Monday, June 30, 2014

Rap Battles: Nicki Minaj Vs. Drag Queen Iggy Azalea

Nicki easily won Round One with this shade-throwing performance of an acceptance speech for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist,...

Why Is There A Death Row When 1 In 9 Are Innocent?

Part of reparations HAS to be ending this charade of justice when Americans don't know if it has ever truly existed here,…

Righting The Republican Ship (Takes Real Republicans)

It's crazy, this has to be said, to the party that freed the slaves: 

It just goes to show you how far they've slid from their mission,…

Lil Buck & Yo Yo Ma (For Those Into That Kind Of Thing)

Yo Yo Ma's come up in the comments, so it seemed appropriate,…

Chris Rock Sure Had A Lot Of Fun At The BET Awards

"A night full of nothing but lovely blackness,…"

It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold A President Black

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Are Instapundit's Readers Ménage à Trios-Having Sci-Fi Fans Into Fascism, Racism, And Sheer Batshit Insanity?

Over the years, Glenn Reynolds has been pushing Robert A. Heinlein's "bad luck" quote - hard.

It's a hard message for a man from Tennessee.

Just so we're clear - Yep, Robert A. Heinlein was a racist - and, not only that but, he was a racist who was once in a three-way with Scientology's L. Ron Hubbard. 

Come on, it wouldn't be TMR without that last part. 


 As we also know, The Tea Party is an offshoot of The John Birch Society, which Heinlein was into, concluding it was a "fascist organization" but - just like Reynolds - one Heinlein found preferable to liberals and moderate conservatives. 

The John Birch Society, too, lost election after crazy election, partially due to (all of) their embarrassing racism.

And now they're headed into America's political wilderness again because, with these roots, oblivion is where their "movements" have always (all) deserved to be anyway.

The last of our people lacking in grace,…

Goldfrapp Did "Strict Machine" Live At Glastonbury 2014

Impressed by men kicking a ball around?

To each his own,...

Black Kermit D. Frog: Who Told You To 'Lean Forward'?

Ever since Elmo was outted as a gay black dude, Sesame Street can never be the same destination again,…

The Nazis Make Sure We Understand They're NewAgers

They care about fashion, they care about your health - they make (gasp!) Rap Music - and they probably even do yoga,...

Men Fighting With Hammers (White Men) Men Fighting With Hammers (White Men) Men Fighting With Hammers

Thad Cochran Had To Get His Ideas From Somewhere

And, last June, there wasn't a peep of Right-Wing protest about this very same behavior: 

That's the thing in politics:

Once you stop whittling away at the rock-solid principles you claim to hold, that's when you actually might have something,…

Libraries Are TMR's Number One Place To Get Educated

Beauty's worth becomes abundantly clear,...

Soccer? All It's Adding Up To Is A Whole Lot Of Nothing

America should not be dragged any further into this orbit,...


Even Basketball in other countries suck,...

Our Life-Long Pain Is Embedded In Childhood's Choices

And gangs are microcosms of the societies that create them,….

White History Is Darkening Our Prospects For A Future

Actual sign, photographed outside Google headquarters.

Ever since a white guy was compelled to lecture TMR on what a bastion of equal opportunity Silicon Valley is - which was BEFORE the diversity numbers came out - the laughter around these parts hasn't stopped:

The latest hire for moderating Black Twitter.

Oh, so NOW they're "trying" to address the issue, which must be really, really difficult since they weren't addressing it before, when they were convinced - with a 2% black workforce - they were already quite successful in that area.

Never has been recommended reading and never will be.

In other words, white guys in Silicon Valley are so cluelessly racist, they were using racism to defend themselves against the charge.

Millions of little white obstacles are being moved, by strong black men, daily.

That's why - just like whites - all of TMR's laughter at their expense has been completely involuntary,…

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Friday, June 27, 2014

The Tea Party Is Failing Itself On Race And Character

Eleanor Holmes Norton: Blacks Know What Votes Are 4

Stephen Colbert is positively sweet here,…

What The Tea Party Thinks Isn't Racist Is Really A Joke

And another perversion of Martin Luther King - by a white guy - has gotten us into trouble again,….

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Not Just Black Super Men (But Super Super-Duper Men)

White People Will Pay For White Men To Stare At Them

If gazing is a job that's open to blacks I'll take it. A lot of blacks would. Especially black men. This is one position black American men are over-qualified for. Except with one big difference:

No one would have to tell you what to do with your "Peace Pole," right?

Why Is This Republican Crying? He's Today's Racist Guy

John Huppenthal thought he was first - came in last.

Up for re-election, too, the poor thing,…

Cavuto On The Right: An "Enormous Waste Of Effort"

Because they have to "do something" when somebody says so,...

TMR Is A Tea Party Pooper Because Only Our American Crazies Believed Creating "Heaven On Earth" Is Political

It was a Tea Party gathering for Utah's David Kirkham - which TMR was led to by Glenn Reynolds - that provided evidence the Tea Party was just a collection of white religious whackos no black atheist blogger wanted anything to do with:

The fact they'd lie about their beliefs - hiding them behind economic concerns - was an immediate disqualifier for TMR when it came to listening to, both, Kirkham AND Reynolds,…

A Doctor Or Superhero: "It Wasn't The Right Skin Color"

TMR posted this story a couple of days ago but, now that there's video, we can celebrate the outcome with little Abby's input.

(Here's hoping she decides to become a superhero,…)

The Cost Of Freedom Is You're Not In The Mainstream

The man who defined Rap as the music of Hip-Hop culture breaks it all down a little bit more,...