Thursday, August 30, 2007

Laugh, Clown, Laugh

In the beginning, my wife, Karine Brunck (above) said our lives would improve because she was getting help from psychics.

Ha-ha, I said.

In the late 80's, she declared that George H.W. "Poppy" Bush was The Anti-Christ.

I laughed at that idea too.

In the 90's, she became deluded enough to let some asshole thoroughly convince her she could walk through walls.

More laughter.

This was followed by the asinine belief she could cure cancer, and A.I.D.S., with her bare hands.


And finally, there was the $500.00 a session reiki training, that lasted a week - in an isolated area, with a bunch of people I didn't know - that she told me I couldn't attend because,...I'd laugh.

After each of these events, we would argue; losing sleep - and totally destroying our time together - which could be so pleasant when we were left alone to make decisions for ourselves (something I later learned was rare.).

Flash forward, to October 2005, when our marriage was coming apart (after I'd discovered a cassette of my wife - talking with Doti Boon, The California Psychic, this immoral, and evil, bitch - and learned the woman I loved had, not only, fallen under the spell of a murderous, and sexually adventurous, homeopath - who referred to my wife as his "Goddess/Whore" - but that this secretary had even made the phenomenally egotistical leap to believing - as a long-time, and self-proclaimed, "Student of the Occult" - that she was a God). I'm asking her - after 20 years of my self-sacrifice and wary, naive, indulgence - why would she drive us further into this circle of Hell, over and over again, for such an expensive list of insane nonsense, that she's never come close to proving, and knew would, eventually, drive us apart?

Becoming extremely angry because I was challenging her beliefs - again - she, then, spat out one of the most thought-stopping things I'd ever heard an adult say. She said:

"I over-estimated my powers."

That was one of the last times I laughed at anything NewAge.

Anyway, I saw her yesterday, for the first time in like a year. She was the passenger in a car, wearing new glasses and laughing, as I stood, miserable and sweating, on a bicycle - thinking of her emptying our bank accounts - and all the other terrible things she'd done prior to our divorce. Our eyes met - and she went right on laughing.

Unbeknownst to me, I was on my way to an appointment that took place in a San Francisco restaurant which is owned, operated, and staffed, by participants in The Landmark Forum cult. It was highly bizarre.

Then, after dinner, my companion and I were accosted by a guy wearing a T-Shit that screamed, 9-11 Was An Inside Job!

And later, as I sat at a Kinko's computer terminal, the graphic artist working next to me repeated the same question into his cell phone for about 15 minutes:

"You want the top line to say 'It's A Spiritual Revolution!', right?"

Taken together, I think it's no wonder my ex is the one laughing now.

This is no laughing matter, this is:

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wade In The Water

"The new Germany considers it politically necessary to proceed in the verification of all phenomena whatsoever. However, certain physicians have not hesitated to attack and reject not only new therapies but also others whose origins go back to a distant past - as is today the case with homeopathy — without even making the effort to subject these therapies to serious examination. For this reason, I have taken under my protection the XII International Congress of Homeopathy in Berlin, to express the interest of the National Socialist State in all modes of therapies that are useful to the people´s health."
-- Dr. Rudolph Hess, opening the international congress of the Homeopathic Society in the name of the Führer, on 8 August 1937.

BTW, even after all these years of failure, these freaks are still claiming homeopathy needs "further study",...

I know this means almost nothing to most of you, but it interests me to understand the kind of mind that gets drawn to these things, or chooses to spread them.

What are their ethics? The german homeopathic "doctor" that euthanized my mother-in-law - and then slept with my wife within a month - claimed to be a follower of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, who advised physicians to tell survivors, "Wait for about one year after the death of a loved one before making any major changes".

I guess, to him, the use of homeopathy also "diluted" any respect for professional doctor/patient/caregiver boundary issues. Yea, because he's special.

But not as special as:

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Memory Of Water (I'll Never Forget)

Richard Dawkins's two-part documentary, The Enemies of Reason, is sequenced in just a way to remind me, hauntingly, of the two most intensely weird stages of my marriage:

After we got married (when I first discovered my ex was into NewAge stuff) and she was always saying, "Believe me."

And 20 years later (as I was, desperately, trying to explain how a NewAge homeopathic quack had killed my mother-in-law - and was fooling my spouse) when her new refrain became, "You're just saying that because you don't believe."

I fear for her. I really do.

11/19/08 UPDATE: My fears were confirmed.

The only way I keep it together is with:

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Macho Response

I've been crying. I've been crying because I'm lost. I'm lost in a world I don't understand anymore. And a world that no longer understands me.

My tears started when I read this post about a guy who is tortured because his marriage was destroyed by a cult organization.

I believe my marriage ended because of cult influences too.

This is a blog about how cultish influences negatively affect our lives, and it's called: