thought we were the bad blog - dissing you for your stupid behavior - when, in truth, we were the only friend you've got.

Shit, we're the only truth-tellers in town:
“Girl power” might have brought women and girls victories in academics and sports but, as a recent book out of the University of Texas reports, an unintended consequence of women’s success has given men a leg up in the game of love.

Based on research published in their new book,“Premarital Sex in America: How Young Americans Meet, Mate and Think About Marrying,” Mark Regnerus and Jeremy Uecker, sociologists from the University of Texas at Austin, have found that with women becoming more educated and professionally successful than ever, it has become extremely difficult for them to find a committed man.

Financially secure and with less incentive to marry, more and more young women are playing the field longer and lowering the value of women in general — leaving their sisters, (usually older and hearing the tick-tock of their biological clocks) out in the cold.
So there you are, Missy.

Honestly - no matter what you do or what you're earning - you've still done nothing more than reduce yourselves to a bunch of "worthless skanks" who are only good for one thing. If a man wants companionship, or (especially) someone we can trust, now we get a dog.

We don't need some stupid, whoring, perpetually "dissatisfied" NewAge bitch.

You can thank the ass-backwards mindfuck of feminism for that.

But hey - congratulations anyway:

Spending a lot of time working on any endeavor should result in an accomplishment of some kind.

Hahnemann's Got A New Name: Nostradumbass

Whenever people discuss homeopathy, they always point out how little of (or none of) a substance is in it. What they hardly ever discuss is the part that drives people insane:
Magic? Yes. Homoeopathy is based –in part– on the idea of the Vital Force, a my(s)thical force that is supposed to be in all of us. According to Samuel Hahnemann, the man who created homoeopathy, his highly diluted products serve to coax the Vital Force (which is thought to be powerful but not very intelligent) into attacking the disease.

Part of homoeopathy is also the concept of miasms, a type of fundamental cause of disease, of which the psora (itch) is the most important one. This magical thinking is also why some people call homoeopathy a religion or a cult. As a result, reading what homoeopaths are being "taught" is not unlike returning to the Dark Ages.
Or do you think believers are going batshit crazy, demanding watered-down water, because they think that water - alone - is what "works"?


Long story-short:

Homeopathy is a psychological problem - a cult obsession - not one of medicine or science.

England, You're Getting Pretty Dotty In Old Age

Well, at least we know how many of the cluelessly gullible types are out there:
More  than half of Britons believe in life after death and two in five believe in angels.

Some 53 per cent believe in psychic powers and the possibility of life after death, a survey reveals. One in five say they have seen a ghost or felt the presence of a spirit while two in five believe in ‘guardian angels’.

Many people believe they have seen the ghost or felt the spirit of a close friend or relative who has passed away.

Two in five say they want to speak to dead relatives and one in five has visited a medium or psychic to help them do so – spending an average of £31 per visit.

Almost two in five adults believe someone in their family is gifted with psychic ability.

A third of the nation describe themselves as ‘spiritual’ but only a quarter claim to be ‘religious’, according to the study carried out for the Clint Eastwood film Hereafter.

However, a third of the nation still believes in heaven and a fifth believes they will be reincarnated when they pass away.

One in five British adults would also love to have a conversation with the former Princess of Wales. Albert Einstein came second in the online poll of 3,000 adults, followed by Marilyn Monroe and Freddie Mercury. Seven per cent of us want to chat to Adolf Hitler.

Penny Sartori, an expert on near-death experiences and author of the study, said people are now less worried about being ridiculed for believing in spirits.

But one in five of us would still be too embarrassed to admit we had seen or felt the presence of a ghost.
Now why would anyone be embarrassed about something they believed was true? We'll tell you:

Because even the hopelessly self-deluded are aware there's a huuuge difference between believing things and knowing them.

Criminals Trying To Steal Our Money? That We Expect (We Don't Understand Giving It To Them)

We tell you, and tell you, and tell you, but we guess - since most don't appear to be critical thinkers - it takes an appeal from authority before you'll take truthful information seriously:
Cash-strapped British taxpayers fork out an extra £765 for goods and services every year because of fraudsters, according to figures published today.

The National Fraud Authority (NFA) said cheats carve an annual £38 billion hole in Britain's finances.

The watchdog's second annual fraud indicator found crooks swindled the public sector out of £21 billion, more than half of total losses.

Meanwhile the private sector lost £12 billion, individuals £4 billion and charities £1.3 billion to frauds from marketing scams to bogus operators.

Officials said if the cost of fraud was broken down individually it would leave every adult with a bill for £765 in increased prices.

The second Annual Fraud Indicator showed the total cost of fraud has increased by more than £8 billion from £30 billion last year.
And, needless to say, the cost is bound to be much higher in the U.S..

Exit question:

Did they include psychics and other NewAge flim-flam in the survey?

The Difference Between A Cult Film & Cult Films

Wow - despite the steady chorus of denials anything of the kind is happening - this country's runaway cultism is starting to become the subject independent filmmakers can't get enough of:

First, from a few years ago, there was Ondi Timoner's Join Us. But this year we've got David Wants to Fly finally coming to the United States, Martha Marcy May Marlene being released later this year; the cult-themed Sound of My Voice (because cultists are such good listeners) is now screening at the Sundance Film Festival, and it's just been announced that production on a movie about the Manson Girls is to begin.

Not too shabby for a subject that, just a few years ago, many said we were "crazy" to cover. It's going to get really serious when filmmakers start connecting cultism to the history (and failures) of modern corporate culture - along with the Boomers who orchestrated integrating NewAge throughout society.

We don't think anybody but ourselves, and other serious cult-watchers, are prepared to deal with the reality, or the fallout, from that - but mark our words:

It's the next phase - and it's coming,...

Rick Ross? Forget Him: We Need A Cult Expert!

This is strange, since so many think saying "It's not a cult" is a good enough reason to stop using the term:
Spiritual Warrior"/snake-oil salesman James Arthur Ray -- accused of manslaughter in the deaths of three participants in a 2009 sweat-lodge ceremony in Sedona -- doesn't want the jury in his upcoming trial to hear what two experts on cult behavior have to say about his "self-help" retreats.

Attorneys for the "self-help guru" are asking Yavapai County Judge Warren Darrow not to allow testimony from Rick Ross and Steven Pace, both experts on cult behavior.

Prosecutors plan to use the experts to explain to jurors why participants in the retreat felt they couldn't leave the makeshift sweat lodge, the Associated Press is reporting.
We think they should ask Oprah to testify, since A) she promoted James Arthur Ray on TV, and B) nobody seems capable of leaving her nonsense behind either.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Conclusion: Kucinich Is A Crappy Congressman

When the weird get going, the going gets weird:
Rep. Dennis Kucinich has sued a U.S. House of Representatives cafeteria for selling him a sandwich wrap that caused dental damage when he bit into an olive pit, according to a Jan. 3 lawsuit filed in Superior Court for the District of Columbia.

The Cleveland Democratic congressman's lawsuit seeks $150,000 in damages from companies that operate the Longworth House Office Building's cafeteria.

It says he bought the suspicious sandwich wrap "on or about April 17, 2008," and eating it caused "permanent dental and oral injuries requiring multiple surgical and dental procedures."

"Said sandwich wrap was unwholesome and unfit for human consumption in that it was presented to contain pitted olives, yet unknown to plaintiff, contained an unpitted olive or olives which plaintiff did not reasonably expect to be in the food prepared for him, and could not visually detect prior to consumption," the lawsuit said.

Kucinich's congressional office confirmed he filed the lawsuit. The document says the congressman believes he's entitled to damages for future dental and medical expenses and to compensate him for pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment.
And let's not forget this dingbat claims he saw a U.F.O. while staying at Shirley MacLaine's house.

Hell, he should be suing himself, because the man IS the pits.