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Events Like This Are One Problem With America

A serial adulterer (Rudy) a scam artist (Zigler) an Obama-supporting RINO (Powell) and, apparently, a drug user and dealer, is not the kind of sterling line-up I'd pay see, in hopes of straightening out my life, unless they're being used as examples of who not to emulate. But, for some reason, Americans today attend these large gatherings, only to be pitched on some other way to fuck everything up - and they can't tell that's what's happening: that their own gullibility - and worship of celebrity - is probably why they're in so much trouble they thought they had to attend this thing in the first place. And not only that but the rubes will do it over and over again, until they've got nothing left to give.

Then they'll claim to have found God and attempt to boss other people around - for their own good, of course.

If you ask me, the whole set-up - from the brain-dead attendees (and the craven presenters) to the brain-dead culture that would encourage it - is sheer and utter madness.

There, I said it. That is all.

Hat Tip: The Daily Beast

I Wouldn't Have Picked It Up If I Could Help It

"She knew he was married, of course. But Woods told her she was his only girlfriend, Allred said. 'A woman ought to be able to believe a man when he tells her that.'..."
-- Gerrick D. Kennedy, blogging about lawyer Gloria Allred's controversial defense of Veronica Siwik-Daniels, "a former porn actress who said she had a three-year relationship" with Tiger Woods - and catching Allred making one of the stupidest comments I've read all day - a statement almost as stupid as her client's hope to break up another woman's marriage, before letting her scheming lawyer try portraying that betrayal as a feminist act, in The Los Angeles Times.

The Name "Smiley" Was A Hint Something's Off

This is great:

NewsBusters got all bent out of shape to hear Tavis Smiley say he "would take a bullet" for disgraced socialist, 9/11 truther, and former Obama administration "Environmental Czar" Van Jones:

"On his self-titled PBS show on Thursday night, Tavis Smiley declared his love for radical 9-11 truther/Obama adviser Van Jones: 'I believe in supporting friends and you know I love you, would do anything - would take a bullet for Van Jones.' He concluded the interview by oozing 'Van Jones is among the best our community has ever produced.'"
Now I know most people hearing the word "community" would think Smiley's talking about the black community, but most people don't know he's signed to Louise Hay's NewAge imprint, Hay House.

Why does that matter?

Because that connects him (along with the accused murderer, James Arthur Ray) to The Secret's crazy "Law of Attraction" crowd with Oprah.

As The New York Times' Mark Oppenheimer told us in his 2008 article on Hay, "The Queen of the New Age":

"Though you may not know it, you live in Louise Hay’s world. Are you a black man who thinks psychics are nonsense but reads the affirmations of Tavis Smiley? Hay House has a special imprint just for Smiley."
"You live in Louise Hay’s world." This is what frustrates me about journalism today, namely that there's so little investigation - beyond the obvious political dimension - a la the man who brought down Van Jones, Glenn Beck.

If there was, NewsBusters wouldn't be surprised by the insane things certain people say, because they'd know they're kooky NewAgers and would be able to categorize their statements accordingly.

Like, would Smiley's defense of Jones seem bizarre to NewsBusters if they knew Smiley's publisher also carries Montel Williams' favorite "psychic", Silvia Browne, and not only thinks the Jews brought the Holocaust down upon themselves but also that they "deserved what they got because of their behavior in past lives"?

I sincerely doubt it.

NewsBusters whines:
"Smiley attacked the Obama White House for not fighting the 'absolute lies' that sunk Jones – without ever bringing specifics."
But Oppenheimer made it very clear that "Hay House has a complicated relationship with,...what most of us would call truth." And, as TMR's friends at Scotteriolgy made clear, fudging on specifics is a trait of NewAge culture.

And once you add in the NewAge "community" - which is the same one that elected Obama - you can then connect the dots to a lot of odd behavior out there.

Unfortunately, for all of us, conservatives are leaving it up to rappers to play connect-the-dots from politics to Leftist spirituality.

This NewAge Is Truly A World Of Wonder

"Finally, half-way through the book come 'the good parts.'

Young starts to notice the Senator flirting with waitresses, but thinks nothing of it.

He is a little quizzical, though, when a woman who picks up Edwards at the Regency is given a $100,000 contract to do video work.

This would be Rielle Hunter, née Lisa Druck.

Young decides she looks practiced at 'identifying rich men, married or not, and connecting with them—at least temporarily.'

Young writes that, when arriving in New York in her early twenties, she briefly dated Jay McInerney and wound up in Story of My Life as 'the repulsive character Alison Poole.'

Oh, and her father participated in a horse-killing insurance scam.

Young then goes on to paint her as a forty-one year-old round-heeled fruitcake who 'when she first saw John Edwards she noticed "an aura" of energy floating over him. When she made eye contact with the senator, she knew their destinies were intertwined, and that she had been sent to Earth to serve him.'

And of course everyone knows the rest.

Boy runs for president, meets trollop, knocks her up, can’t afford the scandal, arranges a financial cushion (see FBI agents, IRS agents, and the officers of the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of North Carolina) and all hell breaks loose.

Or rather, the
National Enquirer is on to him. (It has just been nominated for a Pulitzer for its coverage of this nationally repercussive sordidness.)

Of course Young, the good shnook, is recruited to be the admitted father of Rielle’s baby bump.

And did I mention that Rielle and Edwards agreed on an 'open' relationship?

With time, Edwards started to complain that Rielle was crazy, just as he had complained about his wife.

By now Young had become the beard in order to keep Rielle around.

It was decided that Elizabeth’s recurrence of cancer would be useful to the campaign. Ick.

When Rielle reveals she is with child, Edwards elevates her title to 'crazy slut.'

As some mistresses are wont to do, Rielle became jealous of the real wife.

She was infuriated when there was a lot of publicity about the Edwardses renewing their vows on their thirtieth anniversary and then celebrating at Wendy’s. (Wendy’s?!)

The running and hiding and supporting Rielle and the Youngs on the run was financed by (metaphorically) poor, trusting, Democratic, aged Bunny Mellon—to the tune of six million dollars. 

Another rich supporter, a Texan lawyer named Fred Baron (since deceased), also paid for the care and upkeep of Rielle, then the baby—but he, at least, knew where the money was going.

The lesson, if that is the word, of this sad and tawdry book is that Young was being played by John Edwards, and that a stiff whaddya-call-it has no conscience and no brains, either.

When I read Young’s account of Edwards saying, essentially, that if the truth did come out, it would be a one day story because 'everyone knows' that politicians fool around, I felt that Edwards and Hunter deserved each other.

Oh yes, and it’s possible that Rielle herself tipped off the
-- Margo Howard, reminding TMR of all the hurtful nonsense NewAge stupidity sets in motion - her review of Andrew Young's book is called "The Losers" - when no one's trying to get Rielle, but working towards The New Republic.

Real Men Don't Exist (Welcome To The NewAge)

Of course, TMR has always been aware of - and has never bowed to - this hateful aspect of the world that's been built up around us, but then that's why so few care for TMR:

Real men do still exist.

UPDATE: It's too easy:
"Well, Suze Orman is back at it again, playing the henpecking man-hater who tells women to get divorced from their husbands for making what she perceives to be financial mistakes. I thought she had started to recover from her man-hating, sexist ways, but I was wrong. I watched last night's show (Sat, Feb. 27th) and she had on Andrea, a real winner of a wife who met with Suze to basically castrate her husband, Joe, without his even being present. Ms. Orman stated that Joe was supposed to be on the show, but decided not to show. Gee, I wonder why?

All I can say to Joe, wherever he is out there, is,...if men would start to come forward and fight back against the sexism of the likes of Suze Orman and your wife Andrea, then maybe women would stop shaming their men in public. Fight fire with fire. Until then, expect the media to treat men like dirt, and humiliate them, because, well, they can."
-- Dr. Helen

We Can't Control Nature (But Global Warming)

Hat Tip - and great work by: iOwnTheWorld

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Something Concrete

"Members of Parliament who criticised homeopathy have badly knotted chakras and are emitting an unhealthy purple aura, it was claimed last night.

As a committee of MPs said the not-medicine was 14 times less efficient than writing a letter to Jesus, homeopaths claimed the report had no credibility because it had not been buried for two weeks in a cocoon of damp horse chestnut leaves, directly over the right kind of ley line."
-- The Daily Mash

Call It Anything You Want (It Was Never Science)

"How has it happened that so many distinguished scientists around the world have got it so very wrong? Why is that more than a few of them think it’s OK to manipulate evidence, hide or destroy data after inconvenient [Freedom Of Information] requests, conspire to silence dissenting scientists, lie and cheat in official hearings, and generally engage in the kind of activities that those of in the non-scientific world had naively assumed that a real scientist would never do?

In three words: Post Normal Science (PNS).

Without PNS, the whole AGW scam might never have got off the ground. PNS was the evil philosophy that gave the scientists involved the intellectual justification to do the wicked things they did."
-- James Delingpole, probably not realizing what he's describing fits right into the subject this blog covers - cultism and/or cultish thinking - even though he's still right (he's always right about everything) which is why he's in The Telegraph.