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An Atheist Islamist Takeover? (Newt, Go Away)

The Biggest "Truth" In American Society Is A Lie

This must be another one of my "I told you so" days, because - along with this little nugget - we now have this:

Most of us have experienced the pain of heartbreak at some point in our lives. Even when it's not a tragic breakup that leads to full-on heartbreak, the slightest rejection can still leave us feeling let down, in pain, and depressed. As of this week, science can help us feel a little more justified and a little less crazy for feeling this way.

In Tuesday's edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a new study has found that the regions of the brain that respond to physical pain overlap with those that react to social rejection — in other words, feelings of rejection "hurt" just like actual physical pain.
Really? But I thought - as so many have told me - adultery, and break-ups, and divorce were all "private affairs" and no big deal? Here, let me recount this episode from my own divorce:

"You What!?!"

Stunned, I ran over to where Karine was sitting, and looked right into her eyes.

"You've been fucking another guy?"

"Yes", she said defiantly, "I did it."

"I did it." Like committing adultery was something I'd kept her from all those years. She had come off a relationship with a married man when I first met her, and now, she had come full-circle: Cheating was what she liked to do - cheating on me, the married man's wife and kids, the people she claimed to "heal" with Reiki - everybody: Her only sense of personal power came from the use of sex, and the lies she could spin over others.

These mounting issues proved way too much and something finally gave out. I crumpled to the ground, crying like a baby at Karine's feet. My nervous system started to overload, roiling over me in fits, forcing me into a ball that I could only try to force myself out of. I was holding my stomach. I was screaming. The sounds were inhuman.
Along with that opening salvo, I ended up bruising a disc in my neck from screaming in my sleep - that required months of medical intervention during the divorce proceedings - on top of everything else that was going on. This is why I'm so down on "no fault" divorce, and the entire outlook that most people have towards rejection today:

They treat a serious problem as though it's no big thing - something everyone should be able to easily "move on" from - or a feminist issue, when, if you ask me, feminism (as it's now conceived) is a major part of the problem. Mine is not a war against women (obviously) but against NewAge and out-of-control feminism.

Anyway, I don't want to get all worked up by reliving this, but I think society has unleashed a bunch of huge, and obvious, wrongs against itself, and - whether you're looking at a spouse, acting out against his/her mate, or whatever - such tragedies are being encouraged because the rest of you have simply got it all wrong.

Don't Blame The Messenger, Baby: You're Crazy

Oh, that Crack Emcee, he is so sexist and misogynistic when he writes things like this about women - or maybe not:
Under normal circumstances, the resolution phase of sexual activity, or period just after sex, elicits sensations of well-being, along with psychological and physical relaxation," study author Robert Schweitzer of the Queensland Institute of Technology said in a statement. "However, individuals who experience postcoital dysphoria [sadness] may express their immediate feelings after sexual intercourse in terms of melancholy, tearfulness, anxiety, irritability or feeling of restlessness.
Well, well, well. I may not have all the words for my observations but, I know, one of these days - whether you like it or not - you're going to acknowledge I'm the only honest man (or woman) on the planet.

O.K., Maybe We Should Educate The Mexicans,..

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Good Times! (Buy The Old Hoofer Another Beer!)

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Found That NewAge Cancer Cure, Ladies? Trying To Live Longer? Stay Young? Buying Self-Help Books? Left Your Family Because You're "Dissatisfied"? Bah!

Let's be clear about the so-called "Fukushima 50" - they are not "rescuers", and they are not "workers" - THEY ARE MEN:
Workers at the disaster-stricken Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan say they expect to die from radiation sickness as a result of their efforts to bring the reactors under control, the mother of one of the men tells Fox News.

The so-called Fukushima 50, the team of brave plant workers struggling to prevent a meltdown to four reactors critically damaged by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, are being repeatedly exposed to dangerously high radioactive levels as they attempt to bring vital cooling systems back online.

Speaking tearfully through an interpreter by phone, the mother of a 32-year-old worker said: “My son and his colleagues have discussed it at length and they have committed themselves to die if necessary to save the nation.

“He told me they have accepted they will all probably die from radiation sickness in the short term or cancer in the long-term.”

The woman spoke to Fox News on the condition of anonymity because, she said, plant workers had been asked by management not to communicate with the media or share details with family members in order to minimize public panic.
When was the last time you've heard of even one feminist being a patriot, willing to sacrifice her life for her nation, her family, her friends, or anyone or anything beyond her own shallowness? They'll destroy their faces for plastic surgery, but other than that, they'll do nothing for anyone. Feminists and others only disregard the incredible contribution men willingly make to society because that's how they get away from admitting it's what men do that allows them to talk mess. They'll gladly talk about the "women and children" who get saved, but when it comes to who does the saving, those people become "workers" or "soldiers" or "rescuers" and not what they are:


And the only reason nobody will say it is the misandry that's dished out, by a feminized culture and an untrustworthy world-wide media, every day. Women, and the entire society that allows them to get away with this gender sleight-of-hand, ought to be ashamed.

Herman Cain: Reality Scares The NewAge Left

I like how, after Sarah Palin spoke of there being a "real" America, now Herman Cain is describing himself as a "real" black man:
"The liberal mainstream media, notice how they have tried to destroy Sarah Palin. Notice how the more popular Michele Bachmann gets, the more they try to destroy her. You want to know why they go after those two ladies more viciously? Because they know that Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin is going to draw a lot of the women vote away from the Democrat Party. They are scared to death of that, if they were to run and get the nomination. They are doubly scared that a real black man might run against Barack Obama."
Kind of makes you wonder - after the election of Oprah's candidate, and all the rest of the NewAge talking-to-the-dead nonsense we've been surrounded by, recently - if the message isn't finally getting out (now that everything's going to Hell) that there might be some worth in reality, huh?

A Question For The Many Followers Of The Dalai Lama: When He Finally Steps Down From Power Will You Ever Finally Stand Up For Yourselves?

"Buddha" is the number one search term for TMR and, considering the number of people who think Buddhism and all that flows from it is cool, I (and a few others) don't see how most supposedly-educated people in the 21st Century can hold their heads up in public:
Every Western liberal’s favourite man-god has finally announced that he will relinquish political authority and allow his people to choose their own leader. Yes, the Dalai Lama, doyen of the West’s metropolitan chattering classes and hero of every suntanned seeker of spiritual enlightenment, has decided that 52 years is rather long enough to have claimed to speak on behalf of the Tibetan people (10 years longer than Colonel Gaddafi has been making similar BS claims in relation to Libya) and that the time has come for a leader “elected freely by the Tibetan people”. One question springs to mind: what took him so long?

I have never understood the Western hippyish love-in with this giggling monk from the East, where everyone from Hollywood royalty (Richard Gere, Sharon Stone) to literal royalty (Prince Charles) treats him as some kind of unfathomable well of godlike insight. After all, this is a bloke who claims to foreswear worldly goods yet who once guest-edited French Vogue, a mag packed with photos of half-naked women holding handbags that cost more than my house. He’s also done an advert for Apple, which I suppose is marginally better than doing one for BP, and he frequently turns up at glitzy celeb balls held in his honour, including one at which Sharon Stone introduced him as “Mr Please, Please, Please Let Me Back Into China!”, silly bint that she is.

Also, the Dalai Lama has the sorts of views on women and ethnic minorities which if they were uttered at an Islington dinner party would lead to half the guests instantly text-messaging Trevor Phillips to complain. One expert describes Tibetan Buddhist theocracy as “relentlessly misogynistic”. The Dalai Lama says gay sex is “unnatural”. In 1993 in Seattle (where else?) he told a fawning audience of students and part-time Buddhists that “nature arranged male and female organs in such a manner that is very suitable… same-sex organs cannot manage well.” Someone needs to send his Holiness a gay-sex manual. It is striking that some of the very same latte-sippers who get hot under the collar about the Pope’s hang-ups over homos and women also decorate their homes with the paraphernalia of a religious figure who believes the exact same stuff.
[Photo of the Dalai Lama with his "friend", the Nazi Heinrich Harrer.]

I guess I'll just have to accept that most people's beliefs are so superficial and pathetic, I'll never be able to expect anything more than blind cultists, searching for invisible "energy", by following a bunch of nobodies claiming to deliver magic that never appears.

Now That We've All Seen Kathy Griffin Topless - And Now Know She Released Them Herself: What Have Men Learned For Future Reference?

She's horse-faced ugly.

She's got no tits.

But she does have a flabby ass.

Put it all together with her "love" for Oprah (even though she openly admits Oprah's crazy and deceives people) plus a fag hag sense of humor that only gays could love, and what have we got?

Someone for whom the "D" in "D-list" stands for "Desperate" - as in Desperate for a man!

And yeah, keep Dreaming.

O.K. - next week - we take Scientology's Juliette Lewis out for a little spin,...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Run, Ryan, Run!!! ( Her Every Word Is A Trap,...)

Think about it, man:

Flash-forward 20 years from now, when she's claiming her best friends have always really been her girlfriends and a gay "guru" (after she and her family demanded you get rid of your buddies because she thought they were losers who interfered with your "earning potential") she and the courts won't let you see your kids, she's blowing another guy, and she's got half your shit!

So what do you do? Let her keep wetting her pants until she joins you in changing the fucking laws of "no fault" divorce - the laws she'll be determined to shackle you with later - and don't fucking go near her until. She's "available", right? Then she, or another moonie, will be available later. If not, then wear a condom, and scram.

Nobody needs this shit.

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Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww! (Kathy Griffin Topless)

Kathy Griffin really needs to stop bagging on the Palins because they've all got it over her - even Todd!

If you're a horror fan, or just a glutton for punishment, you can see more here.

And, BTW, Now That We've All Seen Kathy Griffin Topless - And Now Know She Released Them Herself: What Have Men Learned For Future Reference?

Hat Tip: iOwnTheWorld

Check It: Jesus Don't Need Us (Like I Need You)

Yeeeaaaah, boy! Judges don't count on God’s punishment:
A former Weber County youth pastor was sentenced to prison for up to life on Wednesday for havinsg a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl in his flock.

Aaron Witcher — known locally as the rapping "Pastor Soulja" — had pleaded guilty in 2nd District Court to two counts of first-degree felony rape.

Judge Ernie Jones said prison was appropriate because Witcher, 38, had sexual intercourse with the girl more than 20 times, as well as other instances of sexual activity.

"This was not a mistake, not a one-time thing," said the judge, who nevertheless opted to run the two terms concurrently.

The victim’s father had asked for consecutive terms, to give his daughter as much time as possible to "grow up" before the defendant was released from prison.

Through a letter read in court by a victim advocate, the father said Witcher had "mocked and betrayed God," and that God’s punishment of Witcher would be worse than anything handed down by the court.

Defense attorney Gregory Smith told the judge Witcher’s conduct was "unconscionable and a sin, he absolutely knows that." Smith added that Witcher was "incredibly selfish and stupid . . . he feels unclean."

Smith argued that due to Witcher’s otherwise clean criminal record, concurrent prison terms should be imposed.

Deputy Weber County Attorney Dean Saunders said that as part of a plea deal in which six other rape counts were dismissed, prosecutors did not ask for consecutive terms.

The courtroom was packed with some two dozen people who support Witcher, as well as family and friends of the victim.
Wow - seven rapes and the "rapping pastor" still had a posse?

He must have been good on the mic!

The Crying Game

I got it already - you're not going to listen to the angry black man. Fine - don't listen to the angry black man. Listen to the snarky gay guys at Gawker:
Forget about the elixir recipe that grandma's great-great grandma passed down, and toss out that new age baby therapy book that suggests you feed your newborn fennel and teach it yoga or whatever, and brace yourself for a hellish introduction to parenthood. Because, according to the researchers, "the notion that any form of complementary and alternative medicine is effective for infantile colic is currently not supported from the evidence." In other words, you're screwed.
Gay guys. They've always got to put screwing in there,...

The Daily Show: America At Not-War

"Don't Pee On My Leg And Tell Me It's Raining"

An inspiration to TMR, Judge Judy was taken to the hospital today:
"She said couple of sentences that didn't have anything to do with the case and then she stopped speaking and said she wasn't feeling well".
Word is she's being held overnight, now says she's fine, and just needs some rest. I'm pretty sure - with her common sense approach to life - she knows herself pretty well, so I'm not worried. But, if she's online while in the hospital, I definitely want her to know:

TMR has been a Judge Judy fan since her program first appeared on the air.

Get better.

Suicidal Tendencies (They're Killing Everything)

Every time I've said the Right's money and attention was focused on the wrong people and outlets - those who are good at schmoozing, and maintaining their useless clique, but don't know how to fight and have been happily wasting time and money - I've been shouted down as a "meanie," and a sexist, and a self-serving prick, because, obviously, no one can fight better than those leading now, right?

To which I say "Fine - it's your funeral."

Instapundit reader Jody Green - March 29th, 2011:
The issues facing this country at the federal level are so large and complex that only honest people have a chance of fixing the problems. We all know that we are not dealing with an honest opposition. We are dealing with people who are only trying to maintain their disgusting grip on the levers of power. See Shumer just today. This country is about to crash in a horrible “Man caused disaster” and we can not get that message to the vast majority of people. Our leadership plays games while we know the Titanic is sinking.
The Daily Caller's Mickey Kaus - March 30th, 2011:
Aren’t there some rich Republicans who can save the momentum of the anti union push with an independent expenditure? …

Where are the Kochs when you need them?
iOwnTheWorld's Big Fur Hat - March 26, 2011:
[If] some deep pocket conservative [could] pull together 90 of the most brilliant conservative creatives, [and] pay them a living wage,...we could BURY the left.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oprah Winfrey, NewAge, Cultism & The Truth: Somebody Ain't Livin' Their "Best Life EVAH!!!"

Damn, kids, I don't see how I missed this one, considering all of my Oprah/Arianna/Evil bitch coverage lately, but - even at a month old - it deserves your attention like all the rest:

With the news that Dr. Melvin Levine—who appeared on Oprah repeatedly over the course of several years as a childhood education expert—committed suicide on Friday, the same day that 40 of his former patients filed a medical malpractice and sexual abuse suit against him, it raises the question of whether O is doing enough vetting of the authors and experts to whom she chooses to lend her credibility.

The number of recent scandals that have emerged — and we're talking about scandals that go beyond Dr. Phil not being a "real doctor," or Rachael Ray not having any formal culinary training, or her own falling-out with Iyanla Vanzant, or even the whole James Frey debacle — is troubling.
Considering events like the James Arthur Ray murder trial currently going on in Arizona, and the crashing of the economy after Oprah told everyone they could wish their way to riches with The Secret, I'd say it's more than "troubling". So, now, on top of the child rapes and the closing of her African school, we've got more blood, and child abuse, on Oprah's NewAge hands, while everyone's still treating her as some kind of moral mother figure for fruitcakes. Amazing.

No, really, it's amazing she's pulling this off, without questions from the media (Have you heard anything about this child abuse scandal? Any investigative reports on Oprah's track record with who she endorses? Even after murders and rapes? Even after Obama?) nor a peep from the American public. The quoted article has a few of the controversies I'm famiar with, but what it contains that gets me is the constant scrubbing being done on Oprah's website every time some NewAger she promotes gets in trouble. It's such a regular occurrence, I'm amazed anything's still left on the damned thing.

In other words, rather than admit she's doing anything wrong, she just ruthlessly (and quickly) "moves on", hoping to latch her viewers into her next diabolical "spiritual" scheme before anybody catches on to the level of real-world corruption, and perversion, she's been involved with.

And it works. I can remember somebody saying Oprah can drive around with dead babies in the trunk of her car and, at this point, nobody would care. How does that happen? I'll tell you how that happens:

You wash an entire society in the delusional waters of cult worship - ensuring everyone's trained to be so "spiritual" and "non-judgmental" that no one is guilty of anything - and even the most wicked of pied pipers can appear to have a saint-like glow.

What Oprah Winfrey has done, and is doing, to and in our society is tragic.

But it's what our society has done to itself that's made it all possible.