Friday, February 28, 2014

Chiropractors Admit Manipulations Carry Serious Risks

Kim Kardashian Is Learning What It Means To Be Black

Why'd an old guy pay $500,000 to be with somebody's baby mama?

The Art Of Modern Food Production

Lift Every Voice And Sing (The Black National Anthem)

Ladies And Gentlemen, I Think We've Found A New MLK

The best ending to Black History Month I could find:

If you want a true taste of America's higher aspirations, watch this clip and smile,...

Whites Never Should've Laughed At This Kid's Death

The Only Black Juror On The Zimmerman Jury Speaks

It's a crying shame this treatment by whites sounds so familiar:

Jeff Gordon Has A Little Bit Of Fun With Gawker Staffer

What's Wrong With People? I Honestly 100% Don't Know

Touré On Obama: "Structural Racism" Is The Problem

Plus, there's nothing "personal responsibility" can do about this,...

Blacks: Surrounded By Love (But Not Really Doing Well)

If “The Sleepwalker” Was Black (He'd Be "The Jailbird")

Black People Must Pay For Justice (With Our Lives)

In 1999, Cole, a lifelong asthmatic, died in prison. A decade later, and more than 15 years after the true assailant initially confessed to Mallin’s rape,...Cole became the first man in Texas history to receive a posthumous exoneration,...the state also passed the Timothy Cole Act to provide wrongfully convicted people with $80,000 for each year of their incarceration plus reentry services. It also set up an investigative panel, the Timothy Cole Advisory Panel on Wrongful Convictions. For its part, Texas Tech established a scholarship in his name,...And ,...the city will unveil a life-sized bronze statue of Tim Cole and rededicate a park in his memory, establishing perhaps the first public memorial in the United States to a wrongfully convicted man.

Perez Hilton Declared ”Inside Every Gay Man Is A Fierce Black Woman!” (Then Black Women Strongly Disagreed)

Free Speech For Blacks (Isn't Really "Free" In America)

Google Doodles Are Racist (And Whites Never Noticed)

Republicans Carry On As If Their Image Hasn't Changed

Esquire Magazine Comes Out (In Favor Of Black History)

Republican Stephen Colbert Is Celebrating Black History Month Only One Day Before Black History Month is Over

The Colbert Report
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“I believe we can use America’s inescapable racism to finally defeat America’s inescapable racism.

Black Children Are Smarter Than The Republican Party

Is Vedic City Into Human Trafficking? (Missing Pandits)

Prince Is Channeling Hendrix In England W/ 3rdEyeGirl

Few performers are as determined to give you your money's worth in every song,...

A Tribe Called Red: When The Powwow Meets Hip-Hop

"Sopranos Azteca"

Louis Armstrong's Culture (Some Things Never Change)

Rand Paul To The Racist Tea Party: Watch What You Say

Paul's GOT to be an awful man to suggest this - like me,...

So It's Not Just TMR (Post-Trayvon Message Received)

Let's see Rand Paul & Co. squeeze this into the #EndItMovement,...

Jesus Is Further Away Than He Appears In The Mirror

Homeopath Robert O. Young Is Arrested For Quackery

And I love when my dreams start coming true,…

The Ghost In The Machine Says "Crank It Up To Eleven!"

Unrewarding Expectations (Including I Don't Understand)