Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Way White Conservatives Twist Martin Luther King - And His "Content Of One's Character" Line - Is Shameful

"I wanna get the language right tonight."

Conservative attempts to lie to black people, about the very meaning of our leader and the movement he led, is so cynical - and proves, so well, that too many white Americans have cared so little that they have never even tried to understand his message (beyond memorizing a single, oft-televised, self-serving sentence from one speech) - there is absolutely no way any black American won't eventually see through such a racist ploy, and not resent their evil endeavors a hundredfold,...

Options Are The Best Tools (For Making Good Choices)

Then again, some of us ARE simply smarter than the others:


Donald Sterling's Girlfriend Made Racist Statements Too

There - maybe now, conservatives can stop saying it's not just them, or Democrats, and start agreeing with TMR - that it's everybody,...

20/20 Hindsight Can Be A Motherfucker (For The Blind)

Reviewing the past, this way, it's like Ta-Nehisi Coates could've been writing these words himself - but decades earlier: 

"I got on the wrong track and fell into that gutter, and I've been trying to get out of there for the longest, and I think this environment has something to do with keeping a man down, y'know?" 

Yeah, man, we know - now we know all too well,…

Want To Feel Good About Being A Man? Watch This,...

It's ironic - I didn't see my mother until I turned 40,...

The Difference Between San Franciscans & Libertarians

Other than that, they're pretty much identical,...

What Everyone Understands (But Conservative Whites)

It's the first logical answer most cultures, looking at America, go to - because THEY know blacks aren't stupid AND what happened:

The word for the day is "Buffoon".

Who the Americans are that make us "struggle" with the results of our "slave history" - and even insists we do so - TMR will leave unsaid,…

Bad Culture: Maya Angelou Talked To Dave Chappelle

"Malcolm made Martin look like a Tom - until he understood what was happening,…"

These are the conversations blacks have - and Paul Ryan dissed:

And other whites, online, have said I didn't enjoy,...

Anger At Blacks' Anger At Whites Is Still White Racism

Because cultural change ain't easy.

Electronic Dance Music Scene Gets The SNL Treatment

ADDED - because Bill Burr got there first, as usual:


And look at that face,...

Friday, May 30, 2014

Don't Test: American Conservative Racial Resentments Don't Represent TMR (We Call Them "The Guilty Party")

"Whites stole your future to sample restaurants in comfort - how do you feel about that?"

TMR has taken Harvard's Online Racial Preference Test - mostly because other conservatives say TMR's reading of American history is racist, and indicates a hatred of whites. But, when it comes to who to love, Harvard's test reveals TMR represents:

Didn't do well on the Privilege Test either.

Is it wrong to imagine TMR's conservative critics (who love to attack anyone or anything "black," anyone or anything that benefits blacks, or anyone or anything that indicates blacks are oppressed by whites and deserving of reparations) probably wouldn't fare as well?

I'm sure they'd say it was - and racist, too,...

Music, Movies, Sex - This Describes Everything Today

I am a walking disrupter.

Keeping us troublesome types out of the arts is really paying dividends: 

 And then they wonder why I'm never threatened:

Seemingly, biding my time,…

Being A Worthwhile Individual (Is More Than Skin Deep)

One of the many women who cared for me as a child.

This was true of conservatives on Althouse as well:

A woman I would've loved as an adult.

There's something about the Right that seemingly makes them crazy. They'll never attract blacks. They're just too stupid:

A woman any man could respect and honor.

She danced in the opera show, "Porgy and Bess." Angelou would go on to live in Egypt and then in Ghana, and she taught herself French, Spanish, Fanti, Italian and Arabic.

While Angelou is beloved for her autobiographies, she also penned a children's book, two cookbooks, a line of Hallmark greeting cards and two screenplays.

Though Angelou called herself a "reluctant actor," her performances would earn her the highest of accolades."

Unlike traditional American celebrity - which is now this or Cliven Bundy.

Maya Angelou, like most of her generation, was more-than twice as good - just to be considered "good enough" - compare:

Fuck the Right - fuck an education - and fuck America's color line,…

Does Spirituality Lead To Hanging People From Trees?

Strange Fruit - for every god they believe in.

"The most spiritual place on Earth" is looking a lot like America: 

 Which is filled with white NewAgers - spreading Indian spirituality,…

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Obstructionists To Justice (They Deny Us Themselves)

Blacks Believe Our Lying Eyes Before What Whites Say

Whites Commit So Many Tragic Crimes Against Blacks There's Absolutely No Way To Write Laws For Them All

A very descriptive portrait of a post

Do any of TMR's regular readers remember the post "White Racism And White Ignorance (Go Hand-In-Hand)"?

Portrait of a regular reader

It was about how the Grammy Awards' favoring of Macklemore and Lorde, while obviously rescinding it's top honors from black artists, affected a friend's job with a NewAge employer? 

This could be a donkey.

Oh man, the number of white denials TMR has received that this type of colorblind racist stuff is happening (and that such pettiness, on the part of whites, is negatively affecting black's financial and professional working lives) has been amazing.

This was probably an innocent man.

But in a white supremacist culture, as TMR always says - if you wait long enough - the truth will make itself known.

Steve Jobs said "Real Artists Steal."

From a black guy, working for a white female, at Apple - not Google: 

Regularly defending himself from accusations of stealing.

You know where this is going or - after TMR's other post - you should:

The "market" is a racist environment

To imagine that angry or resentful whites, in a white supremacist culture, won't find ways to be racist - outside the limits of the law - is to be, either, so naive you can't be trusted or so cynical you're dangerous.

Whites can care about racism - or not - depending on their own sense of comfort with the crime.

TMR has been telling you (and Ta-Nehisi Coates has also made clear) we blacks are sitting ducks in this, a corrupt and corrosive culture, and have always been so.

"I see there's some gaps in your employment history,…"

Whites, denying - still - how it's all working, change nothing,…

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

America Is So Racist Even Google Could Be The KKK

Our government gave you 400 years of a bad (or no) education? Great - I'll hire someone else!

White Americans lie to themselves, about there being a meritocracy, so they have something to believe in. I just wish they'd stop lying to me - it's depressing. Like Silicon Valley's much vaunted reputation for fairness, equality, and diversity - those weren't even good ones:

Can you do a search for "reparations for racist set-ups"?

How can you "first, do no evil" when your company's born discriminating? How can you do it when your country was?

And why must whites lie about it all the time?

Unlike most of them, I have eyes - and they actually work:

You know, correctly, the way things are supposed to,...

I'm Thinking About Hiring Myself Out For White Flogging

When he said "Run, Nigger Run!" he meant John Roberts.

Blacks are supposed to finally live in a colorblind America:

 But we should've known - in America - that's colorblind racism,…