Sunday, May 3, 2015

Glenn H. Reynolds/L. Ron Hubbard: Finding Followers

Gullibility isn't partisan - or a problem

In 2011, I said "Instapundit and Dr. Helen Can't Spot Quackery," and - when it comes to flim-flam - that's still as true as ever. Listen to him:

Cult leaders take you - using anything - so you'll take others

His sister-in-law, eh? Not according to Alan Levinovitz, a religion professor at James Madison University and author of "The Gluten Lie":

His political leadership's never looked so good, huh? Spread the word!

Oooh, so close! Oh well, at least Glenn-Boy's never stopped trying to act superior to others (while helping the Right lose two-going-on-three presidential elections) which takes me back to my original criticism of good ol' Instapundit, from waaay back when we first met online:

He's running his racist operation like a crazy Tennessee cult leader,...

All I Have To Do Is Wait: Your Eyes Will Open In Time

Riots never helped anything? Sure.

It's so lame, that after 400 years, most Americans can't see this on their own - but have to be told - it's, somehow, personally embarrassing, AS AN AMERICAN, to repeat it:
And only a few generations from slavery. Sigh. I warned you: 

Those, "colorblind," but totally racial, post-Reconstruction-type evasion schemes would be discovered eventually,...

Saturday, May 2, 2015

When You Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve In Secret

The KKK's Still Alive & Well In The U.S.'s Police Forces

A History Of U.S. Law Enforcement: The Slave Catchers

A Friendly Note To Scott Walker: Do NOT Chime In Here

Bush showed quicker self-exposure than most were expecting - even from the Right

"I like Charles Murray books to be honest with you, which means I'm a total nerd I guess,..."

No, guess again: it means something else,...

Why The "Pursuit Of Happiness" Might Be Un-American

As it does today, early police work maintained "Law and Order," for whites
"Dr. King didn’t spend that much time condemning riots–he spent far more of his time condemning people who spent all of their time condemning riots,...King understood that trying to solve the problem of “riots” instead of trying to solve the problem of oppression is like feeding painkillers to a patient with a gushing open wound,...

...When your sons and daughters are shot dead in the street and the state refuses to so much as apologize, someone, somewhere is going to pick up a brick. When a people go unheard for generations, someone is going to scream. When you take your foot off a man’s neck, he’s going to knock your block off. To expect otherwise is to expect oppressed people to be inhuman,..."
Arthur Chu, on what white America's been looking for, in us

It's Actually American Culture Itself That's Reparational

“If they had just treated Mr. Gray like a human being,...they wouldn’t be going to court and he wouldn’t be dead. And the only reason that exists in this country is because America by and large thinks its no big deal.”
- D. L. Hughley, on the 6 indicted Baltimore police officers, and the one undeniable flaw in most black's entire American experience

When Rand Paul Is The Best You Got: Give It Up, Guys

Actual blacks, listening to an actual Rand Paul speech, and actually not being inspired

Evidence, the folks over at Hot Air - the #1 conservative news analysis site - must be considering morphing it into The Onion:
Folks, when you're willing to even consideras your side's "most,...capable of reaching out" - a guy who has the same credibility as KKK highway clean-up, you need to re-ask if (at this point) it ain't the movement, itself, that's got a problem,...

Friday, May 1, 2015

Lloyd Francis On "Criminal Cops Caught On Camera"


I could tell you cop stories, sure, but Lloyd Francis is A) also black B) a personal friend C) a photojournalist - that's his work above - and D) someone with professional access; so why listen to me when he's used Medium to jot down his thoughts on American police abuse? I can tell you street stories later: 

Lloyd's is a much more historically-informed read, told from an I-was-always-watching perspective. 

Because - whether you like it or not now - that's what my boy was paid to do,...

Right-Whites Never Asked Me If I Agreed To Anything

Somebody sold you a load of bullshit
I've been making this point, here, in one way or another, for the last seven years - directly to conservatives - to no avail:

There's still hope for whites yet

Maybe, if you're white, your heritage might make you feel better - and push you to do the right thing; help you see it all another way. Your heritage, not blacks - we're fine as we are. Anyway, here's a "happy" white warning from '78 to nudge you ahead. Remember: the future is always now - and yes, We Are DEVO: