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Thoughts On Mittens, Mormons, And How Cold It's Getting (Before This Snow Job REALLY Begins,...)

A lot of people I like have told me Mitt Romney's Mormonism doesn't bother them because THEY can't see the danger, which is pretty much the same line I heard others use about "alternative" medicine ("What's the harm?") before my wife killed three people.

Silly mortals.

The equivalent to their absolutely brilliant, big-thumbs-up analysis is that, as long as your kid comes home with a good grade, it doesn't matter the school is teaching her gibberish. Everything will work out fine, right? She an 'A' student!!!

Of course if you ask her what time it is, she says, "Pears," but so what? The teacher has assured you she's headed to Buttfuck University and that's all that matters.


Pay no attention to Joseph Smith behind the curtain. 

The fact all the major cult-watching sites have followed Mormonism, long before Mitt Romney's candidacy was viable, is irrelevant - we'll take HIS word they're not a cult - those silly cult-watching sites know nothing (they're just practicing until the real thing comes along,...). And, according to one especially depressing Althouse contributor,...well, I'll let him tell it:
The fact of the world is that the world needs cults, just as it needs heroes. Nihilism and existentialism are the defaults of all serious thought. We absolutely must have big, meaningful ideas if we are to have any civilization. Cults bring us those ideas. 

Are the ideas true? It doesn't much matter. The trick isn't getting rid of cults, but ensuring that the cults produce beneficial results.
"It doesn't much matter." Sigh. Such an atrocious, short-sighted, and atrociously short-sighted statement. I can't help but wonder about the educational system of this country when reading such drivel.

Here - let me re-phrase his comment so we can begin to see how truly horrible it is - especially when we consider those trapped in cults:
The fact of the world is that the world needs mind control slavery, just as it needs heroes. Nihilism and existentialism are the defaults of all serious thought. We absolutely must have big, meaningful ideas if we are to have any civilization. Mind control slavery bring us those ideas. 

Are the ideas true? It doesn't much matter. The trick isn't getting rid of mind control slavery, but ensuring that the mind control slavery produces beneficial results.
Better? It would certainly be more accurate. And what kind of "beneficial results" don't "much matter" to this intellectual genius? Maybe something like this in our time of need?


I've already mentioned my wife killing three people. Or how about the death of a 5 year old? Or maybe it's "multiple counts of lying on life insurance applications, rape, sodomy, criminal threat, making false statements on auto credit applications and sexual exploitation of a child" that's more his style.

Whatever. "It doesn't much matter." Even if it happened in Missouri - the Mormon's "Garden of Eden." Has anybody ever been to Missouri? Tell me these people aren't crazy,...

BTW - Ann Althouse is still on the job, sniffing out that ever-present anti-Mormon bigotry, because someone "just has questions. A lot of questions. Can't blame a man for asking questions, can you? I'd say you can." Ann's becoming incredible. And check out this line:
Wills is asking questions, not making arguments, which let's him be very slippery.

Ooooh, someone's going over the deep end here. Becoming French right before our very eyes.

Ann didn't see the Obama cult until AFTER he got elected. And now she's acting like one of those people who claims God is omnipotent, all seeing, all knowing - capable of striking down evil - but is compelled to act on God's behalf anyway.

I mean, isn't it interesting how Romney refuses to discuss his "religion," but - when we citizens are supposed to be vetting a candidate for an office where he'll have power over us - he can get the great Ann Althouse (and Glenn I-love-quackery Reynolds ) to go to bat for him? As ol' Glenn would say:


Ann and Glenn should write their own version of "How I Helped L. Ron Hubbard to 'Take Over the Planet'" but with Romney's name inserted. Ann especially, because she's the one who fell for Obama's cult schtick (even thought Obama was smart) and now - without ever admitting she was wrong before - expects us to take her thoughts on Romney seriously now.

Well, it may work for her sycophants (everything works for her sycophants) but not for me. 

 And, finally, I'd be rich if I had a nickel every time I've heard this brain-dead "logic":
The Mormon's I've known during my life have all been good, hard-working, friendly, salt-of-the-earth folks.
This is always asserted by people who know nothing of cultism. Shit, the cult known as The Family used to have their women sleep with you - you can't get much more "friendly" than THAT!!!!

Unfortunately, for those of us with more than a passing knowledge of Mormons, the story always ends the same way:
Once I made my choice [not to join], I noticed that all my new Mormon friends were suddenly scarce.
Yeah, that's how great folks ALWAYS behave. 

Wow. Somehow, arguing for reason in our leaders and institutions is much more diffiCULT than I was ever prepared to expect. Oh well, I guess "it doesn't much matter":

 Like Obama, Mittens can't hide the crazy forever,…

Monday, May 28, 2012

Protecting The Innocent (One Cult Post At A Time,...)

This is another of my declarative warnings, migrating over from the Althouse blog:

So what are you saying? Vote Obama and not vote at all?


1) I'm not telling you what to do.

2) I'm offering a way out based on reality, and not the game as it's playing out in the mediasphere.
In 2008, with the candidacy of Obama, I said we were dealing with Oprah's NewAge cult. Some people - including Ann Althouse - saw it temporarily but let it go. (It wasn't until recently, after years of being called a fool, the evidence was clear I was right.) Luckily enough, I could vote for McCain back then, avoiding immediate contact with the issues presented.

NewAge is pretty noxious, but also fractious, unorganized, and - because of that - dangerous mostly to those in it. You'll notice that, whether it be Obama, Oprah and Arianna, or many of the other leaders of their movement, things have not worked out well.

In 2012, we face a different cult. 

And a different kind of cult - much more organized, totally insular, and much more dangerous - but not just to the people in it, but to our republic as well.

Cultism, still, is an issue only a fragment of our society is aware of or concerned about - mostly artists, I think, because we have always been the target audience for spreading their message - so our country is walking blindly into their clutches.

That's what I'm warning against.

I've said all along that Obama and the Democrats were going to lose the coming election, that the economy would improve, and that we should go with a conservative candidate to steer us clear.

But just as I said Obama was the wrong man to be our "first black president," because of his cultish outlook, Mitt Romney is the wrong "business man with an economic background" to replace him for the same reason.

Cultism is "garbage in/garbage out" and - while YOU may think (as Obama's supporters thought) you're hiring Romney for one thing - just like with Obama, WE'RE actually going to get a whole lot of stuff never bargained for. It's inevitable.

So I say stop this election now. I'm not going to dwell on how because, I know, there's no way to make that happen if the American people - left and right - don't see the danger. (The movies, TV shows, etc., aren't coming fast enough to make everyone aware of what we're dealing with.)

The Republicans want to get rid of Obama. I get that. But, like a parent watching their impulsive kid recklessly backing the car too fast out of the driveway for the first time, I'm dreading what I know is coming.

Tell me, where is the viable, electable fiscally sane alternative candidate? Or do you want Obama to win just to hasten the collapse so we can start over from zero?


Personally, I'd draft Thomas Sowell in a second. Whether he wanted the job or not. At gunpoint if necessary. He could pick the cabinet of his choice, and do whatever the fuck he wanted, because he's rational, understands the issues - especially economics - is beholden to no one and intellectually beyond reproach. He's what we need in a president.

But electing a follower of a greedy child-raping con man just isn't going to do this country any good, and - after the last cult-inspired disaster - I don't understand anyone sane could imagine it will.


Paul Krugman's Roswell/Area 51 Plan To Save Us All

Paul Krugman, The New York Times' eccentric economist, is the talk of the blogosphere today - mainly because of a critique of his new book that drifts into a dissection of his particular form of madness - with this moment alongside Bill Maher figuring prominently. Fortunately, Krugman's delusional idea also fits comfortably into the theme of this blog, being NewAge in nature and because he's discussing fooling the public to achieve his liberal designs, so I just had to post it.

Hell, it would've been a dereliction of duty if I hadn't - a really serious breach - and we can't have that on Memorial Day, can we?

Anyhoo, how an idiot like this keeps a job, and even gets on T.V. - especially after being an adviser to Enron - I don't know (and I'll leave for another time) but I guess, if nothing else, his entertainment value must be worth something. Mind you, probably not as much as he's making, but,...something.


That's an interesting question, probably, for real comedians - as opposed to those just at the NYT

How much is always being wrong worth anyway?

Salute (Memorial Day 2012)

Hey Man,

No biggie - I just want you to know I'm thinking about you, before I get to yelling and screaming and bitching like usual. Of course, you're part of the reason I do so, because I know you didn't die so we can do worse under these lames, though they're always doing their best to make that happen. Don't worry:

News of OUR demise are greatly exaggerated. 

Anyway, as an atheist it's pretty stupid for me to be talking like this, but there's nothing stupid about how I feel. And I certainly have never minded being stupid to serve those I love. I know you didn't. And I want you to know I'm grateful. Not always, not everyday, but right now, I'm really, really fucking grateful.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. 


The Crack Emcee

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Homeopathic Medicine (They Sure Know How To Sell It)

I'm sorry, but some headlines are too good to pass up - feast your eyes on this confidence builder:

Homeopathy: It’s Not Just Voodoo

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, you heard that right - Homeopathy IS Voodoo - but it's also so much more! You can throw in some witchcraft, whatever they do to cows when they're beamed up to U.F.O.s, and maybe two or three seances (attempting to make contact with the inevitable dead that results from it's use) but, whatever else you may think, rest assured IT'S NOT JUST VOODOO!

Really - considering the level of stupid I encounter out there - this planet is just not big enough,...

I've Got A New Buddy (The Comedian, Matt Davis)

Bad News All Around (And It's Just Going To Get Worse)

A member of The World's Dumbest Denomination had a talk with Anderson Cooper about her pastor's brilliant electrified fence idea, and predictably blew it. Also predictable is the welling frustration she exhibits when faced with the illogical implications of her beliefs, which is identical to the behavior two missionaries show in the now-infamous "Mormons vs Epic Black Guy" YouTube video:

Now, call me naive but, what I don't "get" yet is how all this formally-and-supposedly welcome questioning of beliefs has proceeded out there - without one charge of "bigotry" appearing - except when it comes to the man assumed to be the next President of the United States. No - though it was fine for the "Mormons vs Epic Black Guy" death match - when it comes to questioning Mitt Romney and Mormonism, then everything's off-limits and even asking is deemed to be in bad taste, or so I am told.

Actually "so I am told" isn't quite accurate - "it's demanded" would be closer to the mark when describing what I'm seeing. Why, it's even been suggested on the Althouse blog that this conservative cult-hunter is now becoming a liberal, suggesting I could be kicked out of the Right-wing fold if I don't get onboard the Joseph Smith bandwagon in order to beat Obama. Which leads me to wonder:

Could it be that, in 2012, what everybody's really scared to admit is they're rooting for a kook?

I asked the same questions of Obama in 2008, but I'm sure - conservatives being the good guys -  somebody will explain the ethics behind this new reluctance to talk eventually. They have to because, as I've pointed out countless times, Republicans still must vet Romney for when he meets Obama in the general election:
In a close race, with a by-any-means-necessary campaign comfortable with gratuitous rhetorical firebombing and incendiary attacks, it may not be a matter of if Obama attacks Romney's religion, but when.
Of course it is. Come on, we're talking about facing a guy who once released an opponent's divorce records. Do you seriously think Romney can avoid what's coming by indignantly putting his fingers in his ears? That's not even working on me and I'm not running for anything. There ain't shit I don't want to talk about. Where's YOUR bravery? All I see is an empty arrogance. Get it together, y'all,...

You'd better tell 
 Your story fast... 
 And if you lie 
 It will come to pass... 

 - Stevie Wonder, "Jesus Children Of America"

What The Civil Rights Movement Was Fought For,...

Lyrics To The Godfather Theme (Played As A Polka,...)

I no longer cry when most people die 

Revenge tales fill me with glee

I've never had a home to call my own 

California can fall in the sea 

I'm alone in a crowd while others get loud 

I'd kill them if we were free 

No one takes the blame so life's just a game

A race but the driver can't see

Obama: "I Can No More Disown Him Than I Can The Black Community” (But I'll Be Damned If He Didn't,...)

Bill Maher calls Mormonism a ‘cult’ 

Why even listen to  on foreign policy? His entire FP experience is 2 yrs trying to brow-beat Frenchmen into joining his cult

Theocracy in America

If you have lived, as I have, as a non-Mormon in a place whose population is 70 percent LDS, you would understand the real dangers in mixing too much church with state. I was born and raised in Utah, and my entire family still lives there. Every time I go back, from the minute I wade past the missionaries in the Salt Lake City airport to my first watered-down beer, I am struck by the fact that, while inmates may be able to duck Chuck Colson, the average Utah citizen has no hope of escaping the Mormons.

Joseph Smith: Nineteenth Century Con Man? 

It was an axiom of faith among church opponents that Mormon leaders created Mormonism solely "for the purpose of picking the pockets of the community." ... Anti-Mormons charged Joseph Smith, in particular, with an insatiable lust for money, and they occasionally reported his candid "admission" of the fact.,,, One need not be a republican ideologue to disapprove of swindling, but the common non-Mormon perception of Joseph Smith wallowing in his ill-gotten gain revealed a republican repugnance to the idea of decadent luxury.... When anti-Mormon writers moved their discussion away from the hierarchy to a more general treatment of the church as a whole... Smith did not so much corrupt the virtue of once good citizens as merely assemble those who had no civic virtue to begin with. 

"Scorin' with Orrin": How the gentleman from Utah made it easier for kids to buy steroids, speed, and Spanish fly.

"[Hatch] is directly implicated in this affair," said Prince Alexandre de Merode, chairman of the IOC medical commission.

The IOC criticism was particularly biting given that Hatch's home state [hosted] the,...winter games in 2002, and that one of the games' major sponsors is, in fact, a supplement company. Utah had already produced a major Olympics bribery scandal; all it needed was a reputation as the world's steroid capital just as the IOC was arriving with its drug-test lab.

Hatch considers his 1994 law, DSHEA, a triumph on behalf of consumer health freedom. But a close look suggests that if anything, DSHEA (or the Hatch Act, as body builders call it) has left Americans "free" to serve as guinea pigs for a multibillion-dollar industry, much of which is built on a foundation of fraudulent claims, pyramid schemes, and lousy manufacturing practices.

Since DSHEA became law, substances as varied as paint stripper, bat shit, toad venom, and lamb placenta have all been imported from overseas, bottled up---often by people with no scientific or health backgrounds---and marketed as dietary supplements to unsuspecting American consumers. 

Many supplements have been tainted with salmonella, arsenic, lead, pesticides, unapproved foreign prescription drugs, as well as garden-variety carcinogens. 

And despite their New-Age health aura, a significant portion of these "natural supplements" are stimulants, depressants, and other mood-enhancers that some medical experts believe would be classified as drugs if they were synthetic. A surprising number of these products are addictive.

Thanks to Hatch, the U.S. now has standards as low as those in many Third World countries for the sale of many products with serious, pharmacological effects. The results have been deadly.

A look at The Mormon Endowment Ceremony 

The more I learn about Mormonism the more strangely fascinating it is and the crazier it sounds.

LDS Church: Believing in Bigfoot and the Mark of Cain 

Mormons seems to have a peculiar--and prejudiced--fascination with tales of a large, ominous, ape-like, black-skinned "Bigfoot" (who, they swear, is actually Cain), condemned by the Mormon God to wander the Earth where he ends up scaring the faithful into invoking the Mormon priesthood in order to drive big, bad Bigfoot away.

BYU Prof: Mormon Racism Was Justified 

Professor Bott is no outlier. Especially among older Mormons, racist rationale for the priesthood ban—linking it to Old Testament pretexts, or to moral infirmity in a pre-earthly life by the souls of Africans and African-Americans, and other racist apologetic mental gymnastics exemplified in Bott’s statement to the Post—persist and circulate, generally unquestioned and unchallenged.
For its part, the LDS Church has never authoritatively addressed racist theologies developed in defense of the ban in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Instead, it has attempted to step quietly beyond its racist past, as it has with many other thorny and troubling historical matters.

Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith tangles with a quirk of Arkansas history 

On Sept. 11, 1857, a wagon train from this part of Arkansas met with a gruesome fate in Utah, where most of the travelers were slaughtered by a Mormon militia in an episode known as the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Hundreds of the victims’ descendants still populate these hills and commemorate the killings, which they have come to call “the first 9/11.”

Mormon group still using discredited 'gay cure' therapy 

"slow, psychiatric and spiritual suicide"

Mercer County church league plays hardball with Mormons 

"Most of our churches don't view them as Christians. We don't regard the LDS church as a Christian church. When you include someone in a group -- that's kind of like saying they're fundamentally the same as most people in the group. We don't feel that's accurate with LDS."

Holy Rollers (Religion's No Protection Against Anything)

Sucking Is All That's On Your Mind (And It Shows,...)

So what's it like to be a man, living amongst "a generation that cannot learn"? Much like it was for those who found themselves stuck with the Khmer Rouge, I guess:

Nobody makes any sense, so you try and lay low, avoiding getting your brains smashed in. 

These crazy revolutionaries are mostly so-called feminists, publicly struggling with their all-important "self-esteem, " and their highest ambition is to be "happy." They don't create, or build, but excel only at being. Their every thought is related to something internal, and yet still superficial, which they'll lash out to protect. They've rewritten the laws to make it this way. Yell and it's verbal abuse. You can't hit because - as everybody knows - violence is not the answer. And no one has to listen to anyone else (I'm sure there's a law somewhere saying that) insuring there's no way to improve anything without risking getting burned - so you protect yourself.

And the best way to do that is hide. 

This is America 2012. Not America itself, which has been buried beneath years of feminist bullshit, covered over by cultists because the importance of knowing how to stand on your own two feet has been lost to the cowards. Now it's all-important to have Facebook friends or be part of a gang or have a support group - just don't call it a cult (even if that's what it is) because that word's offensive to cultists. 

That the world they've somehow forged is offensive to life itself is here-nor-there. 


Easy-E: "Fuck My Baby's Momma"

One Post For The Fairer Sex (For Being So Unfair,...)

[Click the image to enlarge - it's hilarious!]

Woman arrested for chopping off the head of three-year-old nephew on the orders of a witchcraft guru

 Female Juror Flirts With John Edwards 

 Women trying to lose weight suffer from "diet brain" causing extreme mood swings and nausea 

 Three Ways Women Undermine Themselves At Work 

Four More Years (The Era Of Evil Being Awesome,...)

Tell me if one or more of these three examples makes sense: 

We're replacing a black president with a cult behind him for a white president with a cult behind him.

 "There is no serious evidence that GMOs are harmful," but we've created heroes who destroy them.

 We're proud to be building cars nobody wants. 

 Does any of it compute for you?

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Hot Stuff (There Was Nothing Left But Getting Goopy,...)

If you haven't read this by now, or figured it out on your own, then you're completely out of touch:
Pour it on: Study ties coffee to longer life. 
 There. Now you know: 

♪ I'm going to live fo-re-ver! ♬ I'm going to live fo-re-ver! ♪ 

Oh dear - will somebody please help me? 


My name is Gwyneth Paltrow, I'm a NewAger, and I let Madonna put Foldger's in my butt,…


I was going to list a number of economic links with this video, to make a point about how far gone we're already headed down the road to financial ruin, but then I ran across this item and thought it summed up the problem about as precisely, and concisely, as I could ever hope or desire:
Mexican boy's eyes gouged out 'to save the world' 
See the issue? Except for the headline NOT ending with, "and he liked it," I'd say that pretty much captures the enormous entirety of what's wrong with the situation, as I see it.

Good luck with that,…

Long Time Gone (Droppin' The Bombs,...)

Alright, I've spent a little too much time on the Althouse blog today - it's getting a little snippy over there - while devoting time to my own thing should be my top priority, right right? I've also got a new job, with long hours, so it's been tough:

 Three-Day-Weekend, Hooooooooooooo!!!!!

Mostly because I think we still need something to file next to Grizzly Man, I've got this 3/4 high thumbs-up DVD recommendation for Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost's documentary, Catfish, that - though nowhere as grand as Werner Herzog's masterpiece - is as close to the same delusional ballpark as I've seen. Catfish even includes something new:

A madness intervention - what's not to love?

I'm enjoying the current rash of cult-specific movies, but the films on straight-up, crazy individuals are few and far between, when (with, maybe, the possible exception of Kevin MacDonald's One Day In September) they're where the real meat and potatoes are so far. Watching individuals trip-ping. 

I love that.

I wonder if Kevin MacDonald's Marley should be put in the "cult" or plain ol' "crazy" category? 

I can't decide, since Bob was Rasta,....

Friday, May 25, 2012

Socialist? Wow. I'm So Glad We've Cleared THAT Up,...

My Hero (The Man Who Knew The Answer)

Between watching the current political "scene," and listening to the outrageous "ideas" floating around about science and how the world REALLY works (beware fluoride and Monsanto, people!) I've decided this guy, above, is the only man who's ever appeared on the planet with any insight into how to maneuver around it all. So, if you want to get a clue, forget Deepak Chopra, Mitt Romney, The Won, or whoever else is available for you to look up to now, and just stare into the two exclusive eyes of true wisdom - it can happen for you. He's there just for you - all you have to do is "believe":

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Make A Little Room (Before You Get Kicked Out,...)

Because I'm so fucking cool, somebody named "Rusty" wrote me a note regarding my misgivings about Mormons:
Crack. People choose to believe what they want to believe. At least in this hemisphere. Railing at them about it only drives them further into their beliefs.

Tell me about it. But you don't have to say it like such obvious signs of madness are a good thing. (Notice you're not saying people should behave this way, just that they do,...) That claim is basically an endorsement of Al Qaeda and the 9/11 high jacker's actions, which I think you'll agree was a lousy choice for them to make - just ask bin Laden. 

I'm reminded of what Martin Luther said when questioned about the existence of god now that he no longer had the Catholic Church to hold onto. 
"What the heart holds most dear, let that be your god."
Well shit, somebody should've immediately handed that man some rock cocaine, then we probably would've had somebody calling himself Martin Luther KING one Hell of a lot sooner - AND understood such a juvenile statement as this to be the immature rambling that it is. What are you going to present to me next, Russ? "If you can't be / with the one you love / love the one you're with?"

I'm far more concerned about the cults arising out of the Ayatollahs or Dear Leader.
Ahh, so now we're picking and choosing which cults are O.K. - when none of them are O.K. - and, even better, finding the ones furthest away to be the more immediate threat! Whoo-boy, like the homeopath's conclusion that delusion equals strength, that's cultish thinking at it's best - but, unfortunately, no surprise when talking with a cult apologist.

You know, Peter Hitchens may not be the most graceful writer in the world, but he can certainly knock out an eye-catchingly truthful headline now and again:
Why defeat an evil empire – and then embrace a stupid one?
I don't know, Pete, but that seems to be the plan. Check out this statement by the kid who recorded his liberal teacher bullying her class as a way of defending Obama:

“She doesn’t want to hear anything but what she believes in”
Now, does it strike anyone else on the planet that this is a stupid way to go about life? Nah. Not to liberals. It never occurs to religious/spiritual types, either. Shit, right now, it doesn't even occur to conservatives they shouldn't be doing it. But do it they will - because we must defeat Obama! - and if they release the stupid while doing so, then so be it.
Time for nation to declare war on being stupid
Of course it's long past time, but it's not going to happen. Stupidity has a way of interrupting even the best laid plans, leaving a bitter taste in the mouth most are too dumb to identify as lying to themselves.

The 2004 version of Barack Obama, who captured the nation with a dazzling speech about unity and went on to win the presidency on a message of hope, died on Monday. He was 8 years old.
The stupid can't identify or tell the truth because, being stupid, they have little smarts and are thus enamored with seeing and performing displays of intelligence's lowly cousin - cleverness - which any moron can perform.

Is Obama as bright as he seems?…Doubts over his intellect were raised after it emerged that Mr Obama was among a 1981 intake of transfers to Columbia University that was branded one of the worst ever.
You might have noticed, those things that are currently going right, aren't doing so because anyone has wised up, but because of the recession - which is a result of past mass stupidity. Only the recession is forcing their hand - but, as some of you might have noticed, it's also making a point:

Being backed in a corner and confronted - mentally or physically - this is the only cure for determined idiots.

Dummies going to "choose to believe what they want to believe," but they must be reminded there is such a thing as a wise choice, because not everyone is lost in their mental mix-up, or accepting of their insanity as fact - and so we must apply reminders directly:

That despite what goes on in their silly little minds, the fools who go around "believing" things aren't the only ones on good ol' "Mother Earth"…