Saturday, March 30, 2024

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

This Time It's Personal (And Getting Farther And Farther Away)



 But then, every day, there's a reminder: I was married, for 20 years, to a psycho. 


 I (and apparently, the world) somehow got roped into something I wanted nothing to do with


 Filled with people who don't know what it is to answer a direct question with a clear answer. 


And cults of every kind, flourishing. 


It's the end of the world as I know it.  And as I knew it, too. 


And as I knew it, too.

Monday, March 25, 2024

LIES AND DENIAL (AKA How NewAge "Works" - Through Journalism)

It's been reported that King Charles’ Cancer Is ‘Eating Him Alive’, as all journalistic memory that - just last December - King Charles appointed a homeopath to look after his health is, apparently, forgotten. This, after he'd been badgering the world about the worthless "healing modality" for decades. Of course, it's now considered unmentionable, in "bad taste," or something, to remind anyone of the hypocritical predicament Ol' Sausage Fingers has put himself, and, by extension, others in. Better to distract with gossip now, by talking about how Cancer-stricken Kate Middleton ‘doesn’t need Meghan or Harry to console her’, than bore down into the truly important medical issues surrounding what the King's been doing, to tax and mislead his subjects for all these years. That can now be ignored, presumably, until the day he and Kate die. And - of course - it will also be beyond "bad taste" to mention it then.

Better to just let the NewAge "happen," and never to discuss it's many ramifications, at all.

Sunday, March 24, 2024

The NewAge Is When Whatever Happens "Happens" (And That's Never Good)


Palestine, getting Candace Owens fired from The Daily Wire, should remind readers of TMR that (since "the tension between prescribed roles and the individual mindsets of post-Civil Rights Era blacks is one of the greatest shows in American culture") as "a veteran of some of San Francisco's most politically outspoken groups" we, too were blacklisted - after being known to "articulate,...those truths we hide from or can't find the words for" - so this blacklisting began a long, long time ago.


No one should miss that our dismissal, too, wasn't over anything political, but something also quasi-religious-in-nature - and fascist - though not Zionism. 

Nor should they forget how few came to help. Unlike with Owens, who began commenting as someone married to a millionaire, and can now start parlaying that into even more money now, being brave enough to have an opinion - when you're a not into anything unscientific, pseudoscientific, or rooted in faith, and your name's not Neal deGrasse Tyson - is isolating, dangerous, and financially ruinous. TMR paid the price, while millionaires can profit.


Last week, The Wall Street Journal noticed 25 Years Later, We’re All Trapped in ‘The Matrix’, agreeing with part of TMR's underlying thesis. But - we go on to say - even the addition of The Animatrix couldn't hint at how many crazy stories have been spawned, after all this futuristic technology was in the hands of a population, so stuck in the 19th Century, it's not uncommon to find a hypnotist ‘used insidious tactics’ to steal and sell women’s intimate photos


Forget The Matrix series, it's much more accurate to call this is the Oprah/Burning Man Generation. Now completely lost, after decades of insisting not only that they were totally on top of things, but better than the rest of us. When they so-totally were not


The difference, between TMR's world and their delusional one, is deadly.   


TMR is "woke," and that means we've known this is fascism, and are learning how it really works.


But, it also means - for self-preservation - we've stopped even trying to fight it. Why? Because, as we said, we know how this fascism works. But "John Doe's got the upper hand."

And women, especially, just seem to love that guy,...

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Atheism Is A Lonely Reality

Face it: It's these guys, or you're stuck with fascists forming a drum circle.

Michael Shellenberger Can Make Statements That Are Only Wrong When I Say It

Wellness: Making Sure To Eat Properly (So You Always Have A "Healthy" Barf)