Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Boy, Has THIS Guy Got A Lot To Learn,...

“We don’t teach alchemy along with chemistry. We don’t teach witchcraft along with medicine. We don’t teach astrology with astronomy."
-- Francisco J. Ayala, evolutionary biologist, author of "Darwin's Gift To Science And Religion" - and geneticist at the University of California, Irvine (and, apparently, a really nice guy) who doesn't seem to be aware of all the NewAge tripe being taught in schools of higher learning today.

Oprah, Oprah, Where Are You?

Pay attention now - the real religious show has begun:

Obama has been betrayed by his preacher. (His preacher!) So now he's betraying his preacher in kind - after insisting all along he wouldn't cut him loose. Such loyalty!

Meanwhile, the newly-spiritual Democrats are eyeing betraying Obama - their choice for president - to return to NewAge Hillary, who they abandoned for her hypocrisy, racism, and lies. As I said once before: Hey, Democrats, those are some candidates you've got there!

But I'm not surprised. Just like my ex-wife, even after each of these Democrats has publicly proclaimed their profound "spirituality" (including one, "Rev." Wright, who makes a living at it) not one of these believers can be found to stand for anything - except opportunism - so the only question left is how low will they go?

Actually that's not true. Another question is, where the fuck is the "enlightened" one, Oprah? She who did two shows on the Law of Attraction and backed Obama to the hilt? Surely, with her new Mr. Know-It-All, Eckhart Tolle, by her side, she can offer her famous couch to settle a simple little political and spiritual dispute between her chosen candidate and the black church, huh? She's supposed to be some kind of NewAge "moral leader" for the country, right? Well, with all the "training" she's been offering through these Ekhart Tolle online courses, by now this should be nothing for the likes of Oprah fucking Winfrey to fix. She knows everything. Or, at least, everybody seems to think so - especially women.

My guess is she'd offer them a free car.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Preach, Nigga, Preach!

Ah, yes, I love it: the intersection of religion, race, and politics - could TMR be more "on point" if it tried?

As the congregation stands up - to applaud thought-stopping language - so does TMR. As the preacher dances - to the sound of his own voice - so does TMR. As this whole "attacking the black church" fiasco blows up - so does TMR.

And it's about time.

Those of you in the Cult of Obama can let the scales fall from your eyes now, finally understanding how you will blindly follow anyone. You didn't know Barack Obama; you didn't care to know Barack Obama - you didn't even understand Barack Obama's message - but TMR did. And it's only when you start admitting to yourselves that you can be duped into believing nonsense - or that you will even dupe yourselves into believing nonsense - will we, together, be able to stop such nonsense. And we will stop it, one day, out of a sincere love for our country. You know it can't go on like this.

I understand, I really do: you wanted to "believe" in something so badly. Well, so do Rev. Wright's particularly cultish black folks. And what you've chosen to believe in is, absolutely, as unrealistic as what they have. Listen to their angry words, papered over by their "hope". Look at one man being set against another, covered up by their mutual desire for "change". And finally understand that these, too, have been your desires - especially the desire for "spirituality" to do the hard work - when (all along) you should've been thinking.

Understand that, in looking at this black church, you're looking in a mirror, Ladies and Gentlemen. A mirror that can finally allow you (I hope) to honestly ask yourselves the same question Bob Dylan asked when this whole ass-backwards NewAge odyssey was originally getting out of hand. Seriously - since you wanted in the club:

How does it feel?

Monday, April 28, 2008

High Prices And Meditation: Sounds About Right

"This audience was in hero mode. And on the Oprah side this was the first time I saw the Caesars Colosseum's ample souvenir stand empty Just imagine how many Oprah shirts, magazines or coffee mugs with inflated prices the worshipful audience would have snapped up. When the usher confused Steve Friess' ticket with mine, one lady begged us to let me sit in front of her like her life depended on it. Why? I am shorter. But instead the crowd of potential shoppers was left only with the nearby Bette Midler souvenir store. The other totally empty spot in the packed arena was the men's restroom: vacant enough for Buddhist meditation."

-- Richard Abowitz, describing the shooting of the Oprah Winfrey Show in Las Vegas

He's Top Dog - And There's An Election Coming!

"(Clinton) thinks McCain is better than Obama and McCain is no better than Bush. Which can mean only one thing: Bush is better than Obama!"

-- Steve Chapman, helping Hillary with her political calculations, while writing for the Chicago Tribune

Two Images That Naturally Go Good Together

"Cultlike" My Ass

"[Ken] Wilber has a passionate -- almost cultlike -- following in certain circles, as well as some famous fans. Bill Clinton and Al Gore have praised Wilber's books. Deepak Chopra calls him "one of the most important pioneers in the field of consciousness." And the Wachowski Brothers asked Wilber, along with Cornel West, to record the commentary for the DVDs of their 'Matrix' movies."

-- Steve Paulson, once again dropping the "c-word" (which so many want to deny, as it keeps popping up in article after article) while writing for

Look at those names: the adulterer and serial liar; the baseless Global Warming fearmonger; the guy who tried to scam the Journal of American Medicine; the brothers who convinced a bunch of lamers this reality isn't real, and a "race man" who not only makes no sense but - and this is his larger crime to me - made a bad rap album.

What an example that collection sets, huh? Just the idea that someone could look at that list of names, knowing what impoverished roles these people are playing in our lives, and not call "bullshit" on Ken Wilber, should tell you all you need about what's wrong with the West today. All major players, all proven douchebags on the public stage, and all "followers" of Ken Wilber. I ask you: who's running the show here? These so-called "leaders" or the bald-headed asshole they all suck up to?

What is it about people that makes them vulnerable to cultism? I was reading about James Taylor's hit "You've Got A Friend" the other day - that line "they'll take your soul if you let them" got my attention - only to discover it was written by Carole King as a sop to Sri Swami Satchidananda, author of yet another book on Yoga. It never ends with these people. There's no escaping it. The Boomers can't die fast enough to give the rest of us air. Is it any wonder why people go on rampages when there's so much deception being pulled on them? Not in Washington, D.C., but right on their fucking radio?

Scientologists in PBS. All the Leftists "educated" by Werner Erhard's destructive est - which is a Scientology offshoot that's now sold as the Landmark Forum. With the Beatles' help, even more followers of the Maharishi, and, now, Oprah Winfrey and Ekhart Tolle, and on and on and on. Is it no wonder so many people don't understand what good there is in being a plain ol' patriotic American anymore? Why this country's "stand on your own two feet" idea is alien to so many? We're talking generations of "followers" here, destroying individuals, and families - and the national fabric - with their impulsive "be here now" live-for-the-moment "teachings" that lead to "feelings" that unleash all manner of mystic mayhem, in the personal, public, and political worlds of others. The idea of leaving others alone is so alien to these fundamentalists they don't know how to hold a decent conversation otherwise. Tell them to stop, stand up like an adult, and they don't listen anymore. As a matter of fact, the act of not thinking makes them feel superior. It's like high school on steroids - or the worst drugs you ever had - when you knew the "cool kids" were assholes.

These "followers" are people who won't grow up enough to shake off the shackles in their minds. To be "real" men and women - not childlike "followers". Always on the prowl to rope others into another kooky idea that's supposed to bring happiness but, after all these years, has done nothing but bring life in America low; started another generation to follow. Like the proverbial company man who's working against the organization, there's just nothing worse.

I hate this. Yes, "hate". If you had told me, when I was a child, that when I grew up I'd be surrounded by so many people who lacked independence of thought - and who, despite all the evidence cultism is extremely bad for human beings, will ignore all that for their own personal fulfillment - I'd have never believed you. Adults, by now, were supposed to be brighter than this. But not these adults. They know less about themselves than anything else - and will admit it when pressed. My hearing "Oh, I don't know" is now a cliche' of my waking life - always said by some formally passionate idiot who, apparently, no one else has ever questioned deeply about what they believe. They just don't know what they believe. And they won't try thinking.

But God damn it, whatever they're doing - good or bad or happy or scam - they're sure gonna pass it on.

How NOT To Get Your Ass Kicked By The Police

I Agree: Stop Talking About Jesus

Then, maybe, people will shut up about JFK,...

So Exciting Mom Never Looks Up From Knitting

My Guess Is Because Most So-Called "Smart" Assholes Are Partisan Idiots Who Just Want To Make Jokes About It All (But That's Just Me)

"In the United States, there is no excuse for ignorance. With the sheer quantity of information freely available and widely distributed throughout the country, there is no excuse,...Why do we- as a species- permit this sort of anti-survival behavior?"

-- From the blog called A Dark and Sinister Force for Good, which was questioning why superstition is allowed to exist - especially in America

I can't say it enough: none of you, in my opinion, take shit seriously enough - for fear of witch burning, or being seen as racist, or (heaven forbid!) just appearing not to be P.C.. You've got no balls. And considering the strange bents I find most people on, in this cultishly NewAge culture, it is a fear of mine, too, that people (if they tried to attempt anything) would go overboard because - let's face it - you fools are mad. Cowardly AND crazy: not a good combination, no matter how you cut it.

Whether it's the religious, the atheists, Republicans or Democrats - or anything in between - the 60's have fucked up any idea of what's normal so much (for everybody but me, apparently) that you're a danger to others no matter what you set out to do. You're so unsure, about everything, that no one can fucking move - and Leftists, especially, criticize anyone that tries, so what's the point? You might as well be condoning the shit you hate because that's the result anyway. In so many ways, none of you have really evolved beyond the primitive - or decided to grow up:

You're still scared children, giddily playing with fire.

Bird Brains

O.K., Now I'm Mad - At Everybody

"Why should God bless America?
She’s forgotten he exists
And has turned her back
On everything that made her what she is

Why should God stand beside her
Through the night with the light from his hand?
God have mercy on America
Forgive her sin and heal our land"

This crap was sung at this year's Republican Values Voters Debate, of all things, and that's stupid-assed Mike Huckabee behind the fucking choir.

For those of you who think I don't notice Republican shit, I do, but it's got to be something real - like Tony Zirkle (R-Indiana) speaking before a white supremacist group that's celebrating Hitler's birthday:

Not the stupid bullshit you guys try to throw me about the president.

There's real shit to complain about - on both sides - but you guys are so obsessed with your bullshit BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) you miss the fucking plot:

Man, everybody makes me sick sometimes,...

Your Mother Sucks Cocks In Hell

"A Waukegan mother claimed her 6-year-old daughter attacked her with a butcher knife because the petite kindergartner was possessed by a demon, Lake County authorities said Tuesday.

Nelly Vazquez-Salazar insisted to investigators that she was defending herself when she fatally slashed and stabbed her 51-pound daughter, Evelyn, whom she had grown concerned about in recent months because the girl had started sleepwalking, authorities said."

-- Dan Rozek, writing for the Chicago Sun-Times.

More Proof Religion Works

"Dozens of Greek and Armenian priests and worshippers exchanged blows at one of Christianity's holiest shrines on Orthodox Palm Sunday, and used palm fronds to pummel police who tried to break up the brawl.

The fight came amid growing rivalry over religious rights at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, built over the site in Jerusalem where tradition says Jesus was buried and resurrected.

It erupted when Armenian clergy kicked out a Greek priest from their midst, pushed him to the ground and kicked him, according to witnesses.

When police intervened, some worshippers hit them with the palm fronds they were holding for the religious holiday. "
-- Sarah El Deeb, reporting for the Associated Press

Musicians Are Amazing

You're Looking Really, Really, Dumb, Dummy

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Law Of Quantum Failure: It's Choking The Life From Barack Obama's NewAge Campaign

"Anyone who has followed politics studiously over the years is aware that there are gifted politicians who for whatever reason eventually find their campaigns haunted. I do not mean haunted by accidental events or by a clod or two at campaign headquarters. I mean haunted. I mean visited by the weird, by supernatural pranksters, by what our Islamic friends call djinni.

Clearly, after months of suave upward mobility, Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill.) is now in this unfortunate condition. The bizarre is his companion. The paranormal is a constant possibility. Though the members of the press are too stuffy to mention it, recent setbacks to his campaign are not normal.

The gifted young senator appears in San Francisco amongst his fellow moral and intellectual colossi. For an instant he lets down his guard. In this closed meeting he blurts out what he really thinks, and somehow his remarks are taped. A "friendly" website posts his remarks, and all hell breaks loose. Of a sudden every politically alert American knows that in San Francisco (of all places!) Obama explained that religion is the opiate of the gun nuts, who have been out of work and living angrily in jerkwater for 'twenty-five years.'

How did that tape ever get out, and why would Obama's friends at that website not recognize its potential for ruin? Or consider a more recent and even more bizarre interlude. Senator Obama is having breakfast in Scranton, Pennsylvania. A reporter asks for his reaction to former president Jimmy Carter's meeting with the thugs of Hamas, and Obama waffles. Perhaps, that is not so surprising, for he has frequently waffled along the campaign trail. But now comes the paranormal part. The wretch waffled while actually eating a waffle, reportedly a Belgian waffle, not even an American waffle. Weirder still, Obama acknowledged his waffle, exclaiming to the reporter: 'Why can't I just eat my waffle?' and 'Just let me eat my waffle.'"
-- R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., founder and editor in chief of The American Spectator, noticing the effects of the LQF on Barack Obama

*That second photo is of Obama and Ellen, who famously announced she visits psychics and fortunetellers. And look at the kid in the third photo: brilliant.

This Take On The News Is So Obviously True It's Scary We Call Reporters "Journalists" Anymore

"While I have heard various theories as to why people are canceling their subscriptions, the main one being the Internet, I think there is yet another reason; namely, liberal bias.

People on the left, even those who believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, deny that liberal bias even exists. That’s because they believe everything they read in the New York Times and the Washington Post, everything they see on CNN and WSNBC, and every word uttered by Chris Matthews and Bill Maher. Once you accept that those institutions and individuals are dispensing objective truth, it stands to reason that only those at the opposite end of the political spectrum could possibly be slanting the news.

However, if you are a conservative and every time you pick up your daily newspaper, you find that everything you believe, not to mention all the things you hold dear, are being ridiculed not only on the editorial page, but throughout the entire paper, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the day finally dawns when a lot of them are going to say, 'Why am I paying for this bilge?'

Living in Los Angeles, as I have for the past 60-odd years, I’ve seen the L.A. Times bury one competitor after another. But ever since 2000, the paper has been slowly bleeding to death. In a desperate attempt to keep breathing, the paper has fired scores of employees and amputated entire sections. They’ve done virtually everything except try to put out a newspaper that doesn’t resemble one of James Carville’s wet dreams."

-- Burt Prelutsky, explaining what's really going on with the media - and wondering why the owners don't see it (I say they're NewAgers suffering from LQF) - in Pajamas Media

Everybody's Better Than Bill Maher

"Hillary Clinton couldn't get in because of sniper fire and Senator Obama's at church."

-- President Bush, explaining why the Democratic candidates didn't attend the White House Correspondents' Association annual dinner.

Comedian Craig Ferguson (a new American: welcome) added that Vice President Dick Cheney "is already moving out of his residence," because "it takes longer than you think to pack up an entire dungeon."

Good stuff. And for the record, I like Jon Stewart.

Abusing Those Who Could Hurt You (But Didn't)

"Looking back, I am struck by the shallowness of Sixties radicalism. Our ideas were relatively incoherent and unformed,... Many student radicals adopted an eclectic mix of future-oriented radical ideals alongside some backward-looking, anti-modern and anti-technology romantic sentiments,...What strikes me now, however, is the ease with which radicalism was able to proceed back in the late 1960s. The occupations and demonstrations we organised were part of what we labelled our ‘struggle’ – yet I can now see that very often,...we were kicking through an open door."

-- Frank Furedi, former Marxist (and the man who introduced me to the phrase Age Of Unreason) on his '60's radicalism

The Girl With The Uni-Brow And A Moustache: Reading Between The (Big) Lines On Madonna

Take Madonna at face value.

A star who’s not taking chances.

She gets defensive.

Her talents suit an era when,...pop makes perfect ring tones.

Singing to all her wannabes,...

A girl who tries to steal a man,...

She still has to watch her back.

The dance floor — not the pulpit, not the art gallery — is Madonna’s truest home.

She,..can,...deliver neat, calculated pop songs.

She was smart to stay shallow.
-- All are quotes from Jon Pareles' New York Times review of Madonna's new album, "Hard Candy".