Sunday, March 30, 2014

What The Left Got About Blacks & The Right Never Will

"White" may be a social construct, but black is the real thing:

"By trying to turn them into liberated individuals, Esalen was removing the one thing that gave them power and confidence, in their struggle against racism - their collective identity as blacks."

In other words, until whites stop the racism, it ain't going to work,...

MLK Was More Than His "I Have A Dream" Speech

He could've been answering Paul Ryan,….

Blacks Invent Sayings But "Ignorance Is Bliss" Ain't One

We went west.

White conservatives - who say it's racist for blacks to discuss race because it makes whites uncomfortable - don't understand this country, it's history, The Republican Party, American blacks, or The Civil Rights Movement. If they did, they wouldn't be trying to change it all to their vision, when they know it's outdated.

Because white conservatives  generally, "don't think about race" (and, thus, have done little about it) even the kids have a skewed vision. Like their too-many-documentary-watching parents, they, too, imagine black history is ancient history, so everybody's dead:

The All-Knowing Oracles Of The Racial Apocalypse.

A civil rights veteran says white conservatives can't "appreciate the nuances"? Well, if they didn't in the past, how can they, today, when the Right openly says they are "colorblind"? Terrence Roberts, the still-living civil rights legend, has it all wrong - there's no "ongoing battle to end racism" for white conservatives. They've got old fashioned racism again. And I'm a witness. 

Recently, TMR was compelled to show the history of "colorblind" racism, just as Slate's Jamelle Bouie was compelled to explain it's adherent's motivations - two blacks at the same time - so, I've got an inkling, white conservatives are still practicing racism, while, maybe, not understanding exactly how they're doing it.
"The problem is that 'I don’t have a racist bone in my body' only makes sense if your definition of racism stops at personal animus. If that’s true, then yes, I’m sure that most people lack racist bones.

But let’s broaden our horizons a bit. If we think of 'racism' as material harm—or anything that furthers racial stereotypes—then it doesn’t require anyone to hold hatred or show explicit bias. Bob Dole’s support for the South African regime wasn’t racist because he hated black people; it was racist because it bolstered a racist government. Likewise, if Paul Ryan committed a racial offense, it was to perpetuate ugly ideas about low-income black men.

In other words, the only reason to say 'I don’t have a racist bone in my body' is to change the subject: from what someone said or did to who he is. Indeed, when it comes to race, it’s much easier for people to talk about their boundless tolerance than it is to own up to their actions."

Glenn Reynolds on holiday - for no particular reason.

The Projects - "a monument to the folly, and the cowardice, of good intentions."

Many white conservatives won't do what Terrence Roberts suggests, from what I can see, mostly because A) their skewed vision paints them as proud heroes for even associating with blacks - which is obvious South African-type racism - and B) they know there's no way to hold whites accountable for what they're doing - without enormous risk to black people - in today's still-white-dominated environment. I know this from experience - white's exploit opportunities for pure racism. As Bill Burr said, it's subtle, quiet, and comes with I'm-not-racist disclaimers, because those are the "nuances" of race whites understand. 

And they do practice it.

You are so cool to do this.

White conservative's culture, of ignorantly looking down on blacks, hovers over and around the country - just as whites physically do blacks - not understanding that, usually, most black's attempts to buck that culture are not because we agree racism's "over", but because of the racist enforced-poverty white conservatives also force on us

That's what this is, ultimately, all about.

White conservatives think they can win from losing.

Being around white conservative's ignorance, alone, is life-threatening to blacks, but white conservatives can't know that, since they don't want to be told. But blacks know. Just as white conservatives refuse to change, the problem doesn't either. It's as American as apple pie, baseball, and broken promises.

White supremacy is a house on fire

Like most people, I was deeply moved by last week's video of Curtis Reissig's courage, but - as I said on Althouse - it was haunting:

Another commenter added:

Why is this man grinning?

And that, I added, would be "just like black life,…" because it is. Left alone to handle "your" problem, of whatever you tried to build on going up in flames - a problem caused by someone else - but it's only the black person who, somehow, has to "escape"? That's normal for us. Black parents live with it, daily. But, after the recent spate of black lynchings, why would white conservatives in America consider, in 2014, that black "success" is still, proudly, measured in staying alive? 

This should be in the Pledge Of Allegiance.

They don't want to know. It's too different from white life, in this so-called "post-racial" world, where how much money they make/exploit remains the mark of achievement. Even Althouse's supposedly-educated commenters can't comprehend the basics.

Althouse commenters are so "open" about their feelings. 

Can anyone deny, almost no matter what whites do, if they imagine the problem was "centuries ago" - but blacks must "deal with it" today - that shows white conservatives have no awareness of what we "poverty pimps" have always been doing with whites? Isn't yelling "stop playing the victim" what whites have always said to blacks? Isn't this the white conservative's answer to Terrence Roberts' challenge to "ask yourself, 'In what way am I perpetuating this ideology of racism?'" - when outnumbering blacks 6 to 1? 

"Think on your feet, Rabbit"

And, as we do "deal with it", is it any wonder we don't also welcome (and aren't grateful for) advice we receive, on being "happy" about the situation whites have - repeatedly - put us in?

Inspired by a Parliament/Funkadelic concert.

"Racism works for the Republican Party in the short-term. Ironically, the Republican Party's name brand as a white identity organization in post civil rights America, and efforts to further expand its white voting base, will enable the GOP to lose by winning."

Do conservative whites own mirrors - or are they like vampires?

As Wisconsin Senator Paul Ryan's recent comments suggest, I've met whites who seem to think there's something wrong with blacks, simply because whites still can't imagine anything wrong with themselves.  How could white supremacists know any different? They tell themselves it was their ancestors, long ago, who have nothing to do with how whites behave today. Today, the problem is elsewhere - just as their ancestors said - but, since whites don't want to know different, who knew?

He's trusting the nation will be good to him.

That's the nation and history white conservatives blindly support. But what do blacks see if our trust in this nation is not blind? Whites who think they're different. Not just from their forefathers but everyone. And, just like their racist forefathers, they see "animals" where people are. Again - I'm a witness.

The Ten Commandments by Spike Lee

Unlike most blacks, I've had a front seat to not only Ted Nugent saying it, but Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds saying it (even after the Ted Nugent brouhaha!) and commenters - like the Dust Bunny Queen and edutcher - saying it. History tells me the Tea Party's definitely something to worry about when it's politicians, entertainers, internet leaders, and numerous caucasian commenters feel free to openly talk like Nazis

This statement makes her different.

What they refuse to understand is - while there is a cultural uniformity there, including in how I, as a member of their "subhuman" species responds to it - they are now representatives of America's racist elite, who don't have blacks - or America's - well-being at heart. It's those of us, reacting to them, who do.

There's no going back.

No history, no culture, no problem - easy.

Really, what's their point? In the context of America's history, white conservatives can't tell us. Because they don't know. That's why they need history gone. 

Like blacks have never had other things to do.

Some want blacks dead, on trumped-up charges, so they can finally be comfortable,...with the spoils from slavery, they deny this nation was built on, and support in pretending blacks don't deserve. That's my "colorblind" theory, anyway, because that, alone, will be the end result if they're successful. More crime.

What it's like to want a job.

So, we'll push on for justice, with or without them. As we always have. They can get mad if they want to. Living with them is, still, life and death and a massive theft. We know this. We won't stop. Their disgust at our actions are nothing new. 

Neither are the results.


As I said, the white conservatives lack of self-awareness, of themselves as individuals AND the situation white America's created, is deadly. But only to blacks like me.

This is not a promise to be believed.

So excuse me if I - as a "poverty pimp" - won't wait for whites to admit that since, I'm aware, they don't wanna know,….

Louis CK Plays Saturday Night Live's "Black Jeopardy"

"The truth is, we would've accepted any answer,…"

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pandora's Box: Everything Documentaries Should Be

A White Guy Proves Producer Prince Paul Is A Genius

 Here's Prince Paul's track, Flattery, featuring a white guy (or a nerdy black guy) who ain't got no skills,...


 And here's "the man" practicing an OTT technique that gets results: 

 Ladies, you've been warned - about yourselves,….

White Guys Being Assholes (It Doesn't Always Pay Off)

Fortunately, white privilege doesn't protect whites from themselves,...

TMR's Tip O' The Hat To Angry White Racist Republicans

 - A racist, being a racist - and using racist terminology - thinking it's an effective tool on those who never believed him to begin with

So, now that ObamaCare has met it's goals, how long are the racist Republicans going to stay trapped in the delusion they're being told the truth - anywhere? Oh sure, they're "told" they've still got the midterms coming, but - let's be honest - they're going to blow it before November, just as they've blown everything since 2010, so who are they fooling now, but themselves?

Didn't I tell them Ted "Lose" Cruz will be their nominee?

Rand Paul can't do it - he's exposed already - so good luck with that.

 As the quack-loving and futuristically-apocalyptic Glenn Reynolds should be saying - in front of the conservative public AND his bathroom mirror - what you're getting from these creeps is "fraud all the way down" and the results continuously prove it.

That an "angry" black man is more accurate - and is the racist's last remaining voice of reason - should tell them just how far from the "plantation" they actually are, now, in reality:

Because America's on a road to somewhere else entirely,...

Thursday, March 27, 2014

"Colorblind" Racism: Turning Racism Around To Keep It

 - A racist school principle, from James Baldwin's famous 1961 essay, "Nobody Knows My Name"

 - April Chambers, secretary of the North Georgia chapter of the Ku Klux Klan, 2012

 - Frank Ancona, an Imperial Wizard of the Traditional American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, 2013

 - Paul Ryan, senator, defending his racist comments, 2014

 - Fen, a regular racist commenter on Althouse, 2014

 - Smilin' Jack, a regular racist commenter on Althouse, 2014

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The G.O.P.'s Black Charlie Crist (Ass Out In The Cold)

Real Talk

After reading an Atlantic piece, on the the exodus of Charlie Crist from the Republican Party, I can see - in many ways - I'm actually part of a trend, rather than just idiosyncratically outraged at it's revealed racism when stressed. The Tea Party broke what - at one time -  "looked" respectable (They should thank their lucky stars for George Bush's personal decency) but now the G.O.P.'s nowhere multicultural America should want to be. 

I, too, am going Democrat, leaving strict conservatives with their reconstituted John Birch Society.

Real Love

Needless to say, my interests have changed, focusing mainly - not on the interests of black folks (if I did that, not only would there be more gospel, but a lot more Jesus) - but on disrupting Lee Atwater's deeply troubling, white supremacist, in-group/out-group cultism over us "lazy" black criminals "playing the victim" while "we don't see race" and no - though no one asked - you can't make me feel guilty! If even one white person reads this blog and discovers anything that either puts a dent in that line of "reasoning" or, at the very least, adds to it in some substantive way that makes the black experience more real (SlaveryJim Crow, etc. = a good chance for poverty and crime? Even today? Hmmm) then my efforts and travails will have been worth it. 

Because, like Charlie Crist apparently, I give a damn. Not in the "sunny" way he does, but in the way that says, "Crack, you better put on another layer of rhino hide - and fight, fight, fight through the despair - because Martin Luther King wouldn't give a damn if Rand Paul's out there, or Glenn Reynolds is telling you seaweed is going to get us to the moon, even those crazy sombitches won't be left behind."

Real Bad

Real race shit is uncomfortable. This blog is uncomfortable. I know that. Which is why, I think, the internet is perfect for displaying the art of our age and dealing with it. The privacy, just for starters. No one wants to be openly accused or associated with the doofus' above, but the current conservative line can't be detached from it. It's the Southern Strategy. No racism, no hatred: 

It. Must. Be. Defeated. Here. Now. Today. TMR.

Real Good (Joke)

Just as the tide finally seems to be turning on NewAge practices, I predict white conservatives - not just evil KKK types - will eventually understand how they Fred Phelps-ed themselves during the Trayvon Martin trial, and want to find a new language, and attitude, about the darkening of America. This is serious business.

Real Confused

I can acknowledge Paul Ryan might be "trying". But, after mentioning Charles Murray, he's obviously talking to the wrooong people. If he can walk into a room full of credible black folks, and come out with that same cocky look he shows the world now, well then - brave man - he's onto something. I don't know if he's got it in him. We'll see.

The Real Deal

Finally, I'm trying to hold up a brave face in a dire situation, too - one that can lead to a very bad outcome. I'm talking death or prison. Whether you "get" what I'm doing or not, I'm a human being and need some help. 

Some people hear the heart that beats behind these words and pictures, some don't. As an artist, what I've hoped is that you're moved.

I'm here every day. Knowing, as in all things, the rest is up to you.

 Feel me, one way, or the other,…