Monday, September 30, 2013

Metaphor: America Has Injected Slavery Into It's Face

Ted Cruz Was Chosen By God To Ignore This Problem

A Main Reason Glenn Reynolds Won't Carry Black News

How Do You Make The Black Guys In Prison Feel Lucky?

But It's Still The Great Country You Can Feel Proud Of

Whites Issues With Blacks Have Weird Ass Foundations

Stay - You're Shit. Leave: Face "Perverse Fascination"

I wrote about this already. Nobody cares - they like to buy the lie. Which just tells me, if there's white people around, I'll never live a normal life:

Thanks Everybody!

Bogart That Joint (I Might Be Locked Up For A While,...)

He Grew Up Big And Strong (While She Went Insane)

Some things never change:

Like Rats Getting Off On Being Full of Shit (We Watch)

Conservatives Then & Now: Used To Stand In The Way

Here's The Thing About Blacks: We All Lie All The Time

Bananas: There's Your Voters - Go Get 'Em, Champs

Joining Republicans, when already navigating a hostile environment, don't make sense.

The Right likes monkey noises too much,...

These Libertarians Are Starting To Give Me The Creeps

Another paragon of purity has a slip of the tongue:

Good guy, bad climate,...

Does Anyone Know Mia Love's Number? We Gotta Talk

Amazing: The Distances Blacks Will Travel For Freedom

To start from a place of madness, one color over another, was madness enough. Next came being incarcerated and having to negotiate his freedom. As a criminal. In an edifice built with the wealth of his ancestors, utilizing laws that made that happen. 

I love the quizzical look on his face.

It's not easy to negotiate with crazy.

This Especially Applies To White Guys Studying "Game"

And, good lord, they don't like it,...

Why Do White People Always Think They're Right? This Is Why (And The Fact They're A 300 Mil. Strong Gang)

We Didn't Enter From The Rear So What's The Problem?

On the plus side, attitudes are changing!

She Wouldn't Hurt A Fly - Anybody Else? Forget About It

Racism: The Pain Blacks Gain Lies Mainly On The Brain

White People Are Experts On What I Should Care About - What Should They Care About? Anything They Like,...

I guess we can call this the Glenn Reynolds Argument:
Bullshit - white people are never wrong about blacks - they know everything,...

Conservatives Show So Much Yet Always Know So Little

Look Close: Republicans Used To Be In There With Us


 Hotel owner pouring acid in the pool while black people swim in it, ca. 1964

Conservatives: Slavery Has No Impact On Blacks Today

I Don't Know: It's Never Seemed To Make A Difference

Welcome To A Modern World Where Ain't Nothing New

Running across the article below reminds me of the last election, when my white "friends" said they didn't need my vote - because (surprise) that's what friends say. 

Mitt Romney was going to win in a landslide - Glenn Reynolds told them so - and everybody knows Glenn's politically savvier than me:

That Romney experience talked me out of voting. Nobody white cared. Now I might start voting Democrat just to twist the knife.

I'm testing out what it must feel like to be white. 
Kinda inhuman.

You know, just saying any ol' crazy thing and fuck the rest,...