Monday, March 2, 2020

The Democrat Party IS A Cult

There are few sentences in the news, today, that can make this point (of the Democrat Party being a cult) clearer, than “If they're not a Democrat, I unmatch".

Who else - but a cult member - would even think like that?

Consult your own local cult leader for answers.

Staring At The River, Thinking About The Sea

Like “reading”, people see the word “therapy” and wrongly assume there’s "care" involved.

I wonder about any “therapy” that would drive Prince Harry into the arms of someone, so obviously striving as Meghan Markle, assuming - whatever it was - it's exactly the same sort of NewAge nonsense that inspired his parent’s own matrimonial disaster.

The whole family is enthralled to “spiritual” idiocy, except, possibly, Phillip, so there’s no reason to doubt it.

That man’s in t-r-o-u-b-l-e.

There's No "Safe Space" In American Politics

These Are American Adults, In Positions Of Power - In The Year 2020 - Engaging In Prayer Against The Coronavirus: Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid - They're INSANE.

If you wonder why places like India are still stuck in the Dark Ages, just look at the example the "New World" provides, even when every minute counts.

Miley Cyrus: Coronavirus (That's All I'm Sayin')

If it’s truly possible we’ve been infected with the Coronavirus for the last 6 weeks, then we’ve got a much bigger problem on our hands than we ever anticipated.

Well, not “we” exactly, since anyone “cancelled” is also almost-automatically safe.

Sooo, if you're like me, and The NewAge Movement has been making you ill with warnings to, for instance, eat a certain way “to live longer” and all you thought was “I don’t want to 'live longer' with these dickless assholes” then rejoice: 

They’re all gonna die, and you’re gonna have the planet to your cool-ass self, with all the other cool-ass people, more like you. 

Just let it get around a little bit, like a certain you-know-who,…

Biden: "Winning Means Doing The One Thing I Can't Do"

Say Anything: This Is How Most "Psychics" Ply Their Trade As Well


Painful Actualizations (In Political Theatre)

In the face of The Macho Response (as represented by President Trump) to The NewAge Movement (now ably-represented in politics by Bernie Sanders) the break-up of this weak, post-Bomb Squad Public Enemy is only another of the latest obvious symbols, of the left’s continued disintegration, around the world.

(PE is weak, no matter how you cut it, in the aftermath of Who Killed Malcolm X?, being long-time supporters of the Nation of Islam, that murderous cult.)

In entertainment, the Kabbalah Queen, Madonna, has fallen and can’t get up - in France of all places - just as the broken oracle, Oprah Winfrey, did here, talking about “balance” before she morphed into an evil version of Eddie Murphy’s Aunt Bunny losing her dignity on her way down the stairs (“My shoe!”).

The power-hungry nastiness, at the heart of NewAge, isn’t winning them anything - anywhere - but, of course, they’ll never give up.

It’s a cult...Americans are always a little late to grasp the phenom. 

Grasping is all NewAgers “train” to do.