Sunday, December 12, 2021

"Democracy Dies in Darkness" Is NOT Supposed To Be A New Racial Statement

Tim Graham: Networks celebrate Harris as 'historic,' which protects her from the kind of scrutiny reporters usually apply

John Kass: "That ABC and CNN still call themselves news networks is testimony to the arrogance of their executives and the stupidity of their audience."

Matt Taibbi: Mainstream media 'in sync' with Democratic Party
Edward Helmore: CNN mess over Cuomo shows dangers of news-as-entertainment

You Better Recognize

Hillary Clinton says Americans won't 'recognize our country' if Trump wins in 2024
Brian Williams Quits TV: America In 2021 Is "Unrecognizable"

We're Never Going To Get Anywhere (Until We Square These Two Media Images)

Oprah Winfrey,...promotes the paranormal, psychic powers, new age spiritualism, conspiracy theories, quack celebrity diets, past life regression, angels, ghosts, alternative therapies like acupuncture and homeopathy, anti-vaccination, detoxification, vitamin megadosing, and virtually everything that will distract a human being from making useful progress and informed decisions in life. Although much of what she promotes is not directly harmful, she offers no distinction between the two, leaving the gullible public increasingly and incrementally injured with virtually every episode. [Emphasis TMR]

Oprah Winfrey has proven to be a good, caring person. She has helped thousands of people and undoubtedly will help many more. She is one of America’s rare, self-made billionaires and there is much to admire about her personal story. Born to an unwed teen mother, she lived for years in poverty. Because of her dysfunctional childhood, her “street-cred IQ” remains high. Winfrey also has proven her intellectual horsepower across a broad spectrum of interests.

Saturday, December 11, 2021

The Things Women Will Do (For Leggings To Shape Their Asses) Are Remarkable

Discovery+ has (what they're calling) a "true crime documentary" named "The Rise and Fall of LuLaRoe" that (supposedly) investigates the multi-level marketing/direct sales/pyramid scheme of the clothing brand, LuLaRoe. Not to be confused with the so-uninvestigated-it's-criminal clothing brand, Lulalemon, which was merely a cult


France (The Real Deal In Three Quotes)

"What I gained in France was to be better satisfied with my own country." 

– Samuel Johnson 

"France has neither winter nor summer nor morals. Apart from these drawbacks it is a fine country." 

– Mark Twain 

"A helpless, hopeless mass of protoplasm." 

– President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Broken Glass - Everywhere - People Pissin' On Stage Like They Just Don't Care


If you wonder why America is "unrecognizable" to MSNBC's Brian Williams - a known liar - look no further than the R-word: "Reality painfully crashes the illusions of Biden Democrats". 

The destruction of their belief system is just the "break" we've been waiting for.

One Of Journalism's Emperors Has No Clothes (But That's Gay Dudes For You)

Andrew Sullivan now says "The Woke: On The Wrong Side Of History (We need a racial politics for 2119, not 1619. Latinos will lead the way") but, when Obama was hot, he also said "Is anyone as unsurprised as I am that he's a Leo?" (and don't make me bring up the Sarah Palin shit). What''s unsurprising is, in all this time, he's never entertained (or, apparently, had it seriously suggested to him) that - even though he writes his ass off - his ability to reason may have an OBVIOUS flaw in it. So, I think, he could be mistaken about woke. 

Andrew Sullivan has simply never understood the world around him.

Friday, December 10, 2021

Jussie Smollett Is The Democrat Party's Unsuccessful Version Of Harvey Milk

Just as the kidnapping lowlife, Harvey Milk, blew up his own camera store to blame homophobia for his problems, Jussie Smollett got himself beat up to do the same - but events haven't gone as well. The public bought all the lies around Milk - even after death - while Smollett's were seen through, almost immediately. So there will be no new Democrat laws for us to live under, no public acceptance or codes of behavior demanded, and no new lies for the rest of us (and future generations) to swallow and live under, as a result.
And, because Democrats run the media, there will also be no serious investigation into how the party, over time, has spun it's lies to warp reality - all the way back from Harvey Milk, Jim Jones, and the hunt for Hillary Clinton's "rightwing conspiracy", to Jussie Smollett, Oprah Winfrey, and (also Hillary Clinton's) Russia Hoax, today. This lack of action, on the part of the media, is so the party's PBS-watching supporters will have learned nothing, and will continue pretending they (and we) have ever seen anything, eyes wide shut. 

How are they being different from the Soviet Union again?

Thursday, December 9, 2021

The Daily Show: Right Over The Target (And It'll Still Be A Miss)


The people who've insisted "life is an illusion" and we must "question authority" (and even "reality isn't real") started the plague of conspiracy theories - not a bunch of wild-eyed patriots who don't fear Donald Trump just because Rachel Maddow gave them the high sign. But Jordan Keppler's just getting around to them. Almost as an afterthought. And this piece will be the end of his interest.

Because NewAge has the whole world turned upside-down.

Applaud Like Seals (For Fish In The Circus)


Crying in public - because she didn't get to rule over us - is pretty weird. Doing it after she's trapped us in the Russia Hoax, for all these years, is even weirder. The woman who had the dog killed of one of her husband's rape victims, and - let's not forget - who's married to a rapist. Crying. In public. For herself

There's the living, breathing definition of narcissism right there.