Monday, December 28, 2020

We're Done Here - TMR: 2005 - 2020.

TMR was started after my wife joined a cult and forced me into a divorce.
Since then, cults have grown into a cultural force around the world - with movies and documentaries now - just as I predicted.
Everyone was denying cults even existed when TMR began, but today, even The Democrat Party (of Jim Jones and The Peoples Temple fame) is openly accusing others of being cults now - as cover for their own activities.
But, even after a decade of anguish, no one cares enough to actually DO ANYTHING about cults or cultism, so there's no reason for TMR to continue.
After all these years, it's just too painful.
And, I guess, by never wanting to be "special" myself, and, now, hounded from facebook - and with about 12 readers, a day, here - I'm just the wrong man.
I'm a foster child - totally alone, and without resources, since the day my parents abandoned me - so nobody cares about me, my feelings, or what I say. If their cultism makes my life even worse - and EVEN MORE INSANE - it's no sweat off anyone else's brow. All cultists care about is being "happy".
Cultists want to be popular, welcomed by the group - as you all are - and have always wanted to be. I will never be that.
But, I can, at least, accept you all for what you are - the worst of the human condition - and (as cultists like to say) "move on". 

So, enjoy your madness, you stupid assholes. TMR is GONE.

Saturday, December 26, 2020

If "A" Is For "Arianna" And "O" is For "Oprah" There's A LOT Before "QAnon"

TMR sure hopes, now that The Democrat Party is in charge again, they will punish whoever's responsible for spreading this to the world.

Things In The United States That Make Less Sense Than Trump's Presidency

One of the largest online historical archives about Scientology launched in 1996 and is always growing, but - still - the cops can't seem to find enough evidence to bring a dangerous cult down

That's absolutely unbelievable, but 100% true.

2020: The Year Lines Were Clearly Drawn

The phone didn't ring once this Christmas, but that's alright: feigning enjoying idiots who can't explain themselves (or much of anything else) has never been enjoyable. James Randi always said the skeptical life would be lonesome, but, with his passing, it's just stayed the same. Oh well. Being too smart for bitches, and assholes trying to be clever, is over. The work's enough company now.

The toxicity of fools just don't entertain anymore.

If Joe Biden Wrote The 1994 Crime Bill That Wrongly Put Blacks In Prison - And President Trump Was Letting Them Out - Then Why'd You Vote For Joe Biden?

If you think Paul Manafort's pardon was The Triumph of Kleptocracy, then you must also think Hillary Clinton's "Russian collusion" hoax (and every other under-handed lie The Democrat Party told over the last five years) was alright, too - in which case, there's no reason to discuss it: 

Explain it to your kids.

The Antivaccine Movement's Rise Was Rightly Blamed On President Trump's 4 Years In Power (By Reliable Liberal Media Outlets,...Like The Huffington Post)

 - Little Green Footballs (2009)
"I sometimes think that the twit who created HuffPo, Arianna Huffington, likes the attention that turds dropped onto her blog by quackery boosters,..." 

- Respectful Insolence (2009)
"She was pilloried for her connection to John-Roger and the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, which some claim is a cult...HuffPo is not made for people who like their news straight." 

- TIME Magazine (2009)
"Oddly enough, it started out with the Huffington Post, of all places. In May 2005, Arianna Huffington started a large group blog,...within three weeks of its formation, it appeared to be providing a major soapbox for antivaccinationists,..." 

- Respectful Insolence (2008)

The NewAge Nazis of the international left are simply amazing.

Gullibility Gossip

"You can't talk stupid people out of what they talk themselves into" is TMR's standard reply, before getting as far away from them as possible. But, if they're questioning how and why President Obama would not only deal with Oprah Winfrey, but give her a medal - after 30 years of exploiting the American people as a promoter of frauds, cults, quacks and con artists - we're all ears.

The Left Has Investigated Itself (And It Finds Itself Innocent Of All Charges)


The video above aims to cast doubt on conservative claims of censorship by "Big Tech". Here's TMR's evidence of how they do it - from facebook:
Notice the charge of a "nudity" violation - without any nudity - and the ability to disagree, but not to actually challenge their wrong decision. The pile-on of liberal propaganda, in the face of such obvious evidence, is just galling. But not as galling as the fact no one but conservatives complained as it happened. Some "liberals".

Friday, December 25, 2020

Why Is It When White Supremacists Follow Trump Then Trump Becomes A White Supremacist But When NewAgers Follow Obama He Stays Obama?

- The Guardian UK, 2008

You've heard that one before, for sure. "Who me? Oh, I'm not New Age!" We've all heard it. Only terminal cases ever admit to the proclivity. Maybe the last gasp of those people who recently died in James Arthur Ray's Sedona sweat lodge was "Oh fuck, I guess I am New Age!" But of course, we'll never know if, even then, the denial was finally overcome. When you get right down to it, nobody wants to be seen as New Age because nobody wants to be seen as irreparably stupid.

After Trump, Spike Lee Is Confusing A Naked Lunch For Christmas Dinner


Spike Lee is STILL insisting 'People can't deal with a black man as President' - without saying which "people" - and as he continues to ignore the biggest elephant, sitting in black America's room, today:


On the campaign trail, Spike's chosen representative for that "black man" was none other than Oprah Winfrey, the nation's Queen of cults, fraud, pseudoscience, and misinformation.


Obama could've known better - should've known better - as should Spike now. But The Democrat Party has chosen to play dumb - about who they are, what they are, and what they have been up to - for as long as humanly possible.

Noticed, now that Trump's gone, so have the media's nasty "gotcha" questions? That's not an accident. Even excellent investigative documentary filmmaker Spike Lee is silent about politicians, cavorting with fakers who talk to the dead, when he wants to. Funny how that happens. And how Democrats never notice, or care, though they care (desperately) about everything else, including "saving the planet". Just nothing about informing the world on the dark side of The NewAge Movement. There, their curiosity DIES.


So he blames "people" - not Obama - for screwing the pooch on trust in America. But it was Obama who hooked up with a fraud, giving classes on "Karma", and it's Spike who is blind to the obvious implications:
His Emperor has never been wearing any clothes.

NewAge Headlines And Disaster Scenarios Naturally Go Together (Organically)

A Curse In Miracles

What are the odds, in the year 2020, cult leader Marianne Williamson would not only pen a Christmas column on astrology, but would do so - unafraid - after Joe Biden's "win", and after being a Presidential candidate for The Democrat Party (then claiming to be "defenders of Science") and, also, after being "spiritual advisor" to, both, two-time former Presidential candidate and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and daytime talk show phenom, Oprah Winfrey

Those odds are pretty damned good. As good as the odds the media wouldn't blink an eye at an astrologist being "spiritual advisor" to, both, a two-time former Presidential candidate and Secretary of State and a daytime talk show phenom (after both started selling themselves as huge "defenders of Science") but, instead, would let her get away with it. That's how good our media are. The Democrat Party's Night of the Living Dead media can't be expected to react negatively to a believer in astrology advising the same people the party, apparently, desperately want to lead us. They didn't sweat Oprah when she showed up with Barack Obama, either. It's like they forgot Oprah is the Queen of con artists, cultists, quacks, and frauds - so missed the possibility Obama is their King. Or that anything could be wrong with that picture.
THAT'S because The Democrat Party is, once again, as it appears.

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