Tuesday, March 30, 2021

White Women And "Woke"


CLAIM: "White women somehow highjacked the Woke Movement,..."
EVIDENCE: I do NOT remember Linda at the picnic,...

Democrats Need The Truth Behind Everything (But Bill Clinton's Rape Charges)

"How can you lecture us - while protecting a four-time rapist for 30 years?" is the one burning question that always seems to slip their party member's minds.

Today's Message: Don't Join Cults, Pray, Or Blame Us Blacks (Blame Yourselves)

It is waaay more concerning, how deeply concerned the media is with Losing A Loved One To QAnon: The Reality Of Navigating Relationships With Conspiracy Theorists, when there's so many other cults out there, that have been around for decades - doing real damage - and the media's shown little-to-no concern about those whatsoever. They've even encouraged participation in those. The media's really, really confused.
This computer wasn't gonna learn how to program itself. This post wasn't gonna write itself. Nothing was going to get researched (or merely looked-up) on it's own, and the religious and "spiritual" ain't ever gonna stop narcissistically thinking about themselves long enough to ever consider how uncomfortable they make normal people (without somebody actually saying it) so - for all those reasons, and, if only as a fall-back, to avoid becoming A) one of them, or B) as annoying as they are - I don't pray.

Sesame Street Introduces 'Todd', A White Male Muppet Who Is Blamed For Everything, but - unlike during the centuries whites persecuted poor blacks that way - this article shows Elmo laughing such things off, the weight of the world being almost nothing to a over-stuffed majority, sharing the burden of bearing it. In comfy homes, with boats and 4-wheelers. Oh, the humanity. 

What is it, when the Republicans do an Election Autopsy - that specifically says they have a serious "race problem" - in 2012? I'll tell you what it is: it's something that can be completely ignored by the party, and they're supporters, for almost a decade. What is it, when blacks have had enough, and finally do something about it - since whites refuse - by 2021? “This is some serious Year Zero stuff,..."

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Goodbye, Animators On Acid (And Hello, Animators On Ecstasy And MDMA)

The Oprahfication Of The Planet Started In The '90s (But Was Only Felt Today)

"So this is what happens when pseudoscience is called out in academia. SAGE Publishing is obviously not a bit concerned about science, despite their assurances, or they would never have launched a journal such as this. The editors do not worry about conflicts of interest or scientific evidence. They try to obfuscate when detailed criticism is published. The author does not even attempt to defend what she has written. I assume all of them are hoping that we will get weary of this and give up,...."

That's what happens in academia? Hell, that's what's happened in Science. That's what's happening in France. It's even worse in journalism - Oprah's supposed to be a journalist - and then you wonder how she campaigned with Obama, but without the press making a peep about her decades of pseudoscientific lies? It's just like they made the Democrat Party's last three years of "Russian Collusion" deceit just vanish into thin air (with all it implies about who's running things now,...). They sincerely expect us to swallow whatever they last throw on our plate, and forget whatever dishonest bullshit they previously served.
And Trump is a *perfect* fallback, as the last thing to put on our plate.

The NewAge In Hollywood: Tom Cruise's Film Career (Running On Scientology)

We KNOW people are so gullible - generally - they try to call-up actors using the phone numbers heard in their films, but (we're supposed to think) they're "too smart" to also be absorbing (and/or believing-in) the NewAge messages, embedded in all these crazy/stupid scripts, actors in cults participate in? 

Come on.

Is Being Dumb The Same As Being Evil?



Check it out: his NewAge conversion is merely glossed over, and his years of early anti-vaccine work (with Jenny McCarthy) erased from his history, altogether. With researchers this bad, it's easy to see how these monsters get away with what they do.

A Little Honesty (But Always Too Little-Too Late To Change What They Do)

"The vain attempt of villainous people to protect their legacy."

- Max Alvarez, a Democrat - admitting what the Clintons are doing - and the party, and it's voters, are allowing them to get away with.

Friday, March 26, 2021

Welcome To Limbo (This Is The Most Old School TMR Post In Over A Decade)

An open letter to Alternative Medicine - you started this social betrayal and you know it - you fucked Bill Clinton, didn't you? 
Even if conservatives are right, that Critical Race Theory,...is the most destructive force of the 21st century, they still fail to understand A) no one's going to stop it in the face of THEIR racial fanaticism (as outlined in the Republican Party's long-ignored 2012 election autopsy that found THEY had an unattended-to race problem) and B) being rooted in the French Revolution, even if not stopped, Critical Race Theory will burn itself out through self-destruction. And it may do some good before that

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I was an acquaintance of Dennis Peron. He was a liar. "Medical marijuana" was merely another lie he told in the hope to smoke weed without getting busted for it - and it worked. But it fucked up society by making it more deliberately dishonest. Gay Rights are based on the same premise, with the liars being defenders of that late cult shit, Harvey Milk
She Left QAnon. Now She Doesn’t Know What To Believe - and she doesn't have anyone like me around to suggest she STOP BELIEVING SHIT. Try taking the world on face-value for a change. Let the assumptions and expectations take care of themselves, without your assistance. No, instead, she's gonna find some new manipulative bitch or asshole to fill her up with some more garbage.
ABC gives platform to Scientologist named one of 12 biggest sources of vaccine disinfo because they're only a "news organization" with millions of dollars, and layers of fact-checkers, editors and researchers. They can't be expected to know everything. Hey - my friends (and the evil politicians they love) promote Robert F. Kennedy's bullshit even with me blaring the same message about him for years - so tweedle-dee and tweedle-dumb and par for the course, no? 
Suspicious 'Taoist master' claims he can enlarge breasts via mind control, and he can get more media coverage - and more positive media coverage - than anyone we need to actually hear from. 

'Blind' France bears responsibility on Rwanda genocide, historical commission reports. I've got nothing to add to previous comments on France: They suck and everybody lies about it. 
Ex-CDC director says he believes coronavirus originated in Wuhan lab, so President Trump is right - about almost everything - and they demanded we get rid of him for this nonsense. Wow.

There's No Racism Anywhere (We've Been Over This)


This Might Be Why You're Unhappy (I'm Surrounded By Stupid NewAge Liars)

Putting Chiropractors Out Of Business Would Really Help ("Save The Planet")

Jen Psaki Is Juvenile (And A Terrible Press Secretary) But The Left Eats Her Up

Sharon Stone Is Forrest Gump (And The Right Really Liked Forrest Gump A Lot)

Just as they were with Kanye West (before they weren't) and former NYT reporter Bari Weiss (who they used to know was dumb) conservatives are all excited because actress Sharon Stone has torn into cancel culture as ‘The stupidest thing I have ever seen happen’ - which only makes me reconsider the right's ever-changing hypocrisy - and the source:
70.3% of China say they will "never forgive" Sharon Stone for a remark she made, blaming the treatment of Tibet for a natural disaster that killed thousands.
That made her one of the first people to be canceled, after imagining herself a NewAge Pat Robertson of the East, but - instead of blaming gays for tornadoes in the South - she was blaming billions of Chinese citizens.
She then lost more credibility after claiming caffeine cures cancer. Yep - Sharon Stone's one of those long-standing "Miss Information" types of the left: the NewAgers who said all the crazy shit, but never got in trouble for it, before Trump came along to get scapegoated by the media for this phenomena. The company you keep.
And let's not forget how she was canceled by the courts, and lost custody of her son, because she wanted to Botox his feet to stop them from smelling.
Stupid is as stupid does, People.

I Know Where I Live (And It's Where Little White Ladies Feel Empowered To Talk Shit To Blacks Who Can Wipe The Floor With Them - Instead Of Wiping Floors)

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Louis CK Talks About "It"

A Bunch Of People At Burning Man Got Talked Into Voting For This (Somehow)

Glenn Reynolds Sounds Like There's Victims Now (Or Else Who's He Fighting?)

How to beat the woke: Never apologize, rally friends and punch back harder sounds a lot different from the "advice" the right gave me when I was canceled. Then, there were no victims, so nobody was going to stand with me, and I got eaten alive as they thumbed the latest Thomas Sowell novel.

These short-sighted, hypocritical asshats are everywhere.

America's Fifth Column Is Shaped Like An "O" (And It's Big And Black, Too)

"Atheists are the most likely to say they would get a vaccine...White evangelical Protestants are the least likely" - but nobody's questioning, mentioning, tracking, or even watching Oprah and the NewAgers, who were the ones to release all this anti-vaccine nonsense (and more) into Western society. 

Instead, everyone else gets the third degree - by them

They're like China, and the virus - but here, and without any scrutiny.

The Democrat Party And The Dead Man (They Hated Hitch Before Trump,...)


They got W.A.P. and nothin' else.

The NewAge In Hollywood: The Incredible Hulk (Edward Norton)

Meditation, yoga, and bullshit "breathing exercises" bookend what's supposed to be a comic book movie.