Wednesday, April 30, 2014


These are images from American culture. Life isn't worth much. We know this. The homeless, literally, die in red and blue streets. History tells us this general lack of regard for humanity, and the lack of humanity it indicates, is normal in America. Conservatives actually regard caring as naivety (apparently, even if it's you in need of care). This, too, has always been culturally true. America couldn't have maintained slavery, for so long, otherwise.

Today, conservatives admire the few blacks who agree with them, and it doesn't flatter anyone involved. The rest of us look on, like they're strange twisted racist martians, but foreign to modern ways. So they talk to each other, almost for sport, revealing they both are unwilling - or unable - to acknowledge the rest as authentic. This, too, is an old part of our culture.

Something about the 97%'s simple desire for respect and justice gets lost in translation. Whether that's deliberate today, or the further product of America's centuries-old culture of white supremacy, isn't too important a distinction to the black born opposed and suspect. Not by everyone, but enough. Enough to continue screwing with our lives. What I'm trying to say is, we've got a case, and it's been moving glacially. But, in the court of public opinion, it does move.

Especially on the big screen, where injustice is being swiftly rewarded, and the Calvary is still nowhere to be found:

Consider, that Sterling guy, he's getting off easy,...

Colbert On Donald Sterling's All-White Basketball Team

"The games will be just as exciting,…"

How "Respect For The Law" Looks In An Unlawful Home

The overseers - I mean, officers - vs. the descendants of American slavery, answering the white racist's age-old question: 

"Why is it other people come here and succeed but blacks can't?"

It's more honest than claiming we're stupid and lazy, anyway,...

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Why Are Racist Words Greater Than Racist Practices?

Jon Stewart Investigates America's "Colorblind" Racism

How Important Are Five Years To Knowing The World?

 - TMR, October 23, 2009

 - Cult expert, Rick Ross, Apr 28, 2014

The White World Slave Owners Dreamed Of Is A Reality

Friday, April 25, 2014

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Remember When The Republicans Were Complaining What Liberals Mostly Wanted Them To Do Is Shut Up?

The Right should've taken the advice

 This is getting to be waaay funnier than Klavan:

What a potential slave owner looks like - with his flag 

Bundy should've said the conservative's magic words after a racial attack - "playing the victim" - and all would be well today,…

When I'm Wrong About Something (I'll Let You Know)

Professor Edzard Ernst has officially joined TMR's dark side:

  I've told you and told you and told you - just like with race,…

Aren't The Words "Look Away, Look Away, Dixieland"?

Everybody's backing away - again - instead:

TMR's still waiting for the payoff from this:

 It'll happen. Just give 'em time,….

Republicans On This Side Of The Atlantic UKIP On That

They simply can't stop themselves:

Just another day at the office, folks,...

Getting A Job In America (Is As Illegal As The Mexicans)


Go for a job and interviewers informed me of their religion.


 Go for a job and interviewers inform me of their sexual orientation,…

Republicans Get Advice For Cliven Bundy's Racism

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Richard Williams' Book About White's "Ancient History"

Wary - the look of a truly informed citizen

Black And White: The Way I See It is a new book by the father of Venus and Serena Williams, telling the truth too many whites deny, about what American life was (and is) like, as they went (and go) about their own:

Not everyone can be Superman

Blacks, living lives littered with "unsolved" murders, and somehow, whites think that should pass for normal progress:

It's fitting, that Richard Williams - this great American - is, still, hated by whites for his attitude,...

In 50 Years All Old White Guys Will Look Like This Playa

The GOP's figuring out a strategy on how to get him, right now,...

Monday, April 14, 2014

Think Of TMR As An Unintentional Oversight Committee

Did I ever mention The most thorough and independent assessment of homeopathy ever conducted? If not, I should have. Sorry. Here's the results, as phrased by Prof. Edzard Ernst (because I liked his phrasing better) and as if you needed to hear it:
"Not for a single health condition was there reliable evidence that homeopathy was effective."

One of these days, when homeopathy's dead bodies are lined up end-to-end, some of you are going to be just as conflicted - about being Whole Foods shoppers - as I am about having been married.
It won't be quite that bad, though, I hope,...

Pressed-Oh-Change-Oh (You Can Still Say It But Don't)

Hot Air's Allahpundit did a bit of,…well, let's call it "creative political visualization," and TMR's most likely scenario was played out:

And - BOOM! - They're gone:

I love that "somehow" at the end, too, because only the most dense are missing these many "colorblind" euphemisms - for the racial obvious - while the rest of us are catching them in a bucket,…

President Obama Spoke @ The National Action Network

He got a good laugh from the Birther nonsense,...

I Didn't Write The Script (I Read It For My Enjoyment)

Candy Crowley: "Do you think your Republican colleagues are racist?"

Steve Israel: "Not all of them, no. Of course not. But to a significant extent, the Republican base does have elements that are animated by racism."

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Can anyone else tell I'm getting tired of blogging?

I'm getting tired of blogging.

The daily grind, anyway.

I've explained TMR's interests and outlook a billion times, and it does no good, so - since you're all so happy with Glenn Reynolds' precognitions and I don't feel like doing it again - I'm happy to know I'm right and just let the cards fall where they may:

And to "expand beyond that tradition" must mean some of that "rethinking in other areas” Mickey Kaus was talking about.

Or not.

You never know with the Get-off-The-Democrat-Plantation crew.

I don't anyway.

Even our hero, Hammering Hank Aaron, tells them they're racists and they didn't get a clue, so what does that tell you?

Jenny McCarthy says "I am not 'anti-vaccine'” after years of being anti-vaccine - is that any different from the "colorblind" Republicans who can't stop doing and saying racist things?

I can't see it.

It's all cultism to me now - herd mentality - call it what you want.

A woman told me acupuncture is an ancient practice yesterday.

I let her talk.

This morning another woman attacked me over recycling.

I apologized for upsetting her.

Most major hospitals have mainstreamed my wife's beliefs - what am I going to do, blog about the idiocy I see - some more?

It's so widespread I'll never do anything else.


 But now I am doing something else.


Tomorrow is another edition of Uncle Ray's Psychedelic Soul, where he and I will be counting down his Top 100 Psychedelic Soul Albums and discussing whatever he may decide to throw at me.

(He's indicated Hank Aaron WILL be a topic,…)

Feel free to tune in, call in, catch up, make trouble:

In case you haven't noticed, I've honestly stopped giving a damn,…